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  1. 5 Reasons The Top Tax Rate Should Be 80 Percent.pdf
    5 Reasons The Top Tax…ent.pdf
  2. 10 Reasons I Support Bernie Sanders for President.pdf
    10 Reasons I Support B…ent.pdf
  3. 49 Years Ago the US Covered Up an Israeli False Flag Attack that Killed 34 Americans Wounded 173.pdf
    49 Years Ago the US Co…173.pdf
  4. A Special Place in Hell For Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright.pdf
    A Special Place in Hell F…ght.pdf
  5. Alternative Power Centers Running the World The Role of Think Tanks Foundations Councils NGOs .pdf
    Alternative Power Cent…Os .pdf
  6. At Sanders Rally in Wisconsin Tim Robbins Delivers Fiery Speech Against Political Pragmatism.pdf
    At Sanders Rally in Wis…ism.pdf
  7. Bernie Sanders and the Left End of the Line for Bernie.pdf
    Bernie Sanders and the…nie.pdf
  8. Bernie Sanders Promises to Immediately Break up the Big Banks If Elected.pdf
    Bernie Sanders Promise…ted.pdf
  9. Bernie Sanders Real Political Revolution Could Happen This Fall Sanders Green Partys Presidential Can.pdf
    Bernie Sanders Real Po…an.pdf
  10. Bernie Sanders Vows to Crack Down on Greedy Corporate Tax Dodgers.pdf
    Bernie Sanders Vows to…ers.pdf
  11. Bernie Sanders We Need A Full and Independent Audit of the Federal Reserve.pdf
    Bernie Sanders We Nee…rve.pdf
  12. Bernie Targets Top 10 Corporate Tax Dodgers On Eve Of Iowa Primary.pdf
    Bernie Targets Top 10 C…ary.pdf
  13. Beware Someone Is Trying to Convince You That Bernie Cant Win.pdf
    Beware Someone Is Try…in.pdf
  14. Beyond Distrust - How Americans View Their Government.pdf
    Beyond Distrust - How…ent.pdf
  15. Billionaires Behind the 2016 Presidential Elections Money Behind Major Candidates Rubio Cruz Trump Bu.pdf
    Billionaires Behind the … Bu.pdf
  16. BREXIT vs GREXIT  The True Face of Europe.pdf
    BREXIT vs GREXIT The …pe.pdf
  17. California Politicians Could Soon be Forced to Wear Logos of Top Corporate Donors.pdf
    California Politicians Co…ors.pdf
  18. Comedian Sarah Silverman on Why She Changed Her Mind About Hillary and Will Vote for Bernie Video.pdf
    Comedian Sarah Silverm…eo.pdf
  19. Democracy of the Billionaires.pdf
    Democracy of the Billio…ires.pdf
  20. Despite Growing Attacks Bernie Can Do It.pdf
    Despite Growing Attack…o It.pdf
  21. Donald Vs Hillary Leading Antiwar Progressives Speak Favorably of Certain Aspects of Trumps Foreign P.pdf
    Donald Vs Hillary Leadi…n P.pdf
  22. Double Standards Unrelenting Anti-Trump Media Campaign Coverup of Hillary Racketeering Charges.pdf
    Double Standards Unre…ges.pdf
  23. Economists Say that Socialist Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Can Save Free Market Capitalism.pdf
    Economists Say that So…ism.pdf
  24. Enacting Sanders Agenda Would Catapult Economy Shatter Inequality.pdf
    Enacting Sanders Agend…lity.pdf
  25. Establishment Democrats Courting Disaster.pdf
    Establishment Democra…ter.pdf
  26. FBI Admits Clinton Broke Multiple Laws  Announced They Will NOT Indict Her.pdf
    FBI Admits Clinton Bro…Her.pdf
  27. FBI in Revolt  Top FBI Official Exposes Massive Corruption Which Let Clintons Crimes Slide.pdf
    FBI in Revolt Top FBI O…lide.pdf
  28. FBI Wants You To Believe It Examined 650000 Emails In 691000 Seconds.pdf
    FBI Wants You To Belie…nds.pdf
  29. First Thoughts On The Not-Hillary Election Results World War IIII Was Called Off.pdf
    First Thoughts On The … Off.pdf
  30. Former Greek Finance Minister on - Building a Progressive A former greek finance minister building progressive international.pdf
    Former Greek Finance …nal.pdf
  31. Four Myths Keeping Clinton Afloat.pdf
    Four Myths Keeping Cl…oat.pdf
  32. Guess Whos the Only 2016 Presidential Candidate Who Pays His Interns.pdf
    Guess Whos the Only 2…rns.pdf
  33. Hillary Clintons Pay-to-Play Speaking Fees Disqualify Her as a Presidential Candidate  Common Dreams .pdf
    Hillary Clintons Pay-to-…ms .pdf
  34. Hillary versus Donald Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead Victory for the Wizard of Oz.pdf
    Hillary versus Donald D… Oz.pdf
  35. How Bernie Sanders Hopes to Sway the Superdelegates at the Democratic Convention.pdf
    How Bernie Sanders Ho…ion.pdf
  36. Im a Woman and I Will Vote for the Best Feminist for President Bernie Sanders.pdf
    Im a Woman and I Will…ers.pdf
  37. In Fact Argue Experts Sanders Medicare-for-All Numbers Do Add Up  Common Dreams  Breaking News  Views.pdf
    In Fact Argue Experts S…ews.pdf
  38. Is the 2016 Election Already Being Stripped and Flipped.pdf
    Is the 2016 Election Alr…ed.pdf
  39. Its a Movement Stupid Why Bernie Can Deliver on Promises of Change While the Sensible Centrists Cant.pdf
    Its a Movement Stupid…ant.pdf
  40. Joining the Dots Why the Establishment Hates Donald Trump.pdf
    Joining the Dots Why t…mp.pdf
  41. Julian Assange Explains Why Voting for Hillary Clinton Will Further Spread Terrorism.pdf
    Julian Assange Explains…ism.pdf
  42. Lawmakers Fail the Internet Sneak Cyber Bill Into Must-Pass Omnibus.pdf
    Lawmakers Fail the Int…bus.pdf
  43. Marijuana May Be More Effective Than Adderall At Treating ADHD While Treating Numerous Other Ailments.pdf
    Marijuana May Be Mor…nts.pdf
  44. Newsletter Elections Expose the Oligarchs.pdf
    Newsletter Elections Ex…chs.pdf
  45. On Bernie Burgers T-Shirts Babies Birds Murals Memes Mariachi Bands and Art of A Political Revolution.pdf
    On Bernie Burgers T-Sh…ion.pdf
  46. Our Revolution (Bernie Sanders) Issues.pdf
    Our Revolution (Bernie…ues.pdf
  47. Political Economist Michael Hudson on Why Trump Is the Lesser Evil.pdf
    Political Economist Mic…Evil.pdf
  48. Puppet on a String Hillary as President would be Catastrophic for the US and the World.pdf
    Puppet on a String Hill…rld.pdf
  49. Rebranding Bernie The Sanders revolution will evolve into a sticky political movement.pdf
    Rebranding Bernie The…ent.pdf
  50. Ruling Elite Grows Desperate to Destroy Trumps Presidential Bid.pdf
    Ruling Elite Grows Desp…Bid.pdf
  51. Sanders Brown Speak Out On Gunboat Diplomacy For Corporations.pdf
    Sanders Brown Speak O…ons.pdf
  52. Sanders Medicare-for-All Plan Takes Aim at For-Profit Healthcare System  Common Dreams  Breaking News.pdf
    Sanders Medicare-for-A…ews.pdf
  53. Sanders Takes Michigan But Mainstream Media Keeps Discounting His Campaign.pdf
    Sanders Takes Michigan…ign.pdf
  54. Six Responses to Bernie Skeptics.pdf
    Six Responses to Berni…tics.pdf
  55. Slow Bern The Sanders Candidacy In Perspective.pdf
    Slow Bern The Sanders…tive.pdf
  56. Somber Legal Battle in the Shadows Whos Protecting Hillary Clinton.pdf
    Somber Legal Battle in …ton.pdf
  57. Sudden Death of Attorney Who Served the Lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee DNC on Char.pdf
    Sudden Death of Attor…har.pdf
  58. tBernie Sanders Promises to Immediately Break up the Big Banks If Elected.pdf
    tBernie Sanders Promis…ted.pdf
  59. The Case Against Hillary Clinton.pdf
    The Case Against Hillar…ton.pdf
  60. The Times Endorses Hillary Clinton with a Banner Ad from Citigroup.pdf
    The Times Endorses Hi…up.pdf
  61. The Truth About the FBIs October Surprise.pdf
    The Truth About the FB…rise.pdf
  62. Time for These Two Democrats to Go.pdf
    Time for These Two De… Go.pdf
  63. tIs Hillary Clinton a Progressive Not According to Her Policy Record.pdf
    tIs Hillary Clinton a Pro…ord.pdf
  64. Top Ten Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Can Win.pdf
    Top Ten Reasons Why …in.pdf
  65. Towards the Common Good Mr Sanders Goes to the Vatican.pdf
    Towards the Common …can.pdf
  66. truthdig.com-Some Facts You Can Tell Bernie Sanders Skeptics.pdf
    truthdig.com-Some Fac…tics.pdf
  67. Unprecedented Crisis Collapse of the Clinton Apparatus Hacker Whistleblowers Trump and the FBI Conver.pdf
    Unprecedented Crisis C…ver.pdf
  68. Unraveling Political Theory What Is Neoliberalism.pdf
    Unraveling Political The…ism.pdf
  69. US Presidential Elections 2016 The Revolt of the Masses.pdf
    US Presidential Election…ses.pdf
  70. Video Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents  How Her Political Machine Operates.pdf
    Video Exposes What H…tes.pdf
  71. We Havent Scratched the Surface of What Bernie Is Capable Of.pdf
    We Havent Scratched t… Of.pdf
  72. Who Should Formulate Policy in America the People or the Politicians The Essentials of Good Governmen.pdf
    Who Should Formulate…en.pdf
  73. Why Are There Suddenly Millions of Socialists in America.pdf
    Why Are There Sudden…rica.pdf
  74. Why Isnt Everyone In Favor of Taxing Financial Speculation.pdf
    Why Isnt Everyone In F…ion.pdf
  75. Why Many Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Soon be Abandoning the Democratic Party.pdf
    Why Many Bernie Sand…rty.pdf
  76. Why the Argument Against Naders 2000 Candidacy Isnt an Argument Against Sanderss 2016 Candidacy.pdf
    Why the Argument Aga…acy.pdf
  77. WikiLeaks Exposes Hillarys Stunning Connection to ISIS  Mainstream Media Blackout Ensues.pdf
    WikiLeaks Exposes Hilla…ues.pdf
  78. Will SCOTUS Confront the Results of Citizens United.pdf
    Will SCOTUS Confront t…ted.pdf
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