Developer branding guide

We're excited that you're integrating Dropbox into your app! We've put together these guidelines so you know how to reference Dropbox and the Dropbox integration in your app—you'll need to follow them for us to approve your app for production status.

This is a living document, and we want to work on it collaboratively with the Dropbox developer community. Please give us feedback in the developer forum.

Naming your app

You'll need to give us a name for your Dropbox app:

  • It should be the same as or include the name of your app.
  • Be creative :) The name shouldn't include the word "Dropbox".
  • It can't begin with "drop" or be similar to Dropbox in sound or spelling.

Providing your logo

We'll also need your app's logo as part of the approval process. Your logo shouldn't include or look similar to the Dropbox logo.

Keep current

If you change your app name, logo, website, or other important information, please let us know by updating your app in the App Console. This will help us to contact you if there's a problem with your app.

Using Dropbox's name, logo

You can use the Dropbox name and logo for anything related to your app, such as marketing materials, as long as you follow our Dropbox branding guidelines when using our logo or name.

  • Don't suggest that there's a partnership or that Dropbox endorses your app. For example, you can say "we're developers on the Dropbox API" or "API developers," but not "we partner with Dropbox" or "API partners." Also, don't make misleading statements about Dropbox.
  • Spell 'Dropbox' using a capital D and a lowercase b.
  • Only use the logo when referring specifically to Dropbox or an integration through the Dropbox platform. You may only use the approved logos, available here. You may not alter their colors or designs, or crop them, though you may modify the size to fit your use.
  • Don't use the Dropbox brand as the most prominent brand in your marketing content—it's your app after all!
  • You may not use Dropbox logos or designs to copy or imitate the look and feel of the Dropbox website, desktop clients, or mobile apps.

More questions?

Please contact us.