Keep your team in sync to move projects forwards

Get realtime access to projects and plans in Dropbox directly from Fieldwire

Whether you’re pitching a project to a client or working on a job site, you need to be able to access your files. That’s why Dropbox has partnered with Fieldwire, a centralised, mobile-first platform for construction crews to access and manage project documentation and communications.

  • Upload, access and modify the latest documents in Fieldwire through a two-way integration with Dropbox, to ensure all team members and external collaborators are working from the same set of documents.

  • Use Fieldwire’s mark-up tools and task management capabilities to track on-site changes and assign work to team members. The set of plans – with red-lines and progress photos – is then synced to Dropbox to share progress with the wider project team in real time.    

  • Maintain version control, log field issues and track on-site changes in Fieldwire, even if you're offline. 

Contact Fieldwire

For more information, please reach out to your Dropbox representative or contact Fieldwire at

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