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Get to final_final faster than ever

Dropbox Replay makes it easy to consolidate comments, take action on feedback, and finalize your video and audio projects in one place. And, when it's that easy, everyone loves it.

A user commenting on a specific frame in a video

Fast-track video and audio collaboration

A user circling an icon in a frame of a video while another user watches

Get precise feedback

Share projects for review, watch videos together in real time, and get everyone’s comments, from anywhere.

Icons of other video editing software including Adobe Premiere Pro

Keep things moving

Upload videos and access feedback directly from Adobe Premiere Pro and other editors—no more hopping from app to app.

A user clicking on the “Approved” option in a dropdown menu

Get projects across the finish line

Organize projects, track past versions, and set status to keep everyone on the same page.

What can you do with Replay?

Let everyone watch and mark up the same video at the same time—with smooth, high definition video playback that stays in sync for all viewers.

A user circling an image in a video frame

Send video and audio out for review with just a link—no more exporting compressed versions and cluttering your hard drive.

A user sharing a link to a video that will allow others to make a comments on the video

Browser-based reviews let anyone provide frame-accurate feedback and on-screen markups—no special software or Dropbox account needed.

A user drawing on a frame of a video in the Replay interface

Send revised versions out for review and respond to comments directly from editors including Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, LumaFusion, and WeVideo.

A user posting a response to a comment within the video editing software

Track every version of your video project—including comments and markups for each—in one place.

A user selecting “new version” in a dropdown which allows them to  create a new, trackable version of a video project

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