The new Dropbox Business admin console: An overview

If you see the Content tab instead of the Team folders tab, your team has the new team folder structure. You can manage this team space in the content manager.

To make Dropbox Business even faster and easier to use, we’ve updated the design of the admin console. This is part of the wider redesign of the whole Dropbox website.

A few things have changed in the redesigned admin console, including:

Note: All of the features from the previous version of the admin console are still available in the new version

Simplified navigation menu

The new admin console is easier to navigate, and makes it easier to find what you need. Each page on the admin console has the same sidebar menu pointing to the main pages you need to manage your team.

And you can always click the Dropbox icon to go back to viewing your own files.

New navigation menu

One-click access to common actions

Most pages in the new admin console have one-click access to the things you do most often. Just use the button at the top right of these pages to manage your team. You’ll also find new filters for easy browsing.

For example, the new Members page has an Invite members button, and filters for you to browse all members with a given member type.

Common actions

Faster, wider search bar

The new admin console also has a wider, faster search bar, making it easier to find exactly what you need. This new search bar is available at the top of pages with searchable content:

  • The home dashboard
  • The members page
  • The groups page
  • The team folders page
Improved search bar

Use the team folder page to manage all your team's folders

The new Team folders page is similar to the current page available at This redesigned page helps admins manage the files being used and shared on their teams.

Selecting team folders will also bring up one-click options in the right sidebar.

Team folder manager

Switch between linked accounts

In the new admin console, you can quickly see which account you’re viewing, and switch between accounts. And when you use search or view notifications, you’ll only see results for that account.

To switch accounts, click the name of your team at the bottom of the main menu bar. You’ll see the option to choose your personal account; click your name again to switch back to your business account.

Switch accounts

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