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  1. 2014-07-27 15.14.25.jpg
    2014-07-27 15.14.25.jpg
  2. _DSC1287.jpg
  3. _DSC4591.jpg
  4. _DSC4810 copy.jpg
    _DSC4810 copy.jpg
  5. _DSC5112.jpg
  6. _DSC6196.jpg
  7. _DSC9900.jpg
  8. _MG_0100-Edit.jpg
  9. _MG_0552-Edit.jpg
  10. _MG_0578-Edit.jpg
  11. _MG_0655-Edit.jpg
  12. _MG_6389.JPG
  13. _MG_6394.JPG
  14. _MG_6417.JPG
  15. _MG_6418.JPG
  16. _MG_6442.JPG
  17. _MG_6529.JPG
  18. _MG_6537.JPG
  19. _MG_6739.JPG
  20. _MG_6809.JPG
  21. _MG_6811.JPG
  22. _MG_6857.JPG
  23. _MG_6873.JPG
  24. _MG_6878.JPG
  25. black sage bench 4.JPG
    black sage bench 4.JPG
  26. Drago Centro La Stella Dinner Invite_04.jpeg
    Drago Centro La Stella …04.jpeg
  27. DSC_2510.JPG
  28. DSC_6576.jpg
  29. DSC_6654.JPG
  30. First batch new cam pics 059.jpg
    First batch new cam pi…059.jpg
  31. head sommelier Sven and Rasoul of le vieux pin at La vie 3 michelin star osnabruck germany.JPG
    head sommelier Sven a…any.JPG
  32. IMG_0506_7_8.jpg
  33. IMG_0551_2_3.jpg
  34. IMG_0554_5_6.jpg
  35. IMG_0560_1_2.jpg
  36. IMG_0563_4_5.jpg
  37. IMG_0678.JPG
  38. IMG_9328_label.jpg
  39. las barrel room setup for tasting .JPG
    las barrel room setup f…ing .JPG
  40. LAS biodynamie prep for pkanting jody feb 2013 4.jpeg
    LAS biodynamie prep f… 4.jpeg
  41. LAS blue mountain bird on treliss post in selona.jpg
    LAS blue mountain bird…ona.jpg
  42. LAS dirt samples lastella selona 2014 .jpeg
    LAS dirt samples lastell…4 .jpeg
  43. LAS fortissimo beauty shot.jpg
    LAS fortissimo beauty shot.jpg
  44. LAS jan 2017 winter lower crushpad vineyard photo by jon.jpeg
    LAS jan 2017 winter low…on.jpeg
  45. LAS lumeno soil sample clay cake.jpeg
    LAS lumeno soil sample…ke.jpeg
  46. LAS osoyoos lake january with vineyards in background.JPG
    LAS osoyoos lake janua…nd.JPG
  47. las plantting moscato on the terraces.jpg
    las plantting moscato o…ces.jpg
  48. LAS Rasoul and wade sample a library botle fo 2006 Allegretto before pouring for customers.jpg
    LAS Rasoul and wade s…ers.jpg
  49. LAS Selona aerial shot july 2014 alyssa .jpeg
    LAS Selona aerial shot …sa .jpeg
  50. LAS selona view from moscato terraces.jpg
    LAS selona view from m…ces.jpg
  51. LAS sev and jody about to set up micro bins for picking once forecast co-operates oct 2013 harvest maestoso block.jpg 2.jpg
    LAS sev and jody abou…g 2.jpg
  52. LAS sev showing one of many ways to determine the appropriate time to start harvest. aside from analytics and flavour of fruit, determining the ripeness of seeds and skin is as important 4.jpg 5.jpg
    LAS sev showing one o…g 5.jpg
  53. LAS severine beauty shot.jpg
    LAS severine beauty shot.jpg
  54. LAS severine in tank room beauty shot.jpg
    LAS severine in tank ro…hot.jpg
  55. LAS silica sand staggs pie franco merlot allegreto block 2.JPG
    LAS silica sand staggs p…k 2.JPG
  56. LAS Staggs vienayrd allegretto block winter.JPG
    LAS Staggs vienayrd all…ter.JPG
  57. LAS steep slopes of Maestoso block.jpg
    LAS steep slopes of Ma…lock.jpg
  58. LAS sticky tape for pest control .JPG
    LAS sticky tape for pes…rol .JPG
  59. LAS upper maestoso block.jpg
    LAS upper maestoso block.jpg
  60. LAS view of selona vineayrd from moscato terraces.jpg
    LAS view of selona vine…ces.jpg
  61. LAS VIvace beauty shot.jpg
    LAS VIvace beauty shot.jpg
  62. LAS winter pruning at Lastella's maestoso merlot block.jpg
    LAS winter pruning at L…lock.jpg
  63. LASmerlot picking bins.JPG
    LASmerlot picking bins.JPG
  64. lastella winery copy.JPG
    lastella winery copy.JPG
  65. lastella winery.JPG
    lastella winery.JPG
  66. LS_LVP-1057.jpg
  67. LSLVP__0000_1.jpg
  68. LSLVP__0002_3.jpg
  69. LSLVP__0006_7.jpg
  70. Lumeno sangiovese block and moscato on terraces.jpg
    Lumeno sangiovese blo…ces.jpg
  71. LVP black sage bench 7.jpg
    LVP black sage bench 7.jpg
  72. Osoyoos summer vs winter by ani.jpeg
    Osoyoos summer vs w…ani.jpeg
  73. rasoul in the latella cellars.tiff
    rasoul in the latella cellars.tiff
  74. selona 2007.jpg
    selona 2007.jpg
  75. sev moving wine for blending out door late june 2013 lastella.jpg
    sev moving wine for bl…tella.jpg
  76. Severine LASTELLA 2017 2.jpg
    Severine LASTELLA 2017 2.jpg
  77. Severine LASTELLA 2017.jpg
    Severine LASTELLA 2017.jpg
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