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  1. [article] [ES] El Qigong una técnica terapéutica de la MTC - Jorge Fernández Bazaga.pdf
    [article] [ES] El Qigong u…aga.pdf
  2. [article] [ES] Yi Jing y el Budismo en el Japón de la Era Tokugawa.pdf
    [article] [ES] Yi Jing y el …wa.pdf
  3. [article] A Logical Way of Ordering the Hexagrams of the Yijing and the Trigrams of the Bagua - Peter D. Loly.pdf
    [article] A Logical Way o…oly.pdf
  4. [article] A Storehouse of Changes - Denis Mair.pdf
    [article] A Storehouse o…air.pdf
  5. [article] Boolean Algebra and the Yi Jing - Dr. Andreas Schöter.pdf
    [article] Boolean Algebr…ter.pdf
  6. [article] Deep Ecology in the Yijing - Joseph A. Adler.pdf
    [article] Deep Ecology in…ler.pdf
  7. [article] Eight Trigrams and Nine Meridians - Jacob Godwin.pdf
    [article] Eight Trigrams …win.pdf
  8. [article] Hex 2 in Xiping Stone.pdf
    [article] Hex 2 in Xiping…ne.pdf
  9. [article] Jesuit Interpretations of the Yijing in Historical and Comparative Perspective - Richard J. Smith.pdf
    [article] Jesuit Interpret…ith.pdf
  10. [article] Recovering the Lost Meaning of the Bagua - Dr. Stephen L. Field.pdf
    [article] Recovering the…ield.pdf
  11. [article] Structural Elements in the King Wen's Sequence of Hexagrams- Steve Moore.pdf
    [article] Structural Elem…ore.pdf
  12. [article] Tantrix and the Yi Jing - A Correlation of Binary Systems in Color - Jay Dunbar.pdf
    [article] Tantrix and the…bar.pdf
  13. [article] The Book of Changes, a narrative adventure of realty.pdf
    [article] The Book of Ch…alty.pdf
  14. [article] The Eight Trigrams and Strategy.pdf
    [article] The Eight Trigra…egy.pdf
  15. [article] The Names of the Yi Jing Trigrams - An Inquiry Into Their Linguistic Origins - Julie Lee Wei.pdf
    [article] The Names of t…Wei.pdf
  16. [article] The Yi Globe - The Image of the Cosmos in the Yijing - József Drasny.pdf
    [article] The Yi Globe - T…sny.pdf
  17. [article] The Yijing and the Enduring Symbolism of the Ding in Chinese Statecraft - Jason Buhi.pdf
    [article] The Yijing and t…uhi.pdf
  18. [article] The Yijing as a Mathematical Metaphysics - Dr Andreas Schöter.pdf
    [article] The Yijing as a …ter.pdf
  19. [article] The Yijing as a Symbolic Language for Abstraction - Dr. Andreas Schöter.pdf
    [article] The Yijing as a …ter.pdf
  20. [article] The Yijing in Global Perspective - Some Reflections - Richard J. Smith.pdf
    [article] The Yijing in Glo…ith.pdf
  21. [article] The Yijing Whitehead and Time Philosophy - Yih-Hsien Yu.pdf
    [article] The Yijing Whit… Yu.pdf
  22. [article] The Yin-Yang System of Ancient China - The Yijing as a Pragmatic Metaphor for Change Theory -Mondo Secter .pdf
    [article] The Yin-Yang Sy…ter .pdf
  23. [article] The-Yijing as Oracle Bone’s Sidekick - Harmen-Mesker.pdf
    [article] The-Yijing as Or…ker.pdf
  24. [article] Yi Jings Epistemic Methodology - Qu & Garvey.pdf
    [article] Yi Jings Epistem…vey.pdf
  25. [article] Yijing - Intercultural Communication Studies - Mondo Secter.pdf
    [article] Yijing - Intercul…ter.pdf
  26. [article] Yijing Metaphysics - Derivation of the 8 Trigrams (fragment).pdf
    [article] Yijing Metaphys…nt).pdf
  27. [article] Yijing’s View on the Bhikṣunīs’ Standard Robes - Ann Heirman.pdf
    [article] Yijing’s View o…an.pdf
  28. [article] Yin-yang, the Five Phases (wu-xing), and the Yijing.pdf
    [article] Yin-yang, the F…jing.pdf
  29. [article]The Narrative Model of the Yijing - Xiaosui Xiao.pdf
    [article]The Narrative M…iao.pdf
  30. [book] An Anthology of I Ching - Sherrill W.A. & Chu W.K. (258p).pdf
    [book] An Anthology o…8p).pdf
  31. [book] Living I Ching - Using Ancient Chinese Wisdom to Shape Your Life - Deng Ming-Dao(430p).pdf
    [book] Living I Ching - …0p).pdf
  32. [book] The Original I Ching Oracle - Rudolf Ritsema and Shantena Augusto Sabbadini.pdf
    [book] The Original I Ch…dini.pdf
  33. [book] The Tao of Ching - Way to Divination - Tsung Hwa Jou (407p).pdf
    [book] The Tao of Chin…7p).pdf
  34. [guide] A Technical Guide to Jiaguology (Oracle Bones Studies) - Riccardo Fracasso.pdf
    [guide] A Technical Guid…sso.pdf
  35. [guide] Robert Rutt - Zhouyi for download.pdf
    [guide] Robert Rutt - Zh…ad.pdf
  36. [other] [article] Mapping Early Daoist Art The Visual Culture of Wudoumi Dao - Wu Hung.pdf
    [other] [article] Mappin…ng.pdf
  37. [other] [book] The Secret of the Golden Flower by Richard Wilhelm and Carl Jung.pdf
    [other] [book] The Secr…ng.pdf
  38. [other] [guide] Glossary of Taoist Inner Alchemy Terms.pdf
    [other] [guide] Glossary…ms.pdf
  39. [other] [guide] Reliable websites for the study of Daoism.pdf
    [other] [guide] Reliable …ism.pdf
  40. [other] [guide] Taoist Books on the Elixir.pdf
    [other] [guide] Taoist B…lixir.pdf
  41. [other] [guide] Taoist Healing Imagery (audiobook files).pdf
    [other] [guide] Taoist H…iles).pdf
  42. [other] Carl Gustav Jung - Foreword to the I Ching (27p).pdf
    [other] Carl Gustav Jun…7p).pdf
  43. [other] Tai Chi in the Yi Jing.pdf
    [other] Tai Chi in the Yi Jing.pdf
  44. [version] [ES] I ching, El libro de los cambios.pdf
    [version] [ES] I ching, El…ios.pdf
  45. [version] Alfred Huang - Definitive Translation -The Complete I Ching (248p).pdf
    [version] Alfred Huang …8p).pdf
  46. [version] Bradford Hatcher - Yijing Word by Word.pdf
    [version] Bradford Hatc…ord.pdf
  47. [version] Daniel Bernardo - Yijing Chinese-English dictionary.pdf
    [version] Daniel Bernard…ary.pdf
  48. [version] Fu Xi (伏羲) - I Ching (易經) (Illustrations only) (64p).pdf
    [version] Fu Xi (伏羲) - …4p).pdf
  49. [version] James Legge - I Ching (1899).pdf
    [version] James Legge -…99).pdf
  50. [version] Language of the Lines - Nigel Richmond.pdf
    [version] Language of t…nd.pdf
  51. [version] Original Yijing in Chinese.pdf
    [version] Original Yijing …ese.pdf
  52. [version] Recent Manuscript Discoveries Related to the Yijing - Edward L. Shaughnessy.pdf
    [version] Recent Manus…ssy.pdf
  53. [version] Richard Willhelm - The I Ching or Book of Changes (133p).pdf
    [version] Richard Willhe…3p).pdf
  54. [version] The Illustrated Book of Changes - Li Yan (236pp).pdf
    [version] The Illustrated…pp).pdf
  55. [version] The Zhouyi and the First Four Wings of the Yijing.pdf
    [version] The Zhouyi an…jing.pdf
  56. [version] Thomas Cleary - The Taoist I Ching (173p).pdf
    [version] Thomas Clear…3p).pdf
  57. [version] Yijing (fragment).pdf
    [version] Yijing (fragment).pdf
  58. Some New Evidence for Dating the Trigrams of the I Ching - Moore and Eckman.pdf
    Some New Evidence fo…an.pdf
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