Get room for all your work with Dropbox Plus

With 1 TB (1,000 GB) of storage for anyone who wants to keep all their files safe, in one place, and always accessible.

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Keep all your files in one place

Don’t worry about space—with Dropbox Plus, you’ve got 1 TB for all your files. Whether it’s photos, music, personal projects, or work, there’s room for everything.

Take your files with you

At your desk or on the go, all your files are automatically synced across your devices and accessible whenever you want them—even offline.

Sharing as it should be

Sharing made simple

Let go of email attachments. Dropbox Plus lets you share files of any size with just a link.

Send files instantly

Share a file with anyone you want to, even if they don’t have Dropbox.

Collaborate easily

Use shared folders to give everyone simultaneous access to new and updated files.

Keep everything safe

If something happens to your computer, phone, or tablet, all the files in your Dropbox stay safe. You can even remotely delete your Dropbox folders from a lost or stolen device.

Dropbox Plus features

1 TB of space

Get plenty of space for all your files. Keep everything safe and in one place.

Offline access on mobile

Access files and folders any time, anywhere—even without an internet connection.

Camera upload

Back up photos and videos as you take them, freeing up storage on your mobile device.

Remote device wipe

Delete data from a lost or stolen device, while everything is stored safely in Dropbox.

30-day version history

See changes, recover older versions, and restore deleted files from the last 30 days.

Priority email support

Got an issue? Get a priority email response from the Dropbox support team.

There’s plenty of space for everything with Dropbox Plus
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