IRNOP 2017-BOSTON-USB-Papers-Program from Vijay Kanabar (IRNOP 2017)

Sorted by name
  1. 1-CoverPage.docx
  2. Afshin Sohi - Success factors-Agile-Project-management.pdf
    Afshin Sohi - Success fa…ent.pdf
  3. Agnese Travaglini- Megaproject case studies.pdf
    Agnese Travaglini- Meg…ies.pdf
  4. Aldora Fernnades -Social Project Management in Industrialization Projects Environment_the Organizational Communication Perspective.pdf
    Aldora Fernnades -Soci…tive.pdf
  5. Alexander Kock - Entrepreneurial_Orientation.pdf
    Alexander Kock - Entre…ion.pdf
  6. AlexisNicolay-Experimenting & prototyping to design complex services.pdf
  7. Alfons van Marrewijk -DiggingForChange.pdf
    Alfons van Marrewijk -D…nge.pdf
  8. Andreas Wald -  Projectification in Western Economies.pdf
    Andreas Wald - Projec…ies.pdf
  9. Anette Hallin - Projects and sustainability - a bad fit-.pdf
    Anette Hallin - Projects… fit-.pdf
  10. Anne Symons - Systems Integration and Requirements Mangement in Major Healthcare Projects v2.pdf
    Anne Symons - System… v2.pdf
  11. Antti Peltokorpi - Megaprojects as ecosystems.pdf
    Antti Peltokorpi - Mega…ms.pdf
  12. Art-Thomas--Behavioral-Competencies.pdf
  13. Aubry-Opening black box of benefits management.pdf
    Aubry-Opening black b…ent.pdf
  14. Beverley LloydWalker -A case study on using Actor-Network Theory.pdf
    Beverley LloydWalker -A…ory.pdf
  15. Bill Hefley - Performance of New Graduates as Project Managers.pdf
    Bill Hefley - Performanc…ers.pdf
  16. Blomquist, Farashah, Thomas -Being Good Vs Looking Good.pdf
    Blomquist, Farashah, T…od.pdf
  17. Bonneau_Hobbs_Bentein_Shared leadership in project teams.pdf
  18. Brian Hobbs -Project Management in Small and Medium Size Enterprises.pdf
    Brian Hobbs -Project M…ises.pdf
  19. Carole Daniel-Towards a new model of project team life cycle.pdf
    Carole Daniel-Towards …ycle.pdf
  20. Carolin Auschra  How ecosystems shape new venture creation in favor of project-like organizing.pdf
    Carolin Auschra How e…ing.pdf
  21. Caroline Coulombe - Improvisation.pdf
    Caroline Coulombe - Im…ion.pdf
  22. Catriona Burke - On temporariness Towards a Structural Framework.pdf
    Catriona Burke - On te…ork.pdf
  23. Chiocchio-Succession management in the project context.pdf
    Chiocchio-Succession m…ext.pdf
  24. Christof Kier - Digital Project Management_Kier-Huemann.pdf
    Christof Kier - Digital Pr…nn.pdf
  25. Daniel_Complexity theory and performance in megaprojects.pdf
    Daniel_Complexity theo…cts.pdf
  26. Deb Parkin -Social Economic Polictical Factors that influence definitions.pdf
    Deb Parkin -Social Econ…ons.pdf
  27. Derek-Walker-InnovationthroughIntegratedProjectDelivery.pdf
  28. Eleni Papadonikolaki- Unravelling project ecologies of innovation-A review of BIM policy and diffusion.pdf
    Eleni Papadonikolaki- U…ion.pdf
  29. Eva Riis -Time to govern.pdf
    Eva Riis -Time to govern.pdf
  30. Fernandes-Plan benefits realisation.pdf
    Fernandes-Plan benefit…ion.pdf
  31. Forte-Kloppenborg-The Mindset of Agile.pdf
  32. Gilbert Silvius - Exploring factors that stimulate project managers to consider sustainability.docx
    Gilbert Silvius - Explorin…ty.docx
  33. Gina Bowman - Embracing Emergence, Bowman-Crawford - FINAL.pdf
    Gina Bowman - Embrac…AL.pdf
  34. Ginny Greiman - Megaproject Governance.pdf
    Ginny Greiman - Megap…nce.pdf
  35. Giulia Nannini_ImprovingAccuracyPrjEstimates.pdf
    Giulia Nannini_Improvin…tes.pdf
  36. Gro Holst Volden - The hierarchy of public project governance schemes_29.01.2017_for IRNOP.pdf
    Gro Holst Volden - The…OP.pdf
  37. Guzman Monet Martinsuo Scope definition.pdf
    Guzman Monet Martin…ion.pdf
  38. Hedley Smyth - Smyth Projects as Preconditions .docx
    Hedley Smyth - Smyth …s .docx
  39. Hobbs  Perron - PM in SMEs.docx.pdf
    Hobbs Perron - PM in…ocx.pdf
  40. Jere Lehtinen - Strategic_practices_of_stakeholder_management_in_Megaprojects.pdf
    Jere Lehtinen - Strategi…cts.pdf
  41. Joana Geraldi - Being-doing-and-leading in the project society-170607.pdf
    Joana Geraldi - Being-do…607.pdf
  42. John Smith - Oshikoji_Aggregating Project Level Performance Data into Organization and Industry Insight.pdf
    John Smith - Oshikoji_A…ght.pdf
  43. John Steen - Domain Decisions and the Adaptation Paradox.pdf
    John Steen - Domain D…ox.pdf
  44. Juan Carlos  Guzman Monet - Scope and goals definition final - incl biography.pdf
    Juan Carlos Guzman M…hy.pdf
  45. Julie Delisle - Autonomy paradox.pdf
    Julie Delisle - Autonomy…ox.pdf
  46. Julien Pollack - Square pegs in round holes.docx
    Julien Pollack - Square …es.docx
  47. Karyne Ang - Ang_Killen_Sankaran_Making sense of value in practice.docx
    Karyne Ang - Ang_Killen…ce.docx
  48. Kenneth Chung - Improving Stakeholder Engagement.pdf
    Kenneth Chung - Impro…ent.pdf
  49. Kujala-Aaltonen-Making sense of an innovation in a project network.pdf
  50. Lawrence Boakye - Boakye & Liu-Doing Good by Doing Bad-Reasons Underlying the Failure of IDPs.pdf
    Lawrence Boakye - Boa…Ps.pdf
  51. Lechler-Project_Value_Framework.pdf
  52. Lehmann - Are Living Labs a relevant approach for actual project management.pdf
    Lehmann - Are Living L…ent.pdf
  53. Leila Naeni - Fuzzy EVM.pdf
    Leila Naeni - Fuzzy EVM.pdf
  54. Leon Oerlemans - Final_Oerlemans_Learning Paper_IRNOP_2017.pdf
    Leon Oerlemans - Final…017.pdf
  55. Lingyan Dai -Study on construction-operation system docking of megaproject.pdf
    Lingyan Dai -Study on …ject.pdf
  56. LiseBoudreault-Joint Value Creation.pdf
    LiseBoudreault-Joint Va…ion.pdf
  57. Luca Sabini - Integrating sustainability into PM practices.pdf
    Luca Sabini - Integratin…ices.pdf
  58. Mahshid Tootoonchy - Why do PMOs change.docx
    Mahshid Tootoonchy -…ge.docx
  59. Marcos Rego - Symbolism intensive projects An analysis of 3 landmark megaprojects FINAL TEXT.docx
    Marcos Rego - Symboli…T.docx
  60. Martina Huemann_Boundaryless careers.pdf
    Martina Huemann_Bou…ers.pdf
  61. Mauro Mancini - IRNOP Roya Turner-2017.pdf
    Mauro Mancini - IRNOP…017.pdf
  62. Michael Duignan--Mega projects.pdf
    Michael Duignan--Mega…cts.pdf
  63. Michael Staley - Staley Limit State Earned Value Analysis Impact on PM Decisions.pdf
    Michael Staley - Staley …ons.pdf
  64. Miia Martinsuo - Momeni Martinsuo Developing the project-based firms relationship with distributors .pdf
    Miia Martinsuo - Mome…rs .pdf
  65. Monique Aubry - Shaping HRM and PMO-submitted-with names.pdf
    Monique Aubry - Shapi…es.pdf
  66. Muller_Ralf_Identification of HLs.pdf
  67. Nathalie Drouin - Organizational Capability and balanced leadership (IRNOP 2017).pdf
    Nathalie Drouin - Organ…17).pdf
  68. Paul Gardiner - Timperley-Kirkham-Gardiner-Papadaki-investigation-of-relationships-IRNOP2017.pdf
    Paul Gardiner - Timperl…017.pdf
  69. Paul Ziek - Strong and United StrengthsQuest and Project Teams.docx
    Paul Ziek - Strong and …s.docx
  70. Per Svejvig - Accelerating time to benefit.pdf
    Per Svejvig - Acceleratin…efit.pdf
  71. Qixiong Xu -The Formation Mechanism of Strategic Alignment in the Front-end of Infrastructure Megaproject_submitted to conference.pdf
    Qixiong Xu -The Forma…nce.pdf
  72. Radhia Benalia -ProjectSponsorFramework.pdf
    Radhia Benalia -Project…ork.pdf
  73. Radujković Mišić - Identification of key supply chain elements for megaprojects success_.docx
    Radujković Mišić - Iden…s_.docx
  74. RalfMuller-Balanced LS framework.pdf
    RalfMuller-Balanced LS …ork.pdf
  75. Ravikiran Dwivedula - Dwivedula_Bredillet_Muller_Practopoietic Lens to Conceptualize Temporary Organizing.docx
    Ravikiran Dwivedula - D…g.docx
  76. Raymond Young - Program management.docx
    Raymond Young - Prog…nt.docx
  77. Richard Sperry - Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping A systems modeling approach to project stakeholder analysis - Full Version.Final - 20170531.docx
    Richard Sperry - Fuzzy …31.docx
  78. Rodney Turner - On the Success of Magaprojects.docx
    Rodney Turner - On th…ts.docx
  79. Roger Warburton - The accuracy of a projects final duration and cost.pdf
    Roger Warburton - The…ost.pdf
  80. Saeed Shalbafan - Application of Cyenfin framework to facilitate decision-making in complex conditions in project portfolio management  .docx
    Saeed Shalbafan - Appl… .docx
  81. Sari Maenpaa Martinsuo Ahola Breite -Surviving Project Discontinuities.pdf
    Sari Maenpaa Martinsu…ties.pdf
  82. Shankar Sankaran - Sankaran et al. Megaprojects Instiutional Theory.pdf
    Shankar Sankaran - San…ory.pdf
  83. Staley LSEVM Impact.pdf
    Staley LSEVM Impact.pdf
  84. Stephane Tywoniak - PM Roles and project complexity.pdf
    Stephane Tywoniak - P…xity.pdf
  85. SylvainLenfle-Projects, Agency and the Multi-Level Perspective.pdf
    SylvainLenfle-Projects, A…tive.pdf
  86. Symons, A.W--Systems Integration and Requirements Management in Major Healthcare Projects.pdf
    Symons, A.W--Systems …cts.pdf
  87. Timur Narbaev - Narbaev and De Marco_Integrating Estimates at Completion with Cost Cont Mng.pdf
    Timur Narbaev - Narba…ng.pdf
  88. Vedran Zerjav - Controls Empowerment Initiative.pdf
    Vedran Zerjav - Contro…tive.pdf
  89. Verena Stingl - Stingl_Geraldi_Toolbox_for_uncertainty.pdf
    Verena Stingl - Stingl_G…nty.pdf
  90. Vincent Mangioni - Evaluating the impact of land acquisition on infrastrcture projects.docx
    Vincent Mangioni - Eva…ts.docx
  91. Vinicius Chagas - Brasil - Multilevel approach for Real Options in the innovation management process integrating project, portfolio and str.pdf
    Vinicius Chagas - Brasil … str.pdf
  92. Xiuxia Sun_and_FangWei_etal_Dynamic Equilibrium of Efficiency and Flexibility in POO.pdf
    Xiuxia Sun_and_FangW…OO.pdf
  93. Zhu-Transformational Leadership and Project Team Members’ Silence——the Mediating role of Feeling Trusted(2).pdf
    Zhu-Transformational L…d(2).pdf
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