Developer branding guide

We're excited that you're integrating Dropbox into your app! You'll need to follow these guidelines for us to approve your app for production status, and your app must continue to comply with these guidelines as well as our general branding guidelines, which may be updated periodically, after it's been approved.

Naming your app

You'll need to give us a name for your app:

  • Be creative :) But, the name shouldn't include the word "Dropbox" or any Dropbox product names.
  • It can't begin with "drop", be similar to Dropbox in sound or spelling, or otherwise refer to Dropbox (for example, don’t use "DBX" or "DB" or "DfB").
  • It should be the same as or include the name of your app.
  • If you're using the Dropbox Business API, we recommend adding "for Business" to distinguish your business app name from your single‐user app name.

Above all, your app name may not confuse or mislead users into thinking your app is affiliated or associated with Dropbox. For example, only use "for Dropbox" when it's necessary to distinguish your Dropbox-specific app from your other apps; your brand should stand alone wherever possible.

Providing your logo

We'll also need your app's logo as part of the production application process:

  • It shouldn't include or look similar to any Dropbox logo or other Dropbox-related imagery.
  • It shouldn't include the word "Dropbox" or other words that suggest a connection to Dropbox.
  • It should be recognizably similar, if not identical, to your app logo as used elsewhere.

Your app's logo is shown to users on the app authorization page, as well as on their linked apps list. By submitting your app logo to Dropbox, you give us permission to use it in this way.

Keep current

Please keep your app name, app logo, website, contact info, and other important information up to date in the App Console and your account settings. This will provide a consistent and accurate experience for your users, and help us reach you if there's a problem with your app.

Referencing Dropbox in your app

You may only use the Dropbox name and logo in your app to identify or direct a user to a Dropbox integration or functionality. For example, you may use a Dropbox logo and "Save to Dropbox" text on a button to prompt a user to save a file to Dropbox. Please do not use the Dropbox name or any Dropbox logo for any other purpose other than as specified in these guidelines, unless you have received written approval from

You may only use the approved logos, available here. Remember that you may not copy or imitate the look and feel of Dropbox products. All uses of Dropbox, the Dropbox logo, and any other trademarks must comply as applicable with Dropbox's branding guidelines.

Referencing Dropbox in your marketing

You may use the Dropbox name and logo in marketing for your app as long as you follow our Dropbox branding guidelines and this additional guidance:

  • Don't suggest that there's a partnership or that Dropbox endorses your app. For example, you can say "we're developers on the Dropbox API" or "API developers," but not "we partner with Dropbox" or "API partners."
  • You may only use the Dropbox brand or Dropbox logo to indicate compatibility with Dropbox.
  • Don't use the Dropbox brand repeatedly or as a prominent brand in your marketing. Focus on your app name and app logo — it's your app after all!
  • If you'll be doing marketing that includes the Dropbox brand or Dropbox logo, particularly in print or broadcast, please submit a written request for approval to

Have feedback or more questions?

This is a living document, and we want to work on it collaboratively with the Dropbox developer community. The document will be updated from time to time, and you are required to stay in compliance with this document at all times. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.