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  1. 1 How to Interview a Historic Building 1.docx
    1 How to Interview a H… 1.docx
  2. 7 How to Extinguish a Fire with a Bag of Potato Chips 1.docx
    7 How to Extinguish a … 1.docx
  3. 63 Mystery of the Blue Marble 1.docx
    63 Mystery of the Blue… 1.docx
  4. 021516 Knight Better Conversations Webinar.pdf
    021516 Knight Better C…nar.pdf
  5. '16 Full Slides Videos in the Classroom.pdf
    '16 Full Slides Videos in…om.pdf
  6. Abrams - CORWIN WEBINAR - HC Unpacked.pdf
    Abrams - CORWIN WEB…ked.pdf
  7. AFS 2014 Picnic
    AFS 2014 Picnic
  8. Barnes two-hack presentation.pdf
    Barnes two-hack presen…ion.pdf
  9. CarDigging.JPG
  10. Carl Hooker ML Mindset Slides.pdf
    Carl Hooker ML Mindse…des.pdf
  11. CorwinLindseyWebinar 11Apr2016.pdf
    CorwinLindseyWebinar …016.pdf
  12. CorwinWebinarZhao2016.pdf
  13. CulturalProficiencyCurriculum RubricBarr-GP.pdf
  14. Dillon The Art of Change Leadership.pdf
    Dillon The Art of Chang…hip.pdf
  15. Edchat Interactive Ende.pdf
    Edchat Interactive Ende.pdf
  16. Edchat Intro Francis Nov 2015.pdf
    Edchat Intro Francis No…015.pdf
  17. Edchat Intro Matt Farber.pdf
    Edchat Intro Matt Farber.pdf
  18. Edchat Zoul Murray Intro.pdf
    Edchat Zoul Murray Intro.pdf
  19. EdChatGames.pdf
  20. EdchatInteractiveSlides
  21. Ermeling Corwin Webinar Final Compressed 060615.pdf
    Ermeling Corwin Webin…615.pdf
  22. FINAL May 9 2016 Sharratt- CORWIN WEBINAR - slides.pdf
    FINAL May 9 2016 Shar…des.pdf
  23. Foundations for Learning.docx
    Foundations for Learning.docx
  24. Games4Ed Images
    Games4Ed Images
  25. GBrotto_What works in 1to1.pdf
    GBrotto_What works in…to1.pdf
  26. Goldber 1-25-16 Slides.pdf
    Goldber 1-25-16 Slides.pdf
  27. Halla EdChat.pdf
    Halla EdChat.pdf
  28. Harnessing the Power of Minecraft in the Classroom -Garrett Zimmer -Presentation EdChat.pdf
    Harnessing the Power …hat.pdf
  29. Immersive Democracy Bell Baker Final 2.pdf
    Immersive Democracy …al 2.pdf
  30. Marcinek OneTOone edchat interactive .pdf
    Marcinek OneTOone ed…ive .pdf
  31. Numbered John Hattie Feb 2016.pdf
    Numbered John Hattie…016.pdf
  32. PDF FINAL May 9 2016 Sharratt- CORWIN WEBINAR - slides.pdf
    PDF FINAL May 9 2016…des.pdf
  33. PDL Design Checklist.pdf
    PDL Design Checklist.pdf
  34. Peha nonfiction-from-here-to-there.pdf
    Peha nonfiction-from-h…ere.pdf
  35. Pictures4Lucia
  36. Privacy, Security, and Digital Footprints.pptx
    Privacy, Security, and D…ts.pptx
  37. Project Mapping_revised.pdf
    Project Mapping_revised.pdf
  38. Project_Design_Canvas_EdChat.pdf
  39. QISA 01 VOICES.mp3
    QISA 01 VOICES.mp3
  40. Quaglia Corwin Webinar 2.pdf
    Quaglia Corwin Webinar 2.pdf
  41. recipe.xls
  42. RoseShower
  43. Ryan Schaaf Making School a Game Worth Playing_Digital Games in the Classroom .pdf
    Ryan Schaaf Making Sc…m .pdf
  44. Sackstein Are you ready to give up grades-.pdf
    Sackstein Are you read…es-.pdf
  45. Schaaf Making School a Game Worth Playing PART2.pdf
    Schaaf Making School a…RT2.pdf
  46. SetGodinPDF.pdf
  47. steve-peha-conventional-wisdom May.pdf
  48. steve-peha-its-all-in-the-details.pdf
  49. steve-peha-revising-revision.pdf
  50. TAR Organizational Framework.pdf
    TAR Organizational Fram…ork.pdf
  51. Tech Considerations for Media for Flipped Classroom Lessons.pdf
    Tech Considerations fo…ons.pdf
  52. Top Secret.txt
    Top Secret.txt
  53. Trace Urdan Interview w Mitch Weisburgh.mp3
    Trace Urdan Interview …gh.mp3
  54. TVA EdChat V2.pdf
    TVA EdChat V2.pdf
  55. US_Postsecondary_Tech_Opportunities_Final_w_Overview.pdf
  56. Walker 2016 Backchannels in the Classroom.pdf
    Walker 2016 Backchann…om.pdf
  57. Walker 2016 Photos in the Classroom.pdf
    Walker 2016 Photos in …om.pdf
  58. Walker Feb 2016 Twitter Webinar V2.pdf
    Walker Feb 2016 Twitte… V2.pdf
  59. ZulamaGameDesignClassroom.pdf
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