Invite people to your Dropbox Business team

Once you’ve created your Dropbox Business team, you can begin inviting users at your company or organization to join.

How to invite people to join your Dropbox Business team

You’ll need a license for each person you invite to your Dropbox Business team.

  1. 以管理員帳號密碼登入
  2. 按一下 [管理員主控台]。
  3. 按一下 [成員]。
  4. 按一下 [邀請成員]。
  5. Enter the email addresses of people you want to invite, and click Send invites.

If someone already has a Dropbox account that they use for work, they can convert an existing personal Dropbox account to a Dropbox Business account. Alternatively, they can create a new account altogether.

Note: If a Dropbox user is already on another Dropbox Business team, you can't invite them to your team. Try inviting a different email address.


How to manage membership requests for your Dropbox Business team

In addition to admins inviting users to join a Dropbox Business team, users can request to join the team themselves through a membership request

Review membership requests

Dropbox Business admins can manually approve outstanding requests.

  1. 以管理員帳號密碼登入
  2. 按一下 [管理員主控台]。
  3. 按一下 [成員]。
  4. Click Allow

There is currently no way to manually deny membership requests. You’ll need to leave the request as is.

Change membership request settings

Admins of Dropbox Business teams and free teams control membership request settings.

  1. 以管理員帳號密碼登入
  2. Click Admin Console (paid) or Team (free).
  3. 按一下 [設定]。
  4. Click Membership (paid) or Membership approval settings (free).
  5. 選擇使用者搜尋和加入團隊的方式。