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  1. 1.6 V Nanogenerator for Mechanical Energy Harvesting Using PZT Nanofibers.pdf
    1.6 V Nanogenerator fo…ers.pdf
  2. A cDNA microarray analysis of gene expression profiles in rat.pdf
    A cDNA microarray ana… rat.pdf
  3. A mammalian artificial chromosome engineering system (ACE System) applicable to biopharmaceutical protein production, transgenesis and gene-based cell therapy.pdf
    A mammalian artificial …apy.pdf
  4. A Membrane Receptor for Retinol Binding Protein Mediates Cellular Uptake of Vitamin A.pdf
    A Membrane Receptor …n A.pdf
  5. A phage integrase directs efficient site-specific integration in human cells - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - 2000 - Groth et al.pdf
    A phage integrase direc…t al.pdf
  6. ABCG2-Mediated Transport of Photosensitizers.pdf
    ABCG2-Mediated Trans…ers.pdf
  7. An existing, ecologically-successful genus of collectively intelligent artificial creatures - arXiv preprint arXiv1204.4116 - 2012 - Kuipers.pdf
    An existing, ecologically…ers.pdf
  8. Artificial Muscles from Fishing Line and Sewing Thread.pdf
    Artificial Muscles from F…ead.pdf
  9. B4C Nanowires-Carbon-Microfiber Hybrid Strucutres and Composites fro Cotton TShirts.pdf
    B4C Nanowires-Carbon…irts.pdf
  10. Binding Affinities of Retinol and Related Compounds to Retinol Binding Proteins.pdf
    Binding Affinities of Ret…ins.pdf
  11. Biomedical Enhancements as Justice.pdf
    Biomedical Enhanceme…tice.pdf
  12. Carbon nanotubes on a spider silk scaffold.pdf
    Carbon nanotubes on …old.pdf
  13. Characterization of unknown genetic modifications using high throughput sequencing and computational subtraction - BMC Biotechnology - 2009 - Tengs et al.pdf
    Characterization of unk…t al.pdf
  14. Conversion of Carotenoids to 3-Dehydroretinol (Vitamin A2) in the Mouse.pdf
    Conversion of Caroteno…use.pdf
  15. Conversion of Vitamin A1 to Vitamin A2.pdf
    Conversion of Vitamin … A2.pdf
  16. Cre-stimulated recombination at loxP-containing DNA sequences placed into the mammalian genome - Nucleic acids research - 1989 - Sauer, Henderson.pdf
    Cre-stimulated recomb…son.pdf
  17. Designed polymer structures with antifouling – antimicrobial properties - Reactive and Functional Polym - 2010 - Charnley, Textor, Acikgoz.pdf
    Designed polymer stru…goz.pdf
  18. Directed evolution of a recombinase for improved genomic integration at a native human sequence. - Nucleic acids research - 2001 - Sclimenti, Thyagarajan, Calos.pdf
    Directed evolution of a…los.pdf
  19. DT1005 analysis.pdf
    DT1005 analysis.pdf
  20. DT1007 analysis.pdf
    DT1007 analysis.pdf
  21. Effect of consumption of the nutrient-dense, freshwater small fish.pdf
    Effect of consumption …fish.pdf
  22. Effect of vitamin A2 on the red and blue threshold of fully dark adapted vision.pdf
    Effect of vitamin A2 on…ion.pdf
  23. effects of retinoic acid on the mobilization of vitamin A from the liver in rats.pdf
    effects of retinoic acid …ats.pdf
  24. Efficient wireless power delivery for biomedical.pdf
    Efficient wireless power…ical.pdf
  25. Energy extraction from the biologic battery.pdf
    Energy extraction from…ery.pdf
  26. Engineering with Precision Tools for the New Generation of Transgenic Crops - BioScience - 2008 - Moeller, Wang.pdf
    Engineering with Precis…ang.pdf
  27. Epidermal Electronics.pdf
    Epidermal Electronics.pdf
  28. fnsys-07-00102.pdf
  29. Germline transmission and tissue-specific expression of transgenes delivered by lentiviral vectors. - Science (New York, N.Y.) - 2002 - Lois et al.pdf
    Germline transmission …t al.pdf
  30. Human plasma carotenoid response to the ingestion of controlled diets high in fruits and vegetabIes.pdf
    Human plasma caroten…Ies.pdf
  31. Immunocytochemical Localization of Two Retinoid binding Proteins in Vertebrate Retina.pdf
    Immunocytochemical L…ina.pdf
  32. isolation of pure vitamin A2.pdf
    isolation of pure vitam… A2.pdf
  33. Lin28Enhances Tissue Repair.pdf
    Lin28Enhances Tissue R…air.pdf
  34. Mammalian germ-line transgenesis by transposition. - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - 2002 - Dupuy et al.pdf
    Mammalian germ-line t…t al.pdf
  35. Membrane receptors and transporters involved in the function and transport of vitamin A and its derivatives.pdf
    Membrane receptors a…ives.pdf
  36. Metabolism and secretion of Retinol transport complex in acute renal failure.pdf
    Metabolism and secret…ure.pdf
  37. mirtazapine.pdf
  38. Nitric Oxide Generating Artificial Lungs Fabrication and Testing.pdf
    Nitric Oxide Generating…ing.pdf
  39. On the control of a robot hand by extracting neural signals from the PNS.pdf
    On the control of a rob…NS.pdf
  40. Primer for Synthetic Biology A Primer for Synthetic Biologists – OUTLINE - Unknown - Unknown - Mohr.pdf
    Primer for Synthetic Bio…ohr.pdf
  41. Recombineering a homologous recombination-based method of genetic engineering. - Nature protocols - 2009 - Sharan et al.pdf
    Recombineering a hom…t al.pdf
  43. RNA synthetic biology. - Nature biotechnology - 2006 - Isaacs, Dwyer, Collins.pdf
    RNA synthetic biology. …lins.pdf
  44. social-development.pdf
  45. Substitution of Porphyropsin for Rhodopsin in Mouse Retina.pdf
    Substitution of Porphy…ina.pdf
  46. synthesis of 7-cis containing 2-dehydroretinal isomers.pdf
    synthesis of 7-cis conta…ers.pdf
  47. synthetic circuits integrating logic and memory in living cells.pdf
    synthetic circuits integr…ells.pdf
  48. Tee 1992 - Carotenoids & Retinoids.pdf
    Tee 1992 - Carotenoids…ids.pdf
  49. The Application of Implant Technology for Cybernetic Systems.pdf
    The Application of Imp…ms.pdf
  50. The ballistic impact characteristics of Kevlar woven fabrics impregnated witha collodial shear thickening fluid.pdf
    The ballistic impact cha…luid.pdf
  52. Tissue- and site-specific DNA recombination in transgenic mice. - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - 1992 - Orban, Chui, Marth.pdf
    Tissue- and site-specific…rth.pdf
  53. Towards responsible use of cognitive enhancing drugs by the healthy.pdf
    Towards responsible us…thy.pdf
  54. Ultrastretchable Fibers with Metallic Conductivity.pdf
    Ultrastretchable Fibers …vity.pdf
  55. Updating the Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging.pdf
    Updating the Mitochon…ing.pdf
  56. Uptake of Retinol and Retinoic Acid from Serum Retinol-binding Protein.pdf
    Uptake of Retinol and …ein.pdf
  57. using chicken skin as a model for human skin.pdf
    using chicken skin as a…kin.pdf
  58. VIsual pigments of the vitamin A-deficient rat following vitamin A2 administration.pdf
    VIsual pigments of the …ion.pdf
  60. Vitamin A Uptake from Retinol-binding Protein.pdf
    Vitamin A Uptake from…ein.pdf
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