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  1. Alt-Right By Southern Poverty Law Center.pdf
    Alt-Right By Southern P…ter.pdf
  2. Architecture and Democracy By Claude Fayette Bragdon.pdf
    Architecture and Demo…on.pdf
  3. Citizenship by Emma Guy Cromwell.pdf
    Citizenship by Emma G…well.pdf
  4. Common Sense by Thomas Paine.pdf
    Common Sense by Tho…ine.pdf
  5. Direct Legislation by the Citizenship through the Initiative and Referendum By James W. Sullivan.pdf
    Direct Legislation by th…van.pdf
  6. Essays on the Constitution of the United by Paul Leicester Ford.pdf
    Essays on the Constitu…ord.pdf
  7. everyvoteequal-4th-ed-2013-02-21.pdf
  8. Hate and Extremism in 2016 by Southern Poverty Law Center.pdf
    Hate and Extremism in…ter.pdf
  9. Justice Without Socialism by John Bates Clark.pdf
    Justice Without Socialis…lark.pdf
  10. Letters and other writings of James Madison - fourth president of the United States.pdf
    Letters and other writin…tes.pdf
  11. On the Duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau.pdf
    On the Duty of Civil Dis…eau.pdf
  12. Principles of Freedom By Terence J. MacSwiney.pdf
    Principles of Freedom B…ney.pdf
  13. Refugee Act of 1980 STATUTE-94-Pg102.pdf
    Refugee Act of 1980 ST…102.pdf
  14. Slavery Ordained of God By Rev. Fred. A. Ross D.D.pdf
    Slavery Ordained of Go…D.D.pdf
  15. Spirit of American Government by J. Allen Smith.pdf
    Spirit of American Gove…ith.pdf
  16. The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine.pdf
    The Age of Reason by T…ine.pdf
  17. The American Crisis bt Thomas Paine.pdf
    The American Crisis bt …ine.pdf
  18. The Church In Politics--Americans Beware By M. M. Mangasarian.pdf
    The Church In Politics--…ian.pdf
  21. The Declaration of Independence of The United States of America.pdf
    The Declaration of Inde…rica.pdf
  22. The Electoral College.pdf
    The Electoral College.pdf
  23. The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton John Jay and James Madison.pdf
    The Federalist Papers b…son.pdf
  24. The Government Class Book By Andrew W. Young.pdf
    The Government Class …ng.pdf
  25. The History of Human Marriage -  Edward Westermarck.pdf
    The History of Human …rck.pdf
  26. The Trump Effect By Southern Poverty Law Center.pdf
    The Trump Effect By So…ter.pdf
  27. The United States Bill of Rights.pdf
    The United States Bill o…hts.pdf
  28. The Writings of James Madison, vol  3 (1787, The Journal of the Constitutional Convention, Part I) - Online Library of Liberty.PDF
    The Writings of James M…rty.PDF
  29. THE WRITINGS OF THOMAS PAINE - The Rights of Man.pdf
  30. Transcript of 14th Amendment to the U S  Constitution Civil Rights (1868).PDF
    Transcript of 14th Ame…68).PDF
  31. Transcript of 15th Amendment to the U S  Constitution Voting Rights (1870).PDF
    Transcript of 15th Ame…70).PDF
  32. Transcript of 16th Amendment to the U S  Constitution Federal Income Tax (1913).PDF
    Transcript of 16th Ame…13).PDF
  33. Transcript of 17th Amendment to the U S  Constitution Direct Election of U S  Senators (1913).PDF
    Transcript of 17th Ame…13).PDF
  34. Transcript of Articles of Confederation (1777).PDF
    Transcript of Articles of…77).PDF
  35. Transcript of Civil Rights Act (1964).PDF
    Transcript of Civil Right…64).PDF
  36. Transcript of Emancipation Proclamation (1863).PDF
    Transcript of Emancipa…63).PDF
  37. Transcript of Federal Judiciary Act (1789).PDF
    Transcript of Federal Ju…89).PDF
  38. Transcript of Gettysburg Address (1863).PDF
    Transcript of Gettysbur…63).PDF
  39. Transcript of Interstate Commerce Act (1887).PDF
    Transcript of Interstate…87).PDF
  40. Transcript of Keating-Owen Child Labor Act of 1916 (1916).PDF
    Transcript of Keating-O…16).PDF
  41. Transcript of Monroe Doctrine (1823).PDF
    Transcript of Monroe D…23).PDF
  42. Transcript of Pacific Railway Act (1862).PDF
    Transcript of Pacific Rai…62).PDF
  43. Transcript of Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890).PDF
    Transcript of Sherman …90).PDF
  44. Transcript of Social Security Act Amendments (1965).PDF
    Transcript of Social Sec…65).PDF
  45. Transcript of Tennessee Valley Authority Act (1933).PDF
    Transcript of Tennessee…33).PDF
  46. Transcript of Voting Rights Act (1965).PDF
    Transcript of Voting Rig…65).PDF
  47. Under the Prophet in Utah By Frank J. Cannon and Harvey J. O'Higgins.pdf
    Under the Prophet in U…ins.pdf
  48. UnitedStates-ElectoralHistory.xlsx
  49. Writings of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson.pdf
    Writings of Thomas Jeff…son.pdf
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