Package com.dropbox.client2

Interface Summary
DropboxAPI.UploadRequest A request to upload a file to Dropbox.

Class Summary
DropboxAPI<SESS_T extends Session> Location of the Dropbox API functions.
DropboxAPI.Account Information about a user's account.
DropboxAPI.DeltaEntry A single entry in a DropboxAPI.DeltaPage.
DropboxAPI.DeltaEntry.Add Indicates that, according to the latest known state of the contents of Dropbox, the specified file or folder is present with the given metadata.
DropboxAPI.DeltaEntry.Del Indicates that, according to the latest known state of the contents of Dropbox, there should be nothing at the specified path.
DropboxAPI.DeltaEntry.Reset Indicates that you should clear your entire local state.
DropboxAPI.DeltaPage A page of DropboxAPI.DeltaEntrys (returned by the DropboxAPI.deltaBeta(java.lang.String) call).
DropboxAPI.DropboxFileInfo Contains info describing a downloaded file.
DropboxAPI.DropboxInputStream An InputStream for a file download that includes the associated DropboxAPI.DropboxFileInfo.
DropboxAPI.DropboxLink Contains a link to a Dropbox stream or share and its expiration date.
DropboxAPI.Entry A metadata entry that describes a file or folder.
DropboxAPI.RequestAndResponse Holds an HttpUriRequest and the associated HttpResponse.
ProgressListener Receives file transfer progress updates for some API calls, e.g.
ProgressListener.ProgressHttpEntity A wrapper for an HttpEntity that can count the number of bytes transferred.
RESTUtility This class is mostly used internally by DropboxAPI for creating and executing REST requests to the Dropbox API, and parsing responses.

Enum Summary
DropboxAPI.ThumbFormat Represents the image format of thumbnails that the API can return.
DropboxAPI.ThumbSize Represents the size of thumbnails that the API can return.