DBX Platform developer guides

This page contains resources, guides, tutorials, and sample apps for everything from getting started with the Dropbox APIs to deep dives into various aspects of the DBX Platform.


  • Developer reference: The go-to reference guide for building great apps on the DBX Platform and sailing through the app review process 
  • Getting started with the Dropbox APIs: A step-by-step guide on how to build an app using the Dropbox APIs, including a sample app to create a simple file organization app
  • Developer branding: Guidelines on how to brand your app and the appropriate use of the Dropbox brand to ensure your app can get approved by Dropbox for production

API deep dives

  • OAuth: How to set up the OAuth flow for your application
  • File Access Guide: This guide covers the basics of file metadata and file traversal and offers best practices around working with files
  • Sharing: Learn to use the Dropbox API to control shared links, shared folders, and shared files
  • Extensions: Learn to build a Dropbox Extension that allows users to trigger a workflow in your app directly from their file in Dropbox.
  • Team Files Guide: Learn to interact with team files using the Dropbox API. This guide covers namespaces, selecting users or admins, and interacting with team files in Team Folders or Team Spaces.
  • Team Administration Guide: Learn to administrate a team using the Dropbox API. This guide covers team management, group management, and other team features.
  • Performance Guide: Learn the performance impliciations of working with the Dropbox API. Topics include rate limits, file upload, working in batch, and more.
  • Error handling: Learn to handle errors in the Dropbox API and minimize their impact on your user experience
  • Detecting changes: Guide to detecting changes to Dropbox data using the API
  • Authentication types: Descriptions of the different levels of authentication required by API call requests
  • Webhooks: How to set up and use webhooks to receive notifications for changes in linked Dropbox accounts
  • API v2 migration: Documentation on migrating your code from API v1 to v2
  • Paper API migration: Guide to migrating your code from the Paper API to the Dropbox API
  • Migrating app permissions and access tokens: Guide to migrating your legacy Dropbox app to use scopes and short-lived access tokens.

Tutorials and sample apps


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