Build the power of Dropbox into your app

The Dropbox Platform gives you effortless access to hundreds of millions of Dropboxes

Drop-ins are cross-platform UI components that can be integrated in minutes. The Chooser provides your app with instant access to files in Dropbox, and the Saver makes saving files to Dropbox one-click simple.

Dropbox API

The Sync API is a powerful way for your mobile app to store and sync files with Dropbox, and our new Datastore API helps keep your app's structured data in sync. For server-based apps, try our Core API.

What's new
Supporting multiple Dropbox accountsExamples of working with multiple accounts with the iOS SDKs.
Dropbox authorization in a Windows Store appHow to perform Dropbox authorization using WebAuthenticationBroker.
New additional information about photo and video filesUsing the include_media_info parameter to fetch media details.
Over 100,000 apps are on the Dropbox Platform