Law Enforcement UAS Information

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    111AAA LE sUAS START…T.docx
  2. AC 107-2 Small UAS Rule.pdf
    AC 107-2 Small UAS Rule.pdf
  3. ACLU UAS Report.pdf
    ACLU UAS Report.pdf
  4. Air Beat AV Qube Evaluation.pdf
    Air Beat AV Qube Evalu…ion.pdf
  5. Air Beat EFBs for UAS.pdf
    Air Beat EFBs for UAS.pdf
  6. Air Beat FAA Authority over UAS.pdf
    Air Beat FAA Authority …AS.pdf
  7. Air Beat FAA Where are You.pdf
    Air Beat FAA Where are…ou.pdf
  8. Air Beat Jan-Feb 17 UAS Safety.pdf
    Air Beat Jan-Feb 17 UAS…fety.pdf
  9. Air Beat Part 107 NPRM.pdf
    Air Beat Part 107 NPRM.pdf
  10. Air Beat Policing Rogue Drones.pdf
    Air Beat Policing Rogue…nes.pdf
  11. Air Beat Sept-Oct 12  COA article.pdf
    Air Beat Sept-Oct 12 C…icle.pdf
  12. Air Beat Starting a UAS Unit.pdf
    Air Beat Starting a UAS Unit.pdf
  13. Air Beat UAS and Privacy.pdf
    Air Beat UAS and Privacy.pdf
  14. Air Beat UAS Corner Sept-Oct 14.pdf
    Air Beat UAS Corner Se… 14.pdf
  15. Air Beat UAS Night Operations.pdf
    Air Beat UAS Night Ope…ons.pdf
  16. Air Beat UAS Safety.pdf
    Air Beat UAS Safety.pdf
  17. Air Beat UAS Supplemental Equip and Apps.pdf
    Air Beat UAS Suppleme…pps.pdf
  18. ALEA Part 107 Waiver Applications.pptx
    ALEA Part 107 Waiver A…ns.pptx
  19. ALEA sUAS Resource Guide.pdf
    ALEA sUAS Resource Guide.pdf
  20. Bemidji ECOA.pdf
    Bemidji ECOA.pdf
  21. COA Addendum Example.pdf
    COA Addendum Example.pdf
  22. COA Application Example.pdf
    COA Application Example.pdf
  23. Colburn article on integrating UAS into existing fleets.pdf
    Colburn article on integ…ets.pdf
  24. Colburn article on UAS and Privacy.pdf
    Colburn article on UAS …acy.pdf
  25. Colburn article on UAS Training.pdf
    Colburn article on UAS …ing.pdf
  26. Cowlitz County UAS Policy Final Draft.pdf
    Cowlitz County UAS Po…raft.pdf
  27. Demo flight addendum to COAs.pdf
    Demo flight addendum…As.pdf
  28. Drone 360 LE UAS.pdf
    Drone 360 LE UAS.pdf
  29. Emergency COA Request Checklist.pdf
    Emergency COA Reque…list.pdf
  30. FAA Guidance on Rogue UAS.pdf
    FAA Guidance on Rogu…AS.pdf
  31. FAA Micro UAS ARC Recommendations.pdf
    FAA Micro UAS ARC Re…ons.pdf
  32. FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Study Guide.pdf
    FAA Remote Pilot Know…ide.pdf
  33. GFSO COA Example 2.pdf
    GFSO COA Example 2.pdf
  34. GFSO COA Example 3.pdf
    GFSO COA Example 3.pdf
  35. GFSO COA Example.pdf
    GFSO COA Example.pdf
  36. GFSO Part 107 Waiver Language.docx
    GFSO Part 107 Waiver L…ge.docx
  37. GFSO Qube Airworthiness.pdf
    GFSO Qube Airworthiness.pdf
  38. GFSO Qube COA Attachment.pdf
    GFSO Qube COA Attach…ent.pdf
  39. GFSO Raven-B COA Application.pdf
    GFSO Raven-B COA App…ion.pdf
  40. GFSO UAS Unit Manual V8 4 Dec 2016.pdf
    GFSO UAS Unit Manual…016.pdf
  41. Guide to Using DropBox.pdf
    Guide to Using DropBox.pdf
  42. IACP UAS Concept Paper May 2015.pdf
    IACP UAS Concept Pap…015.pdf
  43. IACP UAS Guidelines.pdf
    IACP UAS Guidelines.pdf
  44. IACP UAS Model Policy.pdf
    IACP UAS Model Policy.pdf
  45. LEUASRP Final Report.pdf
    LEUASRP Final Report.pdf
  46. McNeal UAS Privacy Article.pdf
    McNeal UAS Privacy Article.pdf
  47. Moral, Ethical Legal Panel Survey Results.pdf
    Moral, Ethical Legal Pan…ults.pdf
  48. ND Century Code 29-29.4 (UAS).pdf
    ND Century Code 29-29…AS).pdf
  49. NIJ Recommendations for Implementing a UAS Program.pdf
    NIJ Recommendations …am.pdf
  50. Part 107 Final Rule.pdf
    Part 107 Final Rule.pdf
  51. Part 107 Summary.pdf
    Part 107 Summary.pdf
  52. Phantom 4 User's Manual.pdf
    Phantom 4 User's Manual.pdf
  53. Police Foundation UAS Report Nov 2016.pdf
    Police Foundation UAS…016.pdf
  54. Qube COA 2012-CSA-85 application.pdf
    Qube COA 2012-CSA-85…ion.pdf
  55. Qube Data Sheet.pdf
    Qube Data Sheet.pdf
  56. Rotor and Wing LE UAS Article.pdf
    Rotor and Wing LE UAS…icle.pdf
  57. Sheriffs Mag Mar Apr 15 UAS Unit Article.pdf
    Sheriffs Mag Mar Apr 1…icle.pdf
  58. sUAS Privacy-Search and Seizure.pptx
    sUAS Privacy-Search an…re.pptx
  59. UAV for Public Safety.pdf
    UAV for Public Safety.pdf
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