Simple, fast, secure and automated migration of user and company files and permissions into Dropbox

Cloud Fastpath is the fastest way to migrate all of your content and permissions painlessly to Dropbox from Box, Egnyte, Office 365, ShareFile, Sharepoint and file servers.

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Cloud FastPath is a cloud-based migration solution that automatically loads content and permissions from on-premises file servers and cloud systems into Dropbox. It allows you to create point-to-point, secure data transfers from your sources directly to Dropbox and easily simulate, configure, schedule and run data transfer jobs.

  • WAN optimisation, parallel loading and Dropbox API call optimisation guarantee that data is migrated to Dropbox as quickly as possible. 
  • Flexible and scalable user and group permission mapping automatically preserves or creates the desired file sharing setup in Dropbox.
  • Discover and analyse file servers and other cloud storage system content and permissions before migrating to Dropbox. Filter based on file age, type, last modified, size, owner and more 
  • Monitor file transfer jobs in-flight with realtime reporting, visualisation and event logging. 
  • Validate migration success with comprehensive and downloadable transfer reports.