Dropbox Paper

Bring ideas to life

Dropbox Paper is a new type of doc where teams can bring ideas to life in a single space.


Paper supports all phases of the creative process—from start to finish

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A connected space to create and ideate together

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Teams find flow together in Paper, where everyone can contribute to growing better ideas in a beautiful, flexible workspace.

Collaborative by default

Comments feel like conversations, and attributions help people keep track of who contributed the perfect line, moodboard, or code snippet.

A flexible workspace

However you think—in words, code, pictures or motion—Paper brings it all together in one place.

Work on the go

Capture inspiration and keep projects moving forward wherever you are—even when you’re offline—with the Paper iOS and Android mobile apps.

Simple by design

We designed Paper so that your work looks good without extra formatting, and stripped out unnecessary features so you can focus on work.

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Review and revise work in a single, shared space

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Working in Paper feels more connected and human with real-time conversations around the work, so it feels more alive, and there’s less switching between tools.

Dropbox and Paper, together

Everyone can see and add Dropbox files in a Paper doc, and changes made to them are updated automatically.

Real-time feedback

Work doesn’t have to be stuffy and formal. Paper reflects the way we communicate today and lets people be themselves with stickers and emojis.

Transparent by default

Keep your team up to date. In Paper, everyone can see who added to or edited a doc, and they are notified when something changes.

Seamless presentations

In presentation mode you spend less time creating slides or switching tools and more time growing better ideas.

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Manage and organize work in Paper

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Paper is accessible and always up to date to keep teams organized and informed around the work without additional task-management tools.

Stay on task

Track tasks with due dates and assign with @mentions. Keep everyone in the loop with @doc, without calling a meeting.

Sync your calendar

Use Google calendar sync and meeting notes will be shared automatically with attendees, making it easier to run meetings.

All your work in one place

Centralize your work from other apps in Paper. And, with projects—currently in private beta*—your team’s work is organized in a single, shared place.

Monitor and control

With Dropbox Business, admins gain visibility to activity in Paper, control sharing of docs and manage who can access your team’s content).

Paper has changed the way these companies—and so many more—work