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Your passion. Your creations. Your business.

Dropbox Shop makes selling your digital content—like online courses, music, and art—as easy as copying and pasting a link. Shop is currently in beta and available to individual accounts based in the United States in English only.

A user’s Dropbox Shop storefront includes three photos that range from $20 to $25

Easily sell your digital content

Icons of PDF, image, and audio files

Get up and running

Create product listings, complete with secure payment processing and automatic delivery, in just three clicks.

Someone clicking shareable link for Dropbox Shop listing

Make the connection

Establish your brand and maintain your relationship with customers through a custom storefront, not a cluttered marketplace of sellers.

Circular graph with four different sections

Mind your business

Track your store and product performance with detailed data on sales, revenue, and customer actions.

What can you do with Shop?

Three clicks is all it takes. Add content from Dropbox or your local computer, set a custom image thumbnail, or video or audio preview and determine your price with the option to enable tipping. We’ll create a shareable or embeddable link that anyone can visit to buy your products.

A customer clicks “buy” next to a $25 photo of a person holding a glowing light bulb

Include up to 50 GB of video, audio, images, and documents in each listing and they’ll be delivered automatically upon payment for download or view-only, including on-demand video and audio streaming.

     A photo, a PDF, a video, and a ZIP file are added to a      Dropbox Shop storefront listing

Just paste your product listing links into social media posts, emails, web pages, and more to share with customers directly or embed listings on your own website.

A Dropbox Shop user copies a sharable link for a photo in their storefront

Our partnerships with PayPal and Stripe let you give your customers multiple payment options, including all major credit cards and Google Pay.

A Dropbox Shop user selects PayPal to process payments. Stripe is also available to process payments.

Create your own e-commerce storefront, edit your profile, and customize your Shop URL to present your products in style.

A Dropbox Shop user’s storefront includes three photos that range from $20 to $25

Review aggregate and listing-level sales, views, and revenue, plus see customer info like traffic source, detailed actions, and historical transactions.

Charts and graphs display views, revenue, traffic source, and number of sales for an item in a user’s Dropbox Shop storefront

What can you sell with Shop?

Types of content

We've introduced Shop as a beta with support for several common types of content, and we’ll be looking to understand what our users need. Some examples of content that can be sold with Shop include:

  • Educational materials
  • Music and audio
  • Digital art and graphic design
  • Film, photography, and animation
  • Plug-ins and digital tools
  • Business consulting and professional services reports
  • Writing and publishing
  • Personal finance spreadsheets
  • Gaming tutorials and esports recordings
  • Lifestyle, fitness, and wellness videos
Man sitting outdoors, wearing headphones, and smiling at laptop camera

What Shop customers are saying

Frequently asked questions

We currently do not take a percentage cut of transactions as we’re in the early stages of this product and looking to develop it with your feedback. The only transaction fee is the processing fee our payment providers charge (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction).

Yes, you’ll need to have a Dropbox Basic, Plus, or Pro account to sell items using Shop.

We’ve introduced Shop as a beta and will be looking to understand what our users need. We’ll continue to explore how to expand Shop to best meet our user needs.

Each listing uploaded directly from your Dropbox account is limited to 50 GB for Dropbox Plus and Dropbox Professional accounts, and 2 GB for Dropbox Basic accounts. Direct uploads from a computer are limited to 50 GB per listing.

You can view a list of file types currently supported by Shop in our help center.

Yes! You can upload multiple file types in each listing.

Customers purchasing downloadable content do not need a Dropbox account to make a purchase from your storefront, but will need to validate their email to re-download a prior purchase. However, customers purchasing view-only content do need a Dropbox account to make a purchase. Customers with a Dropbox account can easily access prior purchases.