File encryption, data loss prevention and visibility for cloud file sharing

Sookasa extends seamless client-side encryption, DLP and visibility for your data in Dropbox, whether it's stored in the cloud or downloaded to end-user devices.


Sookasa provides a single, seamless CASB solution to encrypt data, detect breach risks and enforce your IT security policies across Dropbox and all the other tools your team loves.

  • Add an extra layer of encryption. Instantly revoke encryption keys to block users or devices, enforce two-factor authentication, or set automatic session timeouts. 
  • Audit how your organisation is sharing data externally or get a complete history of how your team’s files are being accessed, even for data synced to devices.
  • Check your Dropbox Business team’s accounts for high-risk data, such as PII, PHI and IP with File Scan, Sookasa’s data loss prevention tool. 
  • Apply proper data classification policies and take steps to protect important information.
  • Add an extra layer of security to sensitive data stored in Dropbox with Sookasa’s patented file-level encryption. Data is decoupled from the encryption keys so it stays secure no matter where it goes.