Dropbox release notes


  • Fix issue with linking second account for a small number of users on Windows
  • Fix rare crash in Windows preferences related to camera uploads
  • Better caching in tray popup when running two accounts
  • Improved setup flow when choosing a Dropbox folder path that is a symlink
  • Improved robustness for the auto sign-in installers


  • Fix issue with linking second account for a small number of users on Windows


  • Fix issue where a second account would be unlinked after changing email address.
  • New translations
  • Improved flow when choosing an existing Dropbox path in advanced settings during setup.
  • Improved robustness for the auto sign-in installers.
  • Other small fixes.


  • Fixes an issue where the second account would get unlinked if email associated with account changes
  • Changes to camera uploads splash


  • Fix issue where Dropbox wasn't in the AutoPlay settings on Windows 8.
  • Let users bypass Selective Sync even if we think they don't have enough disk space.
  • Fix rare issue on Linux systems that have ASCII as their locale.
  • Windows: Make sure we remove all files on Uninstall


  • Fix rare failure on new Windows installer.


  • Fix bug where 2.4 -> 2.7 upgrade path causes an unlink.
  • Linux: Use libappindicator1 on Unity only.
  • Windows: fix an issue where old aborted Dropbox installs could block newer installs


  • Fix exception when manually configuring SOCKS5 proxy.
  • Fix bug while setting up selective sync in pre-authorized installers.
  • Other small fixes.


  • Added support to deprecate client versions
  • New translations


  • Prompt to selective sync in the setupwizard for large Dropboxes
  • Other small fixes


  • Fix a bug where quitting Dropbox on Windows XP would crash
  • Fixes for remembering settings when unlinking and re-linking two accounts
  • Native shared folder UI disabled (postponed to a later series)


  • Fix a rare bug when quitting Dropbox
  • Fix a line wrapping bug for long status strings in the tray pop-up
  • New translations


  • Fix a crash when quitting Dropbox on Windows XP


  • Fix a bug where SetupWizard was broken on Linux
  • Fix a sometimes crash when the app restarted itself (e.g. unlink)
  • Other small fixes


  • Fix an issue affecting the "dropbox start" and "dropbox stop" commands on Linux.
  • Fix a rare issue that caused Dropbox to crash on shut down.
  • Fix a rare issue that caused Dropbox to take a long time to shut down.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • Reduce CPU usage when updating the UI during simultaneous downloading and indexing.
  • Reduce CPU usage & disk I/O resulting from extraneous updates to file change-times (only affects Mac/Linux)
  • Additional minor bug fixes


  • More translations
  • Fix an error on restarting with dual account
  • Restart Explorer more gently on install
  • More information in startup error dialog
  • Don’t modify ctime on files when fixing permissions
  • Other small fixes


  • Fix rare issue where Dropbox is always 'Connecting...' when running two accounts
  • Fix rare bug where some sticky notifications would be hidden in the tray pop-up


  • Fix a bug where the client gets stuck at 'Connecting...' when running two accounts
  • Fix the wording on the 'your Dropboxes were disconnected' dialog
  • Other small fixes


  • WPAD proxy support for Windows
  • Fix a bug that happens when you manually move the Dropbox folder
  • Better error messaging when temp direction permissions are bad on Windows
  • Removal of Windows desktop shortcuts for DfB users on unlink of the second account and uninstall
  • Fix issues with desktop login and view on web links for older browsers


  • Fix a bug where the setupwizard would not pop up after relinking due to missing Dropbox folder
  • Better handling of Windows Dropbox shortcut removals
  • Some new translations (still missing a few)


  • Other small fixes


    • Fix a bug on Linux where clicking an item in the "Recently Changed" menu would not select the right file.
    • Fix a few small bugs in the Shared Folder Settings window.
    • Fix a bug where the Dropbox folder would not go back to the same place on relink for dual account and DfB users.
    • Fix a bug where "Move Dropbox" can fail for some dual account and DfB users.
    • Don't present the "Selective Sync" feature if the user is relinking.
    • Fix a bug where the "Selective Sync" window could fail to show any folders.
    • Fix a rare bug when linking a secondary account.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix a bug where the Dropbox folder would not go back to the same place on relink for dual account and DfB users
    • Fix a bug where Dropbox wouldn't work if your DfB team name had unicode characters
    • Fix incorrect text on setupwizard panel
    • Other small fixes


    • Standardize Dropbox folder name for DfB users
    • Prevent moving a Dropbox folder into another Dropbox folder
    • Prevent two Dropbox folders from having the same name
    • Do not merge Dropbox folder with a symlink
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix some issues with the tray popup menu.
    • Prevent locked files from spinning the CPU.
    • Fix a layout bug in the Windows shared folder settings dialog.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • Multiaccount fix: Update camera uploads logic immediately on connecting two Dropboxes
    • Meta-installer fix: Don't allow more than one installer to run at once
    • Other small fixes


    • Prevent the meta-installer from starting up multiple Dropbox instances.
    • Minor tweaks to the camera uploads preferences.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • DfB team admin disabling desktop multiaccount linking takes effect immediately
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix an issue when using SSO to link a client.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • Add missing translations
    • Fix a bug that could prevent Dropbox from starting for some users.
    • Fix a bug that could cause shared folder invitations to silently fail in some cases.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix bug where Windows installer would prompt for UAC twice.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Small UI changes
    • Better font selection for the setup wizard on Windows XP
    • Improved handling of admin password prompt in the pre-authorized installer on Mac OS X
    • Other small fixes


    • Small UI changes
    • Fix unicode issue with opening dropbox.com from world icon
    • Fix for full installer progress bar
    • Add tooltip to show contact's email for native shared folder invitation window
    • Other small fixes


    • Pre-authorized installers for Windows and Mac OS X.
    • Notification when your hard disk is full.
    • Native UI for shared folder invitation and management.
    • Other small fixes!


    • Redesigned Setup Wizard.
    • Pause Syncing is now available from the tray popup.
    • New Installers for Windows and OS X
    • Selective Sync UI significantly more responsive


    • Fix Growl in Mac 10.6.


    • Fix bug with fresh install on Linux
    • Fix some rare installation bugs on Windows


    • Fix bug where upgrading from 2.4.10 would require logging in again for some users on Windows.


    • More translations!
    • Fix bug where tray icon would remain hidden on some machines.
    • Fix bug where tray icon wouldn't disappear on quit.
    • Fix a bug where the tray icon may not be set to the correct state in black and white mode.


    • Fix incorrect throttling in highly variable internet connections.
    • Fix rare memory leak in Finder integration.
    • Fix rare bug where database errors would cause a re-sync.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • New translations!
    • Fix rare bug where database errors would cause a re-sync.


    • Updated images in the installer (check them out!)
    • Fix an issue where Dropbox would fail to start on OSX 10.4
    • Fix an issue where Dropbox could enter a restarting loop in certain situations
    • Fix an issue where Dropbox could fail to get permissions on OSX
    • Fix an issue where Dropbox could fail to remain visible in the tray on Windows
    • Fix an issue where connections could be incorrectly closed
    • Fix an issue where the tray menu could fail to appear on Windows
    • Fix an issue where the tray icon could fail to update properly on Windows


    • Fixed issue with the Windows installer where it incorrectly showed a popup saying admin rights were not granted.


    • Fix a bug where upgrading from 2.4 (after running 2.5 and downgrading) would cause an unlink on Windows.
    • Fix a screenshots bug related to multiple monitors on Mac.


    • i18n fixes for preferences window.
    • Fix the camera uploads panel not showing in Windows preferences.
    • Fix a rare installation issue for Mac users due to bad permissions.


    • Fix an issue with the meta installer on Mac OS X.
    • Fix an issue preventing Selective Sync from displaying unsynced folders in some cases.
    • Fix issue where Mac prefs does not work before linking.
    • Splash screen related fixes.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • Fix an issue that could cause Dropbox to repeatedly restart.
    • Fix an issue that caused unnecessary "Rejected by server" errors before syncing was complete.
    • Fix an issue that can cause files with ResourceForks to be reconstructed improperly.
    • Fix an issue that caused Dropbox to fully reindex.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • New translations for 2.5.x strings.
    • Fix an issue which prevented the renaming and deleting of screenshots.
    • Fix an issue with context menus in Selective Sync.
    • Fix a rare issue that can cause files with ResourceForks to be reconstructed improperly.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • Fix broken Move Dropbox prompt.
    • Fix installing from non English directory in Windows.
    • Other small fixes


    • Various tray popup fixes
    • Fix screenshots i18n bug
    • Fix a rare hang when syncing files with finder comments
    • Fix issue with quitting Dropbox on Linux
    • Various preference panel UI fixes
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix a rare hang when syncing files with finder comments.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix startup error on Windows.
    • Unmount DMG when installing from Meta-installer
    • Fix issue where notification action errors are not being shown.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix incorrect error message in iPhoto import.
    • Fix for long filenames in the tray popup.
    • Fix delay when pausing/unpausing.
    • Other small fixes


    • Finishing touches


    • Fix Finder crash at startup
    • Fix crash when quitting in XP.
    • New Preference window layout in OS X
    • Fix context-menus on selective sync window not working.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix Finder crash at startup
    • Fix crash when quitting in XP.
    • Other small fixes


    • New smaller installer for OS X!
    • Fix missing information in tray icon tooltip.
    • Better text in tray popup.
    • Fix memory leak in Windows.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix memory leak in Windows.


    • Fix rare infinite syncing issue.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix Screenshots not working for some international users.
    • Fix rare infinite syncing issue.
    • Other minor fixes


    • Redesigned Setup Wizard.
    • Pause Syncing is now available from the tray popup.
    • New Windows Installer


    • Fix Import to iPhoto and Screenshots not working for some international users.
    • Fix memory leak in Windows.
    • Other minor fixes


    • Change Move to Dropbox to be below Move to Trash on OS X.
    • Fix rare issue in which screenshots were not working.
    • Other minor fixes


    • Screenshot to Dropbox
    • Move to Dropbox
    • Import from iPhoto
    • Mavericks Support!
    • Much faster upload/download speeds for large files


    • Improved automatic bandwidth throttling
    • Fix an issue with alias files and Windows shortcuts
    • Fix an issue that can cause clients to reindex the contents of your Dropbox
    • Fix a rare Finder crash
    • Other minor fixes


    • Fix missing notifications on Mavericks.
    • Fix missing menu items when clicking on the toolbar on OSX.
    • Be less agressive reindexing clients with database errors.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • Recompile Shell Extension in Windows to enable ASLR.
    • Performance improvements to upload.
    • Fix an issue that can cause Dropbox to sync endlessly.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • Minor improvements to upload speed.
    • Fix some UI sluggishness.
    • Fix an issue involving files with ResourceForks on Mac.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • More performance improvements.
    • Fix some translation issues.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix small error in Finder Integration.
    • More performance improvements.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix Screenshots in French on Mac.
    • Mavericks Support!
    • Performance improvements
    • Fix a small bug during installation on Win8
    • Other Small Fixes


    • Fix screenshot behavior when you're out of quota.
    • Fix issues with screenshot splashscreen.
    • Don't reindex when upgrading from 2.0
    • Small performance improvements
    • Other Small Fixes


    • Fix an issue that caused unnecessary indexing when upgrading from 2.0
    • Other minor fixes.


    • Fix an issue that could cause high CPU usage during reindex.
    • Fix an issue with the tray icon on Mac.
    • Fix a rare issue that caused unnecessary reindexing of the entire contents of a Dropbox.
    • Fix a rare issue with Selective Sync.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • Reduced initial startup time.
    • Reduced initial link time.
    • Reduced time taken when relinking a previously linked account.
    • Fix an issue which could cause certain files to sync endlessly.
    • Fix an issue which could cause proxy connection settings to be lost.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • Fix iPhoto import hanging while showing progress bar
    • Fix incorrect photo times on older versions of iPhoto
    • Better handling of event names with non-filename characters
    • Other Small Fixes


    • Tiny UI fixes to Preferences on OS X
    • Fix spurious folders showing up in Selective Sync dialog
    • Fix spurious display of Screenshot Splashscreen on Windows
    • Other Small Fixes


    • Fix an issue where files with Finder Comments would not sync
    • Fix a rare issue involving symlinks with unicode characters
    • Fix a rare issue where spurious folders appear in the advanced Selective Sync settings
    • Fix a rare issue with P2P
    • Other minor fixes


    • Import from iPhoto to folder named "Photos from iPhoto"
    • Organize iPhoto folder by events
    • Updated iPhoto import splash screen to include more details about what it will do =)


    • Fix an issue that could cause duplicate folders to be created when non-ascii characters are in the folder name.
    • Fix an issue that caused endless syncing when encountering permissions issues.
    • Other minor fixes


    • Make lnk files sync again on Windows
    • Fix some issues with Move-To-Dropbox and screenshots
    • Faster album creation for iPhoto import
    • Use photo time from iPhoto in addition to EXIF


    • Fix an issue on Mac OS X 10.4 which causes files to disappear after uploading.
    • Fix a rare issue on Windows which causes Dropbox to endlessly sync files with long paths


    • Fix a rare issue that causes Dropbox to change directory names to all lowercase.
    • Use a consistent image for photo notifications.


    • Fix Preferences not opening or being empty.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix for album creation error
    • Fix for screenshot files with unicode names
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix an issue preventing Dropbox from starting up on 10.4 and 10.5


    • Screenshot to Dropbox
    • Move to Dropbox
    • Import from iPhoto
    • Much faster upload/download speeds for large files


    • New notifications badge
    • Refactoring of core sync engine
    • Improved memory usage
    • Startup performance improvements
    • Finder icon overlay improvements


    • Update the Codesigning certificate on Windows. (Only affects installation)


    • The red notification badge has been replaced by a yellow bell
    • The yellow caution indicator has been replaced by a red X
    • Other minor fixes


    • Fix a rare issue preventing Dropbox from syncing directories with certain Unicode characters


    • Fix a bug that might prevent Dropbox from auto-updating.


    • Change the name from main to dropbox on Linux.
    • Fix an issue when the Dropbox folder is moved while the client is running or paused.
    • Fix an issue when shared folders are selectively synced.
    • Fix an issue when using Dropbox with a proxy.
    • Other minor fixes


    • Fix Windows installer sometimes failing to install properly.


    • Fix an issue that causes LAN sync to be displayed improperly
    • Fix an issue that could cause high CPU and memory usage on Linux
    • Fix an issue that could cause Dropbox to stop syncing if configuration files were removed
    • Other minor fixes


    • Fix Polish translations.


    • Fix icon overlays not showing up in Windows XP.
    • Lower CPU usage when idle.


    • Subfolders of shared folders no longer have a Share option in the context menu
    • Fix an issue with overlay icons when auto-updating Dropbox on XP and 8
    • Fix an issue with long file names on Windows
    • Fix an issue that caused higher than normal CPU usage when no files were being synced.
    • Other minor fixes


    • Added accelerator keys for context menu items on Windows
    • Fixed an issue where the notifications badge would appear even when there were no new notifications
    • Fixed the tray popup positioning when right-to-left languages are used
    • Fixed a display issue with notifications for joining shared folders
    • Fixed an issue where the tray menu couldn't be opened in Linux when offline
    • Other minor fixes


    • Fix installation error on Windows.
    • Fix some issues in High DPI mode on Windows.
    • Fix icon overlays not updating on Tiger.
    • Fix inability to open Tray menu in Linux when disconnected.
    • Fix the tray popup positioning on Windows when an RTL language is used.


    • New Quota Full, Referral, and Shared Folder notifications
    • Fix an issue with notifications while using black and white icons
    • Fix 100% CPU issue while Dropbox is disconnected
    • Fix an issue with the tray icon on Windows
    • Fix an issue with icon overlays on OSX 10.4
    • Fix the way recently changed files tracks modification times
    • Recently changed files are now sorted by timestamp
    • Support for high DPI mode on Windows
    • Other minor fixes


    • Fix some notification jewel issues
    • Fix an issue when deleting shared folders
    • Fix an issue when disk space is low
    • Client now leaves 100MB of hard disk space instead of 10MB
    • Fix an issue after moving the Dropbox folder.


    • Fix a bug on Windows where the tray popup is not correctly positioned on multi-monitor setups.
    • Fix a bug where quitting Dropbox doesn't dismiss the tray popup.
    • Fix a bug on Mac where Dropbox would steal focus on startup.
    • Recently changed files now appear earlier when starting Dropbox.
    • User Interface Polish.


    • Notifications jewel on Mac and Windows
    • Fix an issue preventing Dropbox from starting on Tiger
    • Fix an issue that causes bubbles to not show up on OSX
    • Fix a rare issue that caused folders to be created as conflicted copies for files
    • Other minor fixes


    • Fix a bug on Windows where accelerator keys are not present in the Dropbox context menu.
    • Fix a bug where certain messages indicating time spent were incorrect.
    • Fix a bug where opening or closing client is impossible while disconnected.
    • Fix a bug on Windows where Dropbox can sometimes fail to display the tray popup.
    • Fix a bug where notifications can sometimes be sorted incorrectly.
    • Fix a bug on Windows where the tray popup can sometimes appear behind the tray's expansion window.
    • Fix a bug on Windows where the tray popup can sometimes appear behind the tray.
    • Fix a bug on Mac causing excessive CPU usage.
    • Fix a series of minor errors on Mac causing the tray popup to fail to appear.
    • Fix a bug on certain versions of Snow Leopard.
    • Fix a bug on Windows XP where the tray popup can sometimes fail to appear.
    • Fix a bug on Windows affecting memory usage.


    • Add accelerator keys to Dropbox context menu on Windows
    • Fix an issue related to long directory paths on Windows
    • Fix an issue related to pausing / unpausing Dropbox
    • Fix an issue causing erroneous red sync icons to be displayed
    • Fix a rare sync issue related to non NFC / NFD paths on Mac
    • Other minor fixes


    • Translations for Polish, Malay, Indonesian, Russian and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)


    • Fix an issue affecting files with extended attributes
    • Fix an issue that caused excessive CPU usage when files are changed remotely
    • Better handling for certain Unicode path names
    • Fix an issue that allowed multiple Dropboxes to run on Linux
    • Fix a rare issue that caused excessive CPU usage
    • Other minor fixes


    • Small fixes


    • Fix a memory leak in the menu
    • Fix a rare issue in how Dropbox reads files
    • Fix a rare issue with Dropbox initialization
    • Other minor fixes


    • Fix a bug on Windows where changing languages or unlinking sometimes doesn't restart Dropbox.
    • Fix a bug on Windows XP where the tray popup would fail to appear.
    • Fix a bug in Finder integration where certain files would cause Finder to hang.
    • Fix a bug where clicking Share Link didn't open the sharing dialog.
    • Fix a bug on OSX where the popup is not always positioned properly.
    • Fix the appearance of the tray popup when Aero is enabled or disabled.
    • Provides a workaround for users using screen readers on Windows when the tray popup isn't usable.
    • Disables accelerated compositing for users on 2010 MacBook Pro notebooks (note that this doesn't fix the core problem, but ensures Dropbox isn't making worse).
    • Fix a bug where compositing preferences were affecting other apps than Dropbox.
    • Fix a bug where an incorrect system clock renders notifications useless.
    • Fix a bug where recently changed files could render incorrectly.
    • Fix a bug where the gear menu could cause the client to hang.
    • Finder integration improvements.
    • Windows shell extension improvements.
    • Interface cleanup and polish.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix an issue which would cause Dropbox to re-hash downloaded files
    • Fix an issue with translations
    • Other minor fixes


    • Dropbox context menu items are no longer in a submenu
    • Dropbox no longer uses the discrete graphics card on 10.8.3 for 2010 MBPs (yay Max!)
    • Improved accessibility support for the menu on Windows
    • Option-clicking displays the old menu on Mac
    • Fix an issue with notifications not displaying properly
    • Improved the hit target for dismissing the new menu
    • Selectively synced folders that are deleted remotely can now be un-selectively synced
    • Fix an issue which caused a resync after upgrade
    • The Dropbox folder can now be placed in the root (C:\Dropbox)
    • Fix an issue which caused spurious conflicted copies
    • Recently Changed files now show the correct time
    • Deleted files no longer appear in Recently Changed
    • Fix issues with extended attribute syncing
    • Fix issues with Camera Uploads on Mac, XP, and Win8


    • Fix an issue preventing Dropbox from starting on Mac
    • Fix an issue when clicking on notification bubbles
    • Fix an issue with Move Dropbox on Windows
    • Fix an issue with Camera Uploads
    • Fix some issues with the right click context menu on Mac
    • Minor translation fixes
    • Other minor fixes


    • File system abstraction layer for the sync engine
    • Sqlite based on-disk backend for memory caches
    • Streaming-based initial reindex
    • Simplified locking model for internal state
    • New client side holding cache for enforcing consistency


    • Fix a bug on Windows where the tray popup isn't repositioned properly when the screen resolution changes.
    • Fix a bug on OSX where the tray popup isn't repositioned properly when plugging in an external monitor.
    • Fix a bug on OSX where the tray popup can sometimes fail to appear.
    • Fix a bug on OSX where the popup can fail to appear if the "Hide" option of the "Login Item" is set.
    • Fix a bug on Windows where the tray popup can sometimes fail to appear.
    • Fix a bug on Windows where pressing Alt-F4 breaks the tray popup until the client is restarted.
    • Fix a bug affecting Camera Uploads on Windows.
    • Fix a bug where a notification's time label sometimes contained incorrect information.
    • Fix a bug where closing the client can trigger errors.
    • Various performance improvements and bug fixes.


    • New Notifications UI in the tray for Windows and Mac.
    • Autoupdate improvements.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix a bug where a bubble contained incorrect information.
    • Change the way a notification's title text is wrapped.
    • Fix a bug where discrete video adapters on OSX laptops would get automatically enabled.
    • Fix a bug where a notification's hover state was not cleared when the popup is dismissed.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Dropbox is now translated to Brazilian Portuguese!
    • Fix for 0 byte files appearing when programs like Adobe Lightroom are being used.


    • Translations for all our supported languages.
    • Fix for missing Paused icon.
    • Lower memory usage in Windows.
    • Fix 0 byte images put into Dropbox (e.g. by Adobe Lightroom)
    • Fix the notifications window on mac when you have very few menu items.
    • Actually run on 10.4
    • Fix for missing thumbnails in notification window in Windows 8.


    • Fix a bug where notifications may enter a bad state without the ability to recover.
    • Clicking a shared folder invitation now opens the invitation inbox.
    • Re-enable Notification Center on OSX 10.8.
    • Fix a bug where the popup would remain visible while the tray icon was hidden while quitting the application.
    • Improved performance when acknowledging notifications.
    • Fix a bug where notifications would sometimes fail to appear on Windows.
    • Other small fixes and polish.


    • A new, smaller installer/downloader on Windows.
    • Fixed a bug where McAfee reports that Dropbox is attempting to terminate its process.
    • Fixed a bug in Finder where overlays are not updated when Dropbox starts.
    • Add support for file type images and thumbnails in popup notifications.
    • Display comprehensive error messages when taking an action on a notification fails.
    • Migrate the older recently changed files data to the new popup.
    • Fix a bug where notifications sometimes fail to "move" when they are updated.


    • Reintroduce the "Recently Changed" feature to the new Tray Popup.
    • Various performance improvements in the Tray Popup feature.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix icon overlays not updating in OS X


    • Fix a bug affecting the tray popup UI in pre-Lion versions of OSX.
    • Fix a bug affecting the tray popup UI's ability to capture keyboard focus.
    • Fix a bug where automatic notification acknowledgement sometimes fails on OSX.
    • Fix an alignment issue in the tray popup UI on Windows.
    • Fix a bug where the tray popup UI can be cut off the side of the screen.
    • Fix a crash in Finder integration.
    • Improvements + fix a bug where notifications are acknowledged repeatedly.
    • Improvements to the "Syncing" label to make it display more useful information.
    • Fix a bug preventing LAN syncing from working properly.
    • Fix a bug affecting the translation of certain messages in dialogs.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix crash in Finder.


    • Remove extraneous log message accidentally left in.
    • Fix syncing of files called "..foo" on Windows.


    • Introduce new tray popup interface.


    • Fix not using Growl on Snow Leopard and below
    • Fix hang on startup on Leopard
    • Upgraded to Growl SDK 1.2.3


    • Fix web login not working in certain cases.


    • Fix Finder overlays not updating properly on Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.


    • Fix a hang that affects a handful of people.


    • Fix dependencies on OS X


    • Remove more excessive logging.


    • OS X: Fix notifications not showing up in Snow Leopard and below.
    • OS X: Fix icon overlays getting out of the Dropbox folder.
    • OS X: Fix Dropbox not autostarting after updating.


    • Fix memory leak in Mac when downloading lots of files.
    • Fix autoupdate not working sometimes on Windows XP


    • Fix install failure in Windows 2000.
    • Fix rare issue with sync not working on 10.4
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix install failure in Windows XP and Vista.
    • Fix some Italian translations.
    • Fix problem where selective sync windows would be blank after update.
    • Fix web login not working when Dropbox was not in English.


    • Translations for Italian and Iberian Spanish
    • New icons! (Retina support!)
    • New Mac installer (just double click!)
    • Faster startup time for Mac users with lots of files
    • Improved web login from client
    • Improved performance through use of Python 2.7


    • Fix icon not changing on OS X when disconnecting from Internet.
    • Fix performance issue when downloading or uploading large files.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix a rare crash at startup on OS X
    • Fix System Windows (e.g. Move Dropbox) showing up in the wrong language in OS X
    • Other small fixes


    • Fixed Web Login opening an HTML editor instead of a Browser in OSX.
    • Other small fixes


    • Double click installer for Mac.


    • Fix rare continous reindexing case.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix some edge cases for web login
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix web login not opening a browser.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fixed occasional problems when leaving a shared folder
    • Fixed the crashing of XP Explorer
    • Fixed Tiger download problems
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix web login when using proxies.
    • Fix spurious "Locally Modified" files.
    • Windows: Fix infinite syncing on FAT32 drives
    • Mac: Fix Double Click installer not working for non-admin users.
    • Mac: Fix beachball when using Double Click installer on Leopard.
    • Linux: Fix for command line warnings on Ubuntu 12.10
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix menu icon not showing for Ubuntu 12.10
    • Fix tray icon not showing for Windows 8
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix rare hang when resuming.
    • Fix Icon Overlays and Context Menu in XP.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fixed broken camera uploads progress window.
    • Fix for Ubuntu 12.10 not updating the menu.
    • Fix spinning out superfluous Locally Modified files.
    • Fix overlay icons not updating properly on Mountain Lion.
    • Code sign the Shell Extension on Windows.
    • Auto-prune the deleted file cache if it gets too big.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Enabled tray popup.
    • Fixed a bug in the tray icon on Windows 8.
    • Fixed a bug in Camera Uploads on Windows 8.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fixed a few bugs on startup and website launch


    • Fixed Launch Dropbox website hanging in the browser
    • Fixed a rare hang on Dropbox startup


    • Add menu item for Dropbox on XP.
    • Fix multiple login item issue.
    • Performance and bugfixes for reindex.
    • Minor bug fixes.


    • Faster startup time out Mac for users with lots of files
    • Fixed the upload speed being reported incorrectly
    • Fixed upload throttling functionality
    • Fixed tray login


    • Fixed Snow Leopard icon overlays in bottom half of Cover Flow mode
    • Fixed rendering of right-click tray icon menu in OSX
    • Reduced startup time on Mac
    • Fixed Windows camera uploads sometimes ignoring 'Never for this device'
    • Fixed a bug when using multiple monitors, some Retina and some non-Retina
    • Don't run multiple instances of Dropbox
    • Fixed incorrect cropping of Mac dmg background


    • New icons! (Retina support!)
    • Improved performance through use of Python 2.7
    • New Mac installer (just double click!)
    • Mountain Lion Notification Center support
    • Improved web login from client
    • Fixed context menu delay on Mac (thanks Arash!)


    • Support for two-step verification
    • Minor bug fixes


    • Support for Notification Center on Mountain Lion
    • Support for new sign-in backend
    • Minor bug fixes


    • Mountain Lion support.


    • Fix incorrect rendering of icon overlays on Mountain Lion when using a Retina display, and on Lion with versions prior to 10.7.4.


    • Fix a rare bug where the application would spontaneously leave a shared folder.
    • Fix a small issue in the "lazy" installer.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Correct checkmark position on Retina display Macs
    • Fix for a tiny Camera Uploads issue on Mountain Lion.


    • Support our new plans.


    • Gatekeeper signed binary for Mountain Lion.
    • New Features: Drag and Drop files to Windows Desktop shortcut will move files into your Dropbox!
    • Better network card detection code for LAN sync.


    • Fix missing Korean Translations
    • Better photo importing from Blackberry devices


    • Fix regression in 1.5.2 that caused Selective Sync to not work.
    • Fix regression in 1.5.2 that would cause spurious conflicts in rare cases when using camera upload.
    • Fix regression in 1.5.2 that would prevent desktop notifications when you joined a shared folder.
    • Paranoid fix to prevent Dropbox from creating files outside of your Dropbox.
    • Use PackageKit to install language packs on Linux instead of synaptic.


    • Fix "lazy" install not working on 10.4
    • Fix rare bug where Dropbox will notify you of your own changes.
    • Performance improvements
    • Korean Language support


    • Korean Language Support


    • Initial Mountain Lion support


    • Add missing translations.


    • Fix importing of files larger than 2GB on OS X.
    • Better handling of the "never" option on Windows.
    • Fix for infinite syncing on really really long paths.


    • Fix bad arg list exception introduced in 1.4.4.
    • Fix database is locked errors.


    • Add "Never" button to Windows camera splash screen.
    • Fix for Linux App Indicator going unresponsive.
    • Public links now send you to https.
    • Fix syncing of really really large files.
    • Fix infinite sync on certain files with resource forks on OSX.


    • Fix performance problem when syncing a lot of files
    • Fix inability to leave shared folder bug
    • Fix Dropbox not starting on OS X sometimes


    • Fix Menu not updating on Ubuntu 12.04
    • Fix performance problem when syncing a lot of files on Linux


    • Fix Dropbox not starting on OS X


    • Importing of photos from cameras, phones, and SD cards.
    • Batch upload/download of files.


    • Fix importing from Sony DSC-W170
    • Fix issue where progress window would show up on boot.
    • Enable Keyboard navigation in Camera Uploads UI
    • New Camera Uploads and Photos folder icons
    • Other small fixes


    • Fixes for photo import from Nokia smartphones
    • Fixes for PTP folders on XP
    • Assorted instrumentation and other fixes


    • Fix longstanding issue where Dropbox would take a long time restarting after a lot of use.
    • Other small fixes.


    • New icon for Camera Uploads folder.
    • Fix Preference Window sometimes not showing.
    • Other small fixes.


    • All strings are now translated into Spanish, French, German and Japanese.
    • Fix Windows XP not importing from iPhone issue.
    • Add a special folder icon for the Camera Uploads folder.
    • Better error handling when disconnecting devices during import.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Better handling of photos taken in the same second.
    • Fix for certain non-standard date formats.
    • Better rendering of thumbnails (retains aspect ratio) and general improvements to the import progress window.
    • Better estimation of how much time is remaining while importing.
    • Other small fixes.


    • New prettier graphics in photo splash screen!
    • Better handling for out of quota issues while importing.
    • Better detection for passcode locked devices on OSX.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix for attaching new devices on Mac.
    • New error splash screen when quota is nearly full.
    • New error dialog for out of disk space and corrupt files on photo import.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Added a splash screen for Windows.
    • Beautified the Windows progress bar.
    • Improvements to quota handling.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Nothing, this version will discriminate auto-updated early release users from forum users


    • Better UI when import is large (show number of files scanned so far, etc)
    • Translations for non-English users
    • Retry autoupdate even if it fails once for this build
    • Fix tray icon for even more people
    • Warn Windows users who use Run As to install


    • Fixes for Camera Upload on Windows XP and 2003
    • Fix out of quota issue
    • Improve Camera Upload text
    • Memory usage improvements
    • Other small fixes


    • Nothing, this version will discriminate auto-updated early release users from forum users


    • Fix Finder beach-balling issue


    • Large files (up to 4GB) can be uploaded to WIndows XP
    • Remember device metadata even when feature is disabled
    • Better unicode handling
    • New splash screen strings
    • Make sure autoplay works after autoupdate
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix unable to finish downloading large files issue.
    • Add a Camera Uploads element on windows preferences.
    • Import 3gpp files
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix naming of files from Galaxy Nexus.
    • Fix inability to import photos because of Unicode names.
    • Make autoupdate more robust
    • Other small fixes


    • Windows: Fix importing from SD cards with no name


    • Fix Autoplay issue in Windows Vista 64-bit.
    • Photos will appear correctly rotated on all platforms.
    • Improved performance. Less CPU usage during import.
    • Windows: Warn user when iPhone is locked.
    • Other small fixes


    • Provide more help information in the extremely rare case that Dropbox cannot start on Windows


    • Don't import on OS X if screen is locked.
    • Consistent names for cameras which shoot RAW/JPG pairs in the same second
    • Fix issue where Finder would crash when opening the Dropbox folder.
    • Remember 'always import' setting per device.


    • Support AVCHD (Note: most of these devices need to be plugged in using PC mode for this to work.)
    • Fix Finder crash in 10.7.3
    • Don't autoupdate while photo import is happening
    • Better UI responsiveness while Importing
    • On install wait for file transfers to finish before restarting Windows Explorer.
    • Fix missing msvcr71.dll issue
    • Offer to install Autoplay proxy on first restart after autoupdate.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Handle disconnecting devices on Windows 7 better.
    • Raise Progress window to top if you click on the tray menu and progress window is already open.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix for random crashes on OS X.
    • Fix i18n issue in Windows 2000.
    • Fix issue where you couldn't unlink if you weren't connected.
    • Fix issue where you couldn't import photos if you had gotten all 5GB.
    • Fix possible double import when devices disconnect and connect quickly.
    • Fix failure to import on certain devices on 10.5
    • Fix for UI not updating in selective sync.


    • Fix crashes when importing raw files
    • Better handling of disconnecting a device in Windows.
    • Fix case where we could create multiple Camera Uploads folders
    • Fix progress windows being too small on Windows
    • Add support for importing wmv, m4v, mkv, mts, 3gp in DCIM directory.
    • Other small fixes


    • Cleanup UI in Windows non admin installation.
    • Fix infinite restart of Dropbox when database was corrupted.
    • Fix import error on iPhone with lots and lots of photos.
    • Better Handling of out of quota issues on first photo import.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix import loop when two devices are connected at the same time.


    • Fixes for Galaxy Nexus.
    • Rename an existing Camera Upload folder if it exists and it's your first time importing photos ever.
    • Fixed small race when two devices connect around the same time.
    • Cancel import if user disables camera import using the preferences.
    • Better messaging on Selective Sync Camera Import dialog
    • Fix issue where auto update won't work.
    • Fix incorrect registry keys that were being written in Windows.
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix inability to start Dropbox on Linux
    • Show error message when trying to import photos and user has selectively synced out the Camera Uploads folder.
    • Make Camera Uploads folder look pretty on OS X.
    • Improved logging.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Add missing translations.


    • Fix another very rare issue where Dropbox wouldn't start on Windows.
    • Give better error message for common Registry issues on Windows.
    • Fix rare import issue on Windows with SD Cards.


    • Fix up/down arrow regression on Mac tray menu.
    • Fix for SD cards that have Unicode names in them.
    • Fix cases in which duplicated photos weren't being detected properly after a restart.
    • Support Photo Importer on OS X 10.5
    • Better notification timing on Photo Imports
    • Don't import photos if it will take you over Quota.


    • Fix another very rare issue where Dropbox wouldn't start on Windows.
    • Give better error message for common Registry issues on Windows.


    • Duplicate photos on a device does not cause false-positive import error
    • Better experience uploading large number of files from Windows SD cards and mounted devices


    • First build with photo importer
    • Selective sync for Windows 8 fixed


    • Fix very rare issue where Dropbox wouldn't start on Windows.
    • Fix Selective Sync not working on Windows 8 Developer Preview.


    • Fix an xattr syncing issue when unlinking / relinking
    • Better check for xattr support in Linux
    • Fix issue on Linux where overlay icons were not being updated


    • Security enhancements, an attacker will not be able to steal your computer's account credentials just by copying configuration files to another machine.
    • New encrypted database format to prevent unauthorized access to local Dropbox client database.
    • Enhanced Lion integration


    • Fix download of files looping infinitely in rare cases.
    • Fix syncing issue when Dropbox is in a case-insensitive filesystem but root filesystem is case-sensitive.
    • Fix rarely occurring Beachball in Finder.


    • Fix Finder beachballing at Startup. (Thanks Michael and Jacob!)
    • Other small fixes.


    • Batch upload/download of files.


    • Small fixes in Unicode encoding for our international users.
    • Other tiny fixes.


    • Fix issue with auto-upgrade on OSX creating app with wrong permissions.
    • Remove debug logging from Finder integration to improve performance.
    • Fix issue where LAN sync would still send messages after being disabled.


    • Fixed yet another rare OS X unlinking bug.
    • Fixed an issue where OS X computers with unicode characters in the hostname were failing to link properly.


    • Fixed yet another rare OSX unlinking bug.
    • Fixed a rare regression from 1.2.33 in the OSX directory indexing code that would cause Dropbox to not reindex files.


    • Fixed another rare OSX unlinking bug.


    • Fix rare unlinking bug in OSX.
    • Fix for Growl not working with Dropbox, very very rare.


    • Add more internal logging to verify stability


    • Add more tracing for clients getting unlinked.


    • Fix icon overlays not updating sometimes on Lion (very rare)


    • Fix rare unlinking bug in OSX.


    • Fix bug where menu wasn't updating in Ubuntu 11.04.


    • Fix regression from 1.1.40 that caused tray menu to not update on Ubuntu Unity 11.04
    • Fix to bug that would cause Dropbox to not function correctly on some proxies.


    • Fix one more Finder crash.
    • Fix proxy problem; comply with RFC 2616.
    • Add extra logging to find unlinking issues.


    • Finder Integration: Make Favorites Dropbox icon pretty :).
    • New tour images for Lion.
    • Fix DNS lookup problem when using a SOCKS5 proxy.
    • Delay upload of 0 byte files so that users don't get useless transfers.
    • Fix small occurrence of now Resume option after pausing Dropbox in Linux
    • Fix to very rare bug that would prevent directories from being uploaded.
    • Fix bug that would cause auto-update to incorrectly ask for UAC elevation.
    • Fix rare missing sidebar item.


    • Lion-specific images for our initial tour.
    • Backport from 1.2.x that fixes very very rare Finder crash


    • Integration support for Mac OS X Lion 10.7
    • Backport a fix from 1.2.x to a rare issue (from 1.2.x) where certain Mac OS X machines wouldn't upload files automatically.
    • Backport a fix from 1.2.x that caused the tray menu to become unresponsive on certain Linux machines.


    • OSX: Fix very infrequent Finder Crash at Startup
    • Linux: Fix Application Indicator going unresponsive after a while.
    • Windows: Fix infrequent race that prevented sync at startup.


    • Removed debugging assertions in Finder plugin.
    • Added safeguards to protect Finder plugin from waiting on Dropbox forever.


    • Fix "stack misalignment error" in 1.2.23
    • Fix Finder crash that would happen during network settings or scrolling in list view


    • Fix regression in 1.2.22 that caused icon overlays showing up on non-Dropbox files in the Finder.
    • Fix regression in 1.2.22 that caused Finder crash due to dragging files between folders


    • Fix Column View, and Arrange by views in Finder integration.
    • Fix the "assertion error" crash, finally :)


    • Lots of Finder Fixes


    • Fixed a Finder crash due to dragging and dropping files rapidly.
    • Much better performance in list view and column view
    • Fixed all memory leaks due to Finder integration
    • Help out users when their Mac OS X Keychain becomes corrupted.


    • Stability fixes for our 10.7 Finder integration
    • Cosmetic improvements to our Finder toolbar icon on Mac OS X 10.7


    • Fix bug in OSX which would cause multiple dropbox items to be in the favorites list.
    • Fix very rare bug in OSX which would cause 100% cpu usage.
    • Faster startup time on OSX (Thanks DanC!)
    • Performance enhancements for Lion
    • New icons for Windows. (Favorite Links, Dropbox folder, Photos, Public)


    • Improved the visuals on our ToS acceptance checkbox in the Dropbox setup wizard.
    • Remove annoying dialog box that can appear on Mac OS X when moving your Dropbox folder or installing Dropbox for the first time.
    • Fix regression that was causing the loss of settings after an upgrade from an earlier 1.2.x build.
    • Continued Mac OS X 10.7 support


    • Improved a couple of regressions that would cause you to stay linked when jumping between version 1.1 and 1.2
    • Fix a very rare bug that would make it impossible for Dropbox to sync certain shared folders when merging with an old Dropbox folder.
    • Improved 10.7 Lion support


    • Better downgrading and upgrading support between 1.1 and 1.2
    • Dropbox now warns when you try to put your Dropbox inside a folder called Dropbox.


    • Fix for regression in 1.2.6 that prevented the Mac OS X version from starting up.
    • Slight cosmetic improvements in the initial setup wizard.


    • Fix for regression in 1.2.7 that caused the permissions error dialog to pop up on startup erroneously.


    • Fixed rare issue that would cause Dropbox to not start on any version of Mac OS X.
    • Fixed rare issue where Dropbox would ignore ACL-only permissions on Mac OS X that would not cause it to sync local changes without a restart.
    • Assorted updates to our debugging facilities on Windows post our security audits.
    • Fixed issue on Mac OS X where Dropbox would become unlinked if keychain items were synced using MobileMe.
    • Dropbox now provides more debugging information in the very rare event that it crashes on Linux.
    • Fix to issue on some versions of Linux that don't provide librt.so that would force you to manually login to the website when linked to from the desktop client.
    • Fix to issue on Mac OS X that would force you to manually login to the website after the computer had gone to sleep
    • Fix to regression in 1.2.x that would cause language settings to be lost after a relink.
    • Add guard in Mac OS X version to prevent user's from accidentally unlinking their Dropbox after refusing keychain privileges.


    • Fix build number on OSX
    • Fix typo in French translation


    • Small bug fixes


    • Fixed possible installation issue on Windows


    • Fixed an issue with SOCKS proxies
    • Fix issue where App Indicator might not show on startup (Linux)
    • Don't rely on cpuid for machine signature on Linux
    • Other small fixes


    • Finishing touches


    • Linux: Fix missing appindicator icon at startup
    • Small stability fixes


    • Security enhancements, an attacker will not be able to steal your computer's account credentials just by copying configuration files to another machine.
    • New encrypted database format to prevent unauthorized access to local Dropbox client database.
    • Other small fixes
    • Continued 10.7 support


    • Tiny stability fix.


    • Tiny stability fix.


    • Linux: Better fix for ugly appindicator icon when not using indicator-applet.


    • Linux: Fix ugly appindicator icon when not using indicator-applet.


    • Another very small fix


    • Fix missing tray icon in Windows 7 64 bit.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Translations for Latin American Spanish, French, German, and Japanese
    • Redesigned Preferences UI
    • OSX: New notification interface for users that don't have Growl installed.
    • Stability Fixes


    • Translations for Latin American Spanish, French, German, and Japanese
    • Redesigned Preferences UI
    • OSX: New notification interface for users that don't have Growl installed.
    • Stability Fixes


    • Minor Fixes


    • Fix issue that some users were having with Finder integration


    • Fix sidebar issues in Finder
    • Fix 0.0 quota problem.


    • Numbers are now formatted according to locale. Only if you are in Spanish, French, German or Japanese.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Work around bug in Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 2 that causes Dropbox to crash
    • Other small fixes


    • Better tracing. Please run this if you're experiencing crashes.


    • Fix Finder integration (icon overlays, context menu) in Lion.
    • Tiny UI fixes.


    • Fix for a rare crash on OS X
    • Small tweaks


    • Fix Finder integration (icon overlays, context menu) in OSX Lion.
    • Small UI fixes


    • Minor UI fixes.


    • Fix appindicator on Maverick.
    • Fix OSX notifications with long titles.


    • New translations!
    • Fix gallery links that were sometimes generated incorrectly.
    • Website language now changes when you set the language in your client.
    • New Network panel in OSX preferences to replace Proxy and Bandwidth. OSX Preference changes are always instant or force you into a modal workflow.
    • Fix for users using British English in OSX. It now defaults to American English instead of something else.
    • Fix merge dialog in Linux and Windows setupwizard to be clearer.
    • Fix fstab editing in Linux so it does not reorder your mounts.
    • Fix application indicator support for Ubuntu 11.04 (we now use libappindicator)
    • Other small fixes


    • Fix Improve Translations not working on Windows
    • Fix permissions error dialog being shown in the wrong language.
    • Make OSX General Preference changes take effect immediately.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Only open one translation correction window at a time in Windows and Linux.
    • Less intrusive bubbling when linking.
    • Plug some memory leaks in OSX.
    • Other small fixes


    • Don't append language info when generating public links.
    • Fix Unknown Error from dropbox status on Linux.
    • Fix rendering issue with notifications in OSX 10.4
    • Other small fixes


    • Beta translations for Latin American Spanish, French, German, and Japanese
    • New interface to send us your translation comments.
    • No longer install Growl, new notification interface for users that don't have Growl installed.
    • Don't leave auto-update files in the cache after an auto-update.
    • Don't ask about extended attributes in Linux advanced setup wizard if there's nothing to do.
    • Redesigned Proxy and Bandwidth Preference Panels
    • Redesigned Advanced Panel on OSX


    • Fix exclude CLI command to work on Shared Folders.
    • Small tweaks


    • Tiny fixes.


    • Fix for OSX when Home Directory is on AFP share.


    • Minor fix to connection code.


    • Fix regression that would prevent clients from using LAN Sync


    • Fix can't sleep problem on OSX when your computer is not connected to the Internet.
    • Try harder to fix permissions problems on mac.
    • Better password dialogs on Linux.
    • Fix problem of missing DLLs of Windows
    • Fix for creation of conflict files when only extended attributes change.
    • Fix to 100% CPU usage problem when using a buggy proxy.


    • Huge performance enhancements
    • Redesigned UI
    • Selective Sync
    • Extended Attribute Sync


    • Fix Open Dropbox Folder after Change Dropbox Location.


    • Fix double progress window when changing Dropbox location.
    • Fix super-rare tray icon inconsistencies.


    • Fix issue that prevents really long filenames on Windows from syncing when there are conflicts.


    • Fix for unlink failure.
    • Other tiny, microscopic fixes.


    • Fix for Dropbox located in a root drive in Windows.
    • Better wording on unlink failure.
    • Fix some high CPU usage problems when disconnected.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix some rare cases where Dropbox wouldn't start up.
    • Fix bug on Windows that would cause files in your Dropbox folder to lose badges on unlink.
    • Fixed OSX console warnings about NSUndoManager.
    • Revert to old "Open My Dropbox" behavior on Windows (don't show the strange folder tree).
    • Lots of small fixes!


    • Fix upgrades from 0.7 to 1.0. (This build will also fix the clients that were left in a bad state by the previous build.)
    • Stop the Dropbox location changer widget from disappearing during the installation wizard.
    • Fix the Dropbox Missing panel not appearing.
    • Fix issue on Windows when placing your Dropbox on the Desktop.
    • Better error messages when moving your Dropbox.
    • Fix for users who put their Dropbox in the root of a drive.
    • Uninstall on Windows now deletes more configuration files.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Stop the Dropbox location changer widget from jumping all over the place in the tour.
    • Fixed case where the Dropbox preferences window wouldn't always become active when clicked from the menu bar on Mac OS X versions before Snow Leopard.
    • New "Easy Relink" dialog in the tour. Now when you link with the same account as a previous installation you will be greeted with a fast path to configuring Dropbox. This retains your Dropbox location setting as well as your selective sync settings.
    • Selective sync is optimized to finish *a lot* quicker when changing settings during initial sync.
    • The Dropbox tour is now more careful about merging your dropbox with a previous installation.
    • Better handling of folders which names like ".dropbox" or "Desktop.ini", having folders with these names could cause Dropbox to spin in some syncing situations.
    • Dropbox will now be more aggressive about making sure to not add duplicate entries to the Finder sidebar.
    • Fix random bug that would prevent preferences to show up when you opened it for the first time at a rare point on Windows.
    • Don't enable Growl notifications for all compatible apps if you didn't have Growl installed before installing Dropbox.
    • "Move Dropbox" was broken in some cases on Windows, now should be a lot better.
    • Fix the context menu not showing up sometimes on Mac OS X versions before Snow Leopard.


    • Fix some sync issues.


    • Don't overwrite already installed Growl
    • Faster quit on OSX
    • Speed up Pause and Resume.
    • Lots of text, image and UI changes in the installation wizard.
    • Fix syncing icon on Dropbox Folder
    • The Uninstaller is now codesigned
    • Fix missing context menus on 10.4
    • New green tray arrow during the Dropbox Tour
    • Better permission checks when installing
    • Update selective sync dialog to match CLI commands
    • Fix Move Dropbox dialog box.
    • Fix missing Tray menu on OSX
    • Performance improvements
    • Other small fixes.


    • New tour images
    • Add progress text to tour
    • Fix broken tour on systems that have hostnames containing non-ASCII characters
    • Fix race condition at end of tour preventing Explorer/Finder from opening up
    • Tighten up spacing on Mac OS proxy page in preferences
    • Fixed aliasing of images on Mac OS tour
    • Fixed a bug that caused Dropbox to erroneously recreate folders in very rare circumstances
    • Fixed advanced tour panel display issue on Windows XP and 2003


    • Fixed regression breaking headless Linux
    • Better Win2k support
    • Fixed regression Mac OS 10.4 preferences
    • Move Dropbox button works on Mac OS again
    • Fix 32-bit Vista tour gray screen


    • Fixed a regression possibly preventing preferences from being opened on Windows and Linux


    • Made "Move Dropbox" more robust (please test).
    • Support selective sync from the command line. Requires new Nautilus Dropbox package (to be released tomorrow).
    • New Windows, Linux, and MacOS setup wizard and tour.
    • Windows default Dropbox name is now "Dropbox" not "My Dropbox"


    • Fix issue when deleting files under short paths on the web interface.
    • Fix for Dropbox crash when Kaspersky is running.
    • Fix missing Company Name and Publisher in Windows
    • Fix possible infinite loop when Moving Dropbox.
    • Support Debian style alternatives for web browser.
    • Other smaller fixes


    • Only restart Explorer if absolutely necessary.
    • Fix "May not have installed properly" error on Windows 7
    • Better syslog for certain errors on Linux and OSX.
    • Small UI fixes.
    • Other smaller fixes


    • Fix regression in 0.8.104 that would cause Dropbox to redownload blocks.
    • Other smaller fixes


    • Fix Firewall message being prompted on OSX.
    • Fix rare hangs when Dropbox is syncing.
    • Fix rare missing tray icon on Windows 7.


    • Fixed bug in Ubuntu Maverick Application Indicator that would cause two Dropbox icons to appear.
    • Fix to regression 0.8.102 that would cause Dropbox to hang in very rare situations.


      Auto-upgraded all current 0.8.x hosts to this build


    • Eliminated more hangs, regressions from 0.8.100
    • Other small fixes.


    • Eliminated a couple of potential deadlocks, going for 99.99% stability here ;)
    • Other small fixes.


    • More performance improvements to startup on OSX.
    • Fix tray menu on Ubuntu maverick.
    • Possible fix for psapi crash on Win7 64 bit
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fixed regression in 0.8.96 that would cause PPC Mac to reindex everything on startup.
    • Improved startup time on OSX even more, should be noticeable on machines with slower CPUs.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fixed missing internet icon on start menu for Windows.
    • Fixed rare bug that would cause Dropbox to hang on upload or download.
    • Startup on OSX is now more efficient. We've see speedups of 25% on large Dropboxes.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix lowercase conflict issues.
    • Fix case of files being re-uploaded after a delete in some cases.
    • Fix selective sync settings being lost in some cases.
    • Change tray icon names.
    • Fix 'Open XML Converter' problem.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Handle out of space errors better.
    • Close network connections on Suspend/Hibernate. (Hopefully this should fix the Windows suspend problem)
    • Cleanup context menu.
    • Fix regression with Dropbox on Network Drive specified by \\
    • Fix issue with non-ascii short paths on windows.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix rare Windows installer crash.
    • Fix missing Finder integration after OSX upgrade.
    • Fix rare cases of large memory usage on Mac.
    • Fix Linux tray icon not working after a while problem.
    • Fix for missing "Can't access Dropbox Folder" message on startup.
    • More robust case conflict on Linux
    • Fix ability to run Dropbox twice and mess things up.
    • Fix possible hang on Linux when Dropbox is on NTFS.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Don't reinstall Growl if user uninstalls it.
    • Fix shared folders sometimes not appearing as shared folders on Mac.
    • Fix rare case where shared folders would become unshared on Linux.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Allow syncing of files while they are open in Microsoft Office.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fixed very rare bug that would case downloads to hang.
    • Lots of other small fixes.


    • Fix asking for password at startup every time on certain systems (OSX G3/G4).
    • Fixed "rename of shared folder while paused causes leaving" bug.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix menu items with underlines or ampersands on Linux tray menu.
    • Fix minor UI glitches in selective sync UI.
    • Security Fixes on OSX.
    • Better Dropbox API support.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix to problem where selective sync changes could not be completed in a rare case.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix to regression in 0.8.80 that would show proxy messages unnecessarily.
    • Fix to regression in 0.8.75 that would cause incorrect indexing status on Linux.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix to regression in 0.8.78 that would occasionally prevent selective sync changes.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix to flicker in the linux/windows selective sync ui control. it should feel faster and more responsive now
    • Fix to some issues with Dropboxand AFP mounts
    • Better unexpected error on booting dropbox reporting (if you had os x and you double clicked dropbox and it just never starts, you might now get some more information :)
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix small app indicator issues.
    • Fix small Move Dropbox issues.
    • Handle permissions problems on boot slightly better.
    • Fix overlay issues after unpausing.


    • Fixed rare problem where files would end up as 0bytes.
    • Fixed problem where checkmarks don't show up in the Finder/Explorer/Nautilus
    • Fix to problem where downloads would get stalled with lots of rapidly changing files.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Small bug fix to rare case where downloads would get stalled with lots of identical files.


    • Selective sync settings should instantiate a lot quicker.
    • Fixed bug that would cause client to spin on 0.8.66.


    • Selective sync settings should instantiate a lot quicker.
    • Various bug fixes.


    • Fixes preferences being broken on OS X 10.4
    • Preserve folder casing when spinning out (Selective Sync Conflict x)
    • Fixes a scroll glitch in Linux/Windows
    • More assorted fixes


    • Selective Sync
    • Yeah, srsly. for real this time.


    • All UI is now native Cocoa on the Macintosh, our Mac download is now ~20MB. Memory usage has also decreased significantly (we've seen a decrease of up to 16MB in used memory)
    • Fixed a bug that would cause pausing to take longer than necessary.
    • More optimizations during normal syncing.
    • Lots of small fixes.


    • Fixed a bug that prevented the preferences window from showing on Linux (from 0.8.59)
    • Massive improvements to idle cpu usage when lots of files are changing on the local system on Mac
    • Other small fixes.


    • Add ability to change tray icon in non-app indicator tray menus in Linux.
    • Fixed rare sync case that would cause dropbox to hang on certain files.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fix Tray Icon not showing up on KDE.
    • Fix Tray Icon not showing up on Ubuntu 10.04 at startup.
    • Fix Bubbles not showing up on Ubuntu 10.04.
    • Fixed a rare case that would prevent files from syncing to other computers.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Yet another tray menu reorganization, please tell us what you think!
    • New Ubuntu Application Indicator support (ubuntu versions 10.4 and higher)
    • Fixed regression on Windows that would unnecessarily ask for firewall permissions.
    • Fixed regression on Mac that would prevent startup. (stuck on Starting...)
    • Fixed rare sync bug that would require a restart to force an upload.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Tray menu slightly reorganized again. :)
    • Fixed memory leak in Mac OS X
    • Better performance all around while syncing, lots of inner loops optimized.
    • More CPU enhancements when Dropbox is idle on Mac.
    • Upgraded to the latest stable version of SQLite
    • Fix to status bug when downloading and pausing your dropbox.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Tray menu slightly reorganized and new Pause Dropbox feature. :)
    • Fixed regression where Dropbox would not start on Windows 2000
    • More CPU usage improvements during normal syncing operations.
    • Fixed bug where Dropbox would not start on Macs on user accounts with extended unicode characters in the home directory path.
    • Even more resilience when unable to access local file data to recreate new files locally.
    • More consistency checks to prevent bugs.
    • Other small fixes.


    • Fixed case where Dropbox would mistakenly download a file twice when it has resource fork data.
    • Fixed spin for rare case when using certain dropbox versions with unicode file names
    • Improved idle CPU usage on mac for some use cases (lots of background file events)
    • Removed virtually all hard disk access when Dropbox is idle on Mac
    • Fixed regression in CPU usage during normal sync operations on Mac/Linux from 0.8.32
    • Vastly improved database migration speed from 0.7.x versions
    • Better response to failures when using the Fat32 filesystem on Linux
    • Better resilience (we no longer spin) when unable to access local file data to recreate new files locally.
    • Lots of other tiny fixes =)


    • Fixed regression in 0.8.42 that could cause Dropbox to continue spinning.
    • Small stability improvements.


    • Major improvement to failure handling for local database migrations.
    • More consistency checks when starting Dropbox.
    • Fix to a memory leak when syncing Spotlight Comments
    • Numerous stability improvements.


    • Fix to regression in 0.8.37 that caused dropbox to use 100% cpu.
    • Fix to regression in 0.8.37 that caused dropbox to never upload files to server in a rare case.
    • Lots of other stability improvements.


    • Fix to regression in 0.8.35 that caused dropbox to not sync remote files.
    • Fix to regression in database migration code after a successful migration


    • Major code overhaul and lots of stability fixes in preparation for Selective Sync =)


    • More native feeling preferences on linux - and the help buttons work now :)
    • Fixed a bug where bubbles about deleted files in shared folders weren't properly redirecting to the undelete page when clicked


    • Protect against badly encoded Unicode paths on Windows.
    • Fix to race condition when rapidly renaming shared folders (thanks N.N.!).
    • Fix to rare cpu burn when dropbox is unable to recreate a file because of permission errors in the cache directory.
    • (Mac/Win) Initial startup optimization when you have many shared folders.
    • Many tiny improvements.


    • Fix for the "NSImageCacheException" bug that people were seeing
    • Fix to issues with OS X toolbar which could cause it to occasionally not appear (and spit a lot of debug output into the Console)
    • Fix to issues with OS X toolbar that could cause button to say 'Button' or 'Drop' instead of display the Dropbox logo
    • Fixed issue where context menu/shell integration would not reappear after Finder crashes
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Fix to rare case where non-ascii unicode characters would cause dropbox to spin
    • Slight optimization to changes on case-sensitive file systems (linux, case sensitive hfs+)
    • Protect to possible hang when sharing and unsharing folders via the web interface
    • Other minor stability improvements


    • Fix to windows file descriptor leak
    • Fix to issue that could cause Dropbox to spin forever
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Fix to a couple cases where Dropbox would continue to spin forever
    • Fix to an issue where Dropbox would erroneously report 'can't access settings' on Mac OS X
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Fix to a case where moving your Dropbox folder would fail
    • Better detection of a corrupted database
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Fix to a rare bug that would cause some clients to fail recreating certain files
    • Fix to a bug that would cause our configuration database to import incorrectly. This would cause some users to lose the "black and white" tray icon setting when upgrading on Mac OS X
    • Fix to a very rare bug that would cause computers without file system support for xattrs to lose xattr data
    • Lots of minor stability fixes


    • Fix to a bug in Cocoa preferences that caused proxy passwords to show
    • Fix to bug that could prevent Dropbox from starting on some case-sensitive filesystems
    • Minor stability improvements


    • Preferences redesign! Mac preferences now look much more native and Windows and Linux preferences got a slight reorganization
    • Fixes to a couple of bugs that caused Dropbox to spin
    • Fix to a long-standing Linux bug where switching the bandwidth limit while uploading would cause Dropbox to never upload
    • Minor stability improvements


    • Fixes to a couple of bugs that caused Dropbox to spin endlessly
    • Minor stability improvements


    • Fixed case when sharing/unsharing folders would cause clients to burn CPU
    • Fixed case when trying to reconstruct files over broken symlinks
    • Fixed case where Dropbox would spin trying to hash broken symlinks


    • Fixed 'starting...' bug (for real this time ;-)
    • Other minor stability fixes


    • Fixed "starting..." bug
    • Fixed bug with bugs involving joining and removing shared folders
    • Other minor stability fixes


    • Fixed a bug that would cause clients to hang when downloading files
    • Protects against a corrupted state from older experimental builds (if your client was endlessly saying "Uploading n files...")
    • Other minor stability fixes


    • Added extra debug info to help us track down when 0.8 hangs while indexing/downloading files
    • Other minor stability fixes


    • Minor stability fixes


    • Better handling of cross-platform xattrs syncing
    • Fixed cache pruning
    • Fixed a case where files could be deleted on relink
    • Fixed a minor issue with moving the Dropbox folder
    • Small stability fixes


    • Made remaining preparations for auto-update feature
    • Fix for Windows 7/Vista 64-bit tray icons not showing immediately after install
    • Fixed some cases where Windows installation fails once or twice if a virus scanner is running
    • Fixed incorrect permissions problem detection on Mac OS X


    • Tiny optimization for Windows directory indexing
    • Fix for an issue that would cause Dropbox to appear like it is continually downloading
    • Fix to issues that could cause Dropbox to get stuck indexing
    • Fix to exceptions that were previously outputting to console
    • Other minor stability fixes


    • Fix for issue that would cause Dropbox to falsely report that it was moved
    • Fixed a regression when installing Dropbox on Japanese/SJIS versions of Windows
    • Fixed a couple 100% CPU bugs that could occur in very rare cases
    • Other minor stability fixes


    • Fixed a bug that would cause Dropbox to spin conflicts out incorrectly
    • Fix to bug where Dropbox wouldn't start on some Macs
    • Slimmed Mac OS X build a tiny bit
    • Decreased idle memory usage on Macs for users with lots of shared folders
    • Fix to a bug where Dropbox wouldn't start because of non-ascii characters in the user's name
    • Fix to a bug where Dropbox would hang and burn CPU in a rare case
    • Lots of other tiny fixes


    • Fixes to most issues involving Dropbox getting stuck uploading/indexing
    • Fix to overlay flakiness
    • A couple fixes to database migration code
    • Fixes to a bunch of minor issues reported in 0.8.1


    • Syncing of extended attributes and resource forks! Supporting xattrs reliably across all three platforms was no small feat. We now sync everything from Mac OS X Spotlight comments to label colors, the executable bit, bundle bit, "open with" file preferences, etc... Just yesterday, we played tic-tac-toe with label colors within a shared folder at Dropbox HQ :-)
    • Significantly improved startup time for large Dropboxes (all platforms, but particularly on Windows)
    • Countless performance improvements across the board when dealing with large file sets
    • The majority of the client now uses a custom-written memory allocator that is much more effective at preventing memory fragmentation/high memory usage
    • The cache folder is now located within the Dropbox folder. This should be helpful for those running dropboxes on partitions/profiles with limited space available
    • The Dropbox sqlite db is now split up into two databases (filejournal.db and sigstore.db). We made several schema changes/optimizations on the client side database and there should be significantly less fragmentation within the client filejournal database. Additionally, the size of the database will no longer grow unbounded as it did it the past
    • Dropbox idle memory usage no longer varies significantly with the number of files in your dropbox. we did a great deal of optimization and re-architecting to make this happen
    • Patch applied to python GIL to improve concurrency


    • Fixed an issue where some people with connection issues were also experiencing unresponsiveness from the system tray icon in Windows.


    • Fixed some cases where Dropbox wouldn't start on Windows


    • Potential fix to issue where the tray icon wouldn't show up/wasn't showing up properly in some versions of Windows (usually 64 -bit Windows 7 and Vista). Please try this build if you've been having this problem and let us know if it's fixed.


    • Fixed an issue where Dropbox wouldn't start on some Macs (it would pop up a dialog that said "invalid literal for int with base 10")


    • Fixed an issue causing users with SJIS or BIG5 families of character encodings (Often used for Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese) to fail when installing Dropbox on Windows
    • Fixed some cases where Dropbox would never start properly on some Macs
    • Fixed some cases where Dropbox wouldn't detect file changes until a restart
    • Fixed issues with certain windows custom theme fonts


    • Much faster hashing/indexing on Linux. We now use O_NOATIME to prevent unnecessarily scheduled disk writes.
    • Flicker-free plan selection when you first link a host
    • Fix for tiny race condition when renaming folders on Mac OS X/Linux
    • Fix to "Move Dropbox" that would cause some Linux machines to hang
    • Fix to some cases where Mac OS X wouldn't detect local changes made to your Dropbox


    • Fix to an issue that could prevent Dropbox from starting on some Linux distrobutions
    • Regression that prevented Dropbox from self-recovering from corrupt SQLite database
    • Fix to issue with LAN sync that could cause Dropbox to crash in certain network configurations
    • Improvement to LAN sync discovery code


    • Fix to issue with LAN sync that could cause Dropbox to crash in certain network configurations
    • Improvement to LAN sync discovery code


    • Potential regression that prevented Dropbox from self-recovering from corrupt SQLite database


    • Potential fix to a bug where the tray icon wouldn't show after install/restart (especially affecting XP users)


    • Fix to more issues with install tour and blue arrow.
    • Some fixes to auto-discovery in LAN sync


    • Fix to issue that caused 100% cpu usage in rare scenario when viewing install tour
    • Fix to issue that could cause Dropbox to not start up after an auto update


    • Many performance improvements
    • Many memory improvements
    • Many stability fixes
    • Toolbar buttons added to Finder on Mac OS X
    • LAN sync


    • Fixed an issue causing icon overlays to frequently be missing on Windows 7. This affected all versions of Windows, but Windows 7 the most harshly
    • Fixed some minor speed reporting inaccuracy
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Fixed layout issue on Linux preferences


    • Fix to issue that would cause 'Open Dropbox Folder' not to work on KDE
    • Fix to OS X sleep issues
    • Fix to icon overlay flakiness in Vista/Win7
    • Fix to issue that would cause OS X firewall warning message
    • Minor stability improvements


    • Minor stability fixes


    • Removed XP toolbar to stop Explorer crashes. We will re-add the toolbar to the 0.8 branch
    • Small memory improvement for very large Dropboxes
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Added toolbar customization to XP toolbar
    • Potential fix to Explorer crashes
    • New DMG background (getdropbox.com no more!)
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Fix to Windows icon overlay problems introduced in 0.7.65
    • Potential fix to Explorer crashes
    • Improved startup time (especially with lots of shared folders)
    • Fix to issue introduced in 0.7.65 where deleting folders would sometimes not stick
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Another potential fix to recent explorer crashes (let us know if you still have crashes while running dropbox on XP)


    • Small performance tweak to LAN sync (note: if you are on builds < 0.7.60 you must upgrade for your dropbox to sync via LAN)
    • Another potential fix to recent explorer crashes (let us know if you still have crashes while running dropbox on XP)
    • Potential fix to missing XP toolbar image
    • Fix to issue that could cause dropbox to be deleted in rare unlink/relink case
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Another performance tweak to LAN sync (note: there was a protocol change so you must upgrade all Dropboxes for LAN sync to work!)
    • Potential fix to recent explorer crashes (let us know if you still have crashes while running dropbox on XP)
    • Minor stability fixes


    • LAN Sync speed improved by 10x when transferring many small files


    • Fixed a bug with LAN sync in 0.7.55
    • Icon overlays shouldn't "go away" as often in Snow Leopard


    • Finder plugin in Tiger/Leopard should be more reliable
    • if you use path finder, you shouldn't have any more Dropbox-related hangs and the dropbox context menu should now work fine.
    • Potential LAN Sync performance improvements
    • Fixes to incorrect status reporting
    • More stability fixes


    • Icon Overlays on windows should be more responsive (i.e., when dragging a new file into your Dropbox, you should now see the blue syncing icon followed by the green check as expected)
    • Fixed a potential crash in Explorer related to Dropbox
    • New button art for the toolbar button on Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4)
    • As always, other minor stability fixes


    • Fix to regression in Linux which would cause Dropbox to repeatedly pop up install dialogs
    • Fix to CLI regression
    • Updated Dropbox to use latest version of Growl
    • Small stability fixes


    • Fix to regression from 0.7.48 which could cause dropbox to hang/freeze
    • Other minor stability fixes


    • Fix to regression during Windows install where Dropbox would become unresponsive.
    • Toolbar is back in the customization panel in Snow Leopard
    • Other minor bugs


    • Snow Leopard toolbar button wasn't appearing in 0.7.44, this is now fixed
    • Potential fix for Snow Leopard toolbar button not having the Dropbox image on it
    • Transfer status should update more frequently for slow transfers
    • Fix to issue where Linux Dropbox CLI (command line interface) was broken


    • Fixes to the XP toolbar. The Dropbox toolbar button should now work in Win 2000 as well
    • Nicer tray icons for Windows in high DPI modes (also known as "bigger fonts" mode)
    • Fixes to some minor bugs with status system that were introduced in 0.7.43
    • More debug information about the windows shell extension
    • Fix to the problem where Dropbox was preventing some windows machines from going to sleep properly
    • Minor stability improvements, as always


    • Improvements to the status reporting system
    • Better remaining time estimation when downloading / uploading files
    • Fixed bug on Windows that could cause two instances of Dropbox to run
    • Lots of stability improvements


    • Significant performance/CPU improvements to LAN sync
    • Much better transfer speed and remaining time calculation, noticeable improvement for LAN Sync
    • Yet another attempt to fix lingering Office 2007/sharing violation bug
    • Fix for failed OS integration on some Windows machines.
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Performance/CPU improvements to LAN sync
    • Added preference to enable/disable LAN sync
    • Fix to "Recently Changed Files" Explorer selection with non-ascii characters on Windows
    • Another attempt to fix lingering Office 2007/sharing violation bug
    • Windows/OS X binaries are now properly signed (this should prevent the OS X popup re. LAN sync)
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Fix for proxy regression in 0.7.27


    • Potential fix to reports that menu bar icon became unresponsive on Snow Leopard
    • Some fixes to LAN sync
    • Status menu now shows 'LAN' by download speed if download is coming via peer
    • Fix to Tiger/Leopard integration
    • Fix to rare issue involving Dropbox not syncing behind certain proxies
    • Fix to Linux xlib crash (!)
    • Fix to issue that could prevent auto-starting on Linux
    • Fix to Office 2007/sharing violation bug
    • Fix to slow initialization time
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Fix involving Dropbox on Mac OS X 10.4 not starting correctly
    • Minor stability fix


    • Potential fix to reports that menu bar icon became unresponsive on Snow Leopard
    • Fix to rare issue involving Dropbox not syncing behind certain proxies
    • Fix to Linux xlib crash (!)
    • Fix to issue that could prevent auto-starting on Linux
    • Other minor stability improvements


    • New finder toolbar icon (including small version)
    • New, prettier b/w menu bar icon
    • New 512x512 px Dropbox app icon
    • Fix for Dropbox not auto-starting on OS X
    • Another fix for problem that prevented some from seeing Finder integration
    • Minor stability fixes


    • New (prettier!) menu bar icon
    • New 512 x 512 Dropbox app icon
    • Full Snow Leopard support!


    • Another attempt to fix Snow Leopard integration for the ~1% who are reporting no overlays/context menus
    • Another small P2P protocol change (make sure to update all computers on the LAN if you choose to upgrade)
    • 'Recently Changed' list now persists across reboots of Dropbox
    • Potential fix for Dropbox not auto-starting on OS X


    • New, prettier b/w menu bar icon
    • Another fix for problem that prevented some from seeing Finder integration
    • Small LAN-based protocol change
    • Experimental fix for Microsoft Office file issues ("Word 2007 bug")
    • Minor stability fixes


    • Full Snow Leopard support!


    • Fixed connection problem that affected a very small percent of users


    • Auto-update build!


    • Fixed bug in LAN sync that would prevent some machines from exchanging blocks
    • Improvements in startup time
    • Fixed rare case that could cause finder integration to fail


    • Fix to Finder lag during Dropbox startup (significant performance improvement!)
    • Fixed issue with Dropbox overlays showing on Coverflow
    • Fixed issue involving inconstancies in icon overlay colors
    • Fixed issue with overlays on folders disappearing when highlighted
    • Fixed issue that caused sidebar icons to act strangely when Dropbox is running


    • Column view should properly display overlays over quicklook previews
    • Fix to a couple Finder crashes
    • Overlays/context menu integration should appear more reliably


    • Icon overlays should be closer to a uniform color
    • 32-bit Finder integration now works for Snow Leopard


    • Potential fix to Finder crash bug
    • Potential fix to an issue that would cause overlays to disappear post-sleep


    • Fix for a known Finder crash
    • Potential fix for overlays disappearing after a while
    • Couple small stability fixes


    • Fixed a couple sources of Finder crashes
    • Improved Dropbox startup performance
    • Other minor stability fixes


    • Fixed minor issues with Snow Leopard toolbar button
    • Improved startup time for Dropbox with many peers on LAN
    • Other minor fixes


    • Those experiencing crashes in Tiger and Leopard when clicking the new Dropbox Finder toolbar button shouldn't crash anymore
    • Fixes to LAN sync


    • Initial implementation of Snow Leopard support is complete
    • More fixes to the LAN Sync code
    • Other stability fixes


    • This build is now the default build! All Dropbox installs were auto-updated to this build.


    • Final installer changes


    • More improvements to Windows installer
    • Minor stability changes


    • Minor stability changes


    • Fixes issues with the Windows installer


    • More changes to the Windows installer (Non-admin installs are re-enabled! :)
    • More stability improvements


    • Fixes to a couple issues which may have caused p2p problems
    • Potential fix to Windows x64 crashes
    • Fixes to the OS X toolbar issues (i.e. menu appears on mouse down now, image doesn't move on depress, etc.)
    • Fixed regressions in 'Recently Changed' menu
    • Other stability fixes


    • Files should download promptly now, if you were having very slow downloads.
    • Context menu / bubble links are now working again.
    • More accurate download / upload status.
    • Fixed case where Linux machines would commit incorrect deletes.
    • Fixed erroneous 'dropbang' error messages
    • Lots of other minor fixes.


    • First public LAN Sync build
    • New Dropbox toolbar buttons integrated into Explorer on Windows XP and Finder on Tiger/Leopard
    • Many, many, many memory and performance improvements.


    • Fixes icons not showing up on Photos, Public, and Dropbox folders on Windows
    • Preliminary support for linux machines that have no windowing environment (and no Xlib, etc.)
    • Significant changes to the Windows installer, please test and report any issues you have installing on Windows :)
    • A few small usability improvements
    • Minor performance and stability improvements


    • More stability & performance improvements
    • Linux: Fedora 11 compatibility
    • Improved handling of flaky network shares
    • Fixed issue with Vista indexing flag not being set properly


    • The "ImportError: pkg_resources" problem on Linux should now be fixed
    • A shared folders issue is fixed in this build.
    • A 64-bit Dropbox for Linux bug is fixed in this build.
    • Tiny stability improvements


    • If you were finding Dropbox hung on uploads with 0.6.513, this build corrects this problem.
    • Tiny startup performance enhancement for large dropboxes.
    • Fixed Coverflow regression from 0.6.513
    • Another Linux Case Conflict fix
    • Ensure that files inherit parent directory NTFS permissions
    • Dropbox now should start without failure on MIT DebAthena ;)


    • Significant improvements to OS X integration (please let us know if you start having finder crashes and didn't on previous builds)
    • Dropbox overlays now appear over Quick Look previews (no need to disable the finder plugin any longer :-)
    • Finder should use less CPU while dropbox is syncing/starting up
    • Files dragged outside the Dropbox folder will no longer retain green checks on them
    • Fixed one potential cause of Finder crashes
    • A couple minor stability improvements


    • Much better handling of Windows short paths (XXXXXX~N.XXX) (please test if you have been having problems)
    • Fixed connection problems on some international Windows installations
    • Protection against accidental file deletions when moving/renaming Dropbox folder while Dropbox is running (Mac/Linux)
    • Minor memory improvements.
    • Fixed issue on Linux that caused spurious case conflicts.


    • Workaround for buggy Mac OS X kernel that would cause missing of file events, related to hard links. (Thanks Frank R.!)
    • New b&w tray icon for Mac OS X.
    • Dropbox icon added for Linux notification system.
    • More improvements on startup time.
    • More minor stability enhancements.
    • And of course 6 months of bug fixes/performance improvements/and other changes :-)


    • Fixed some issues with Linux and Mac symlinks.
    • Other minor stability improvements.


    • Fix for tray icon problems on Windows
    • More tiny startup time tweaks.
    • Removed lots of superfluous Linux libraries, if you are unable to start this new build please tell us!
    • Some performance improvements.
    • 10-20% memory improvement on large Linux dropboxes.
    • Other stability improvements.


    • Fixed rare issue where conflicted copies may get incorrectly moved while editing.
    • Fixed issue on Linux where new directories may fail to be actively synced.
    • Slightly less intensive memory usage
    • Other stability tweaks


    • Fixed memory leak in recent experimental versions that caused sync failures in some cases.


    • Some memory improvements when downloading many files.
    • Better handling of low disk space and permission errors.
    • Other minor fixes.


    • Reverted to old Windows installer code, installer will be becoming more robust in future builds
    • Another 20% improvement in startup time
    • Some improvements in memory consumption, a huge decrease will be observed in some use cases.
    • Problems with running on G3 Macs have been fixed (Thanks Dan C.)
    • Lots and lots of invisible fixes / improvements.


    • Better connection recovery when switching interfaces, you should notice less connection hanging especially on the Mac.
    • The Windows tray icon no longer glitches or hangs.
    • Mac symlink code is a litter bit more reliable (Thanks Paul G!)
    • Other minor bug fixes.


    • Fixed problem on some Linux machines where tray icon would fail to appear.
    • More accurate status on startup.
    • Notification update for Ubuntu Jaunty.
    • Fixed problem on Linux where on some slow machines the tray icon wouldn't be operational.
    • More reliable auto-sync mechanism on Mac.
    • Better resistance to connection outages on the Mac also.
    • Some other tiny fixes!


    • Fixed Growl Notification regression.
    • 40% improvement in startup speed with large filesets.
    • Improved connectivity in some proxied networking environments.
    • Other tiny fixes.


    • Proxy connections have been fixed again.
    • You may notice more robust symlink handling on Mac OS X.
    • Wakeups have been dramatically reduced on Linux and Mac. This means Dropbox consumes less CPU time when it's idle.
    • Fixed the access denied high CPU usage bug on Windows from build 0.6.455
    • Visual improvements to the installer tour.
    • More robust connection code.
    • Some minor stability fixes.


    • Wakeups have been dramatically reduced on Linux and Mac. This means Dropbox consumes less CPU time when it's idle.
    • Fixed the access denied high CPU usage bug on Windows from build 0.6.455
    • Visual improvements to the installer tour.
    • More robust connection code.
    • Some minor stability fixes.


    • Changed label from 'Up to date' to less confusing 'All files up to date'
    • Uploads hanging for some users.
    • Regression on Linux that cause Dropbox to not sync files in certain symlink configurations.
    • A couple file synchronization stability fixes.


    • Better automatic uploader / improved bandwidth on Windows.
    • If your icon overlays weren't working with earlier builds on Mac, this build should fix that.
    • Some file synchronization stability fixes.
    • Added compatibility with some early versions of Windows 2000
    • And lots of other mostly invisible stability fixes.


    • Fixed automatic uploading, should much more accurate.
    • Tooltips show accurate upload speeds.
    • Much better symlink support on Mac OS X, tell us if you are still running into any problems
    • New experimental uploader, please let us know if you are getting better upload speeds.
    • Syncing should be much faster for small files.
    • Fixes for not syncing pptx/docx files and itunes libraries on the Mac. (Thanks Jeff B, Richard!)
    • Fixes for some problems that require a restart of Dropbox to get files to sync.
    • All license requirements should now be met for our linux version.
    • Fixed Finder CPU issue on OS X when dealing with huge file sets.
    • Lots of other tiny fixes.


    • Symlinks now work much better on Mac OS X
    • Fixed problem where many users weren't seeing icon overlays on Mac OS X (let us know if they come back)
    • Errors during synchronization (permission denied, read only filesystem) are more robustly handled.
    • Upload status should be slightly more accurate.
    • Fixed regression on Windows that would sometimes cause syncs to fail. (Thanks Chen!)
    • Fixed bug that would cause some clients with bad folder permissions to download indefinitely.
    • Potential improvements to upload speed for int'l users (let us know if it helps!)
    • Potential memory usage improvements (let us know if it helps!)
    • Updated icon overlays for windows
    • Lots of other little fixes.


    • Symlinks now work again on Mac OS X
    • Fixed a bug surrounding incomplete syncs requiring restarts
    • Fixed regression in 0.6.425 that causes clients to commit spurious deletes when downloads are interrupted


    • Dramatically reduced CPU and Memory usage on Mac OS X for large filesets (>20k files)
    • Laptop power consumption due to CPU wakeups has also been dramatically reduced. Environmentally friendly Dropbox :)
    • You can now unlink your Dropbox from the client (Check your preferences)
    • A lot more resistant to file system failures during sync.
    • New icon overlays on Mac OS X
    • Tray icon tooltip now also shows Dropbox status
    • Build number information moved to preferences menu
    • Fixed a couple Win2k-related install issues
    • Lots of tiny bug fixes


    • Fix a segmentation fault on Linux that was preventing Dropbox from starting for many users
    • The obligatory and mysterious "more minor bug fixes"
    • Fixed bug where Dropbox would force a relink on every boot
    • Syncing large files is now much more reliable.
    • Better handling of proxy servers (fixes some cases where a Dropbox restart was required to sync)
    • Tray icon is a lot prettier on Linux machines.
    • More bug fixes surrounding moving your Dropbox folder.
    • Various other tiny fixes :)


    • Much better error handling with corrupted client database
    • Fixed DBUS issue on non GNOME Linux installations
    • Tray status is back to normal
    • Lots of minor stability improvements


    • Better junction point support in Windows Vista
    • Fixed various bugs surrounding client status
    • Better Mac OS X package support
    • Removed spurious case conflict creations on Linux
    • Various other bug fixes on Linux
    • A variety of stability fixes


    • Fix for bug where client falsely reports 'downloading' when illegal characters are present in a file name
    • FIx to bug where sometimes shared folder renames would result in leaving of a share
    • Improvements to installer/preferences pane
    • Client now notifies you on a change of quota(!)
    • Wink2k compatibility
    • Improvements to 'move dropbox'
    • Fix to some vista install issues
    • fFx to issue where dropbox would 'retouch' a file, irritating applications like xcode, etc.
    • OS X menu bar icon is now centered properly =O
    • A few other minor fixes/stability improvements


    • Improved recovery on client database corruption
    • Fixed the Dropbox installer to be much more explicit about what it's doing
    • Quick tour on install (if you haven't already linked your account)
    • Better "move Dropbox" support
    • Fixed 'infinite indexing' bugs
    • Misc bug fixes


    • Fixed a few "spinning" issues where files would reindex too often or not finish indexing
    • Cache pruning :)
    • Move your Dropbox location (including to other drives)
    • Much, much faster handling of large filesets (e.g. 10,000 files)
    • Numerous performance enhancements
    • More accurate bandwidth measurement
    • Ability to disable growl/windows bubbles
    • Better handling of symlinks (circular, broken, etc)
    • Leopard-style menu icon option
    • Lots of little tweaks and bug fixes


    • Fixed a variety of issues with authenticated HTTP, SOCKS proxies; if you had problems before, give this a shot!
    • "Recently Changed" list in the tray menu that lets you jump immediately to recently saved or updated files
    • Tweaked bandwidth throttling
    • Removed delay between changing network/connection preferences and when they take effect
    • Windows: Uninstaller now gets updated with new versions, plus some loose ends tied up (in some cases, a couple files or registry entries could get left behind in older versions)
    • OS X: Installer disk image has cute new icon


    • A new (adaptive) bandwidth throttling algorithm
    • Can set proxies (including authenticated proxies, SOCKS4 and 5 proxies)
    • Can set hard bandwidth limits (both upload and download)
    • Reduced "bubbles"/notifications during large file transfers (e.g. dropping 100 photos in a folder should only generate one notification after the last file is done)
    • Windows: improved recovery when your Dropbox folder is on a network drive and you temporarily lose your connection
    • Windows: reduced retry timeout on locked files to 5 seconds
    • Fixed issue that would cause some clients to spuriously reindex at startup
    • A few smaller fixes


    • Better support in Leopard for large number of folders
    • Fix to OS X sleep issue (solves issue for all Leopard users and some Tiger users)
    • Clicking growl notifications now highlights the relevant file
    • Full 64-bit support for windows (icon overlays+context menus)
    • Double clicking behavior of tray icon on windows fixed
    • Better handling of low disk space situations
    • Several fixes to icon overlays showing incorrect state in Windows
    • Fix to occasional explorer crashes in Vista
    • Updated to latest version of Growl (1.1.4)
    • Bug fixed involving unlinking and relinking via web interface
    • Better reporting of errors in tray icon right click menu
    • Fixes made to windows uninstaller (it's no long necessary to manually /unlink)
    • Dropbox client database much less likely to reach corrupt state
    • Client can be seamlessly rebuilt after database corruption
    • Fix to issue which could cause Dropbox to take too long to retry after losing its connection
    • Dropbox now retries on flaky network shares
    • Dropbox contextual menu item no longer hiding in the 'More' menu on Leopard
    • Fixed bug involving auto-update not working if install location is changed from the default
    • Fix to issue where Dropbox would occasionally cause hangs on right clicks
    • Further improved HTTP compliance through certain proxies
    • A ton of other, smaller fixes


    • OS X: Fix to issue where Dropbox disabled Quick Look/Cover Flow system-wide on Leopard
    • Fix to issue where Dropbox would occasionally stall on uploads (happened on approximately 1 out of every 8192 files for those who are curious :)
    • Fix to issue involving deletes of symlinks not propagating properly under certain circumstances
    • A couple smaller fixes


    • Fix to a minor issue where a new folder would sometimes remain after renaming
    • OS X: Fix to an issue where updates to files inside of nested directories would occasionally not propagate until Dropbox restarted
    • OS X: Growl installs much more seamlessly (of course you can remove it if you don't want it)
    • OS X: Icon overlays appear reliably in Leopard now (though as a result, icon preview is disabled for items in your Dropbox -- we are working on making the check icons appear over the previews)
    • OS X: Support for running Dropbox under multiple user profiles simultaneously
    • Windows: Fix to auto-update issue involving users with non-ASCII characters in their usernames
    • Various smaller fixes

    No releases match those criteria.