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Dropbox Early Access

Test drive the next generation of work tools, now in alpha or beta. Scroll down for more info on all the cutting-edge tech available to you through Dropbox Early Access. And thanks in advance for sharing feedback—your ideas could directly influence the final product!

Dropbox Dash beta
Your universal search tool

With Dropbox Dash you can use AI to search, organize, and navigate your content and calendar all in one place. 

Connect your favorite apps, like Microsoft Outlook, Google Workspace, and Notion, to find anything in seconds. Ask a question, and Dash will save you time by analyzing your content to find the answer, summarizing key findings from your docs, and more.

Dropbox Dash is currently in beta and only available to users in the US in English only.

Dropbox Dash beta start screen

Investing in innovation

We’re looking for the biggest ideas, the best new tech, and the most talented teams. Through Dropbox Ventures, we’re investing up to $50 million in early-stage AI startups. 

Dropbox AI Principles

Leverage AI to serve our customers

AI is a tool to help us build a better product experience. Dropbox will never use AI to sell user data.

Give users control over their data

It’s your info—you should choose if and how it’s used. So we won’t use customer data to train our AI models without consent.

Commit to transparency

We’ll let you know where and why we are using AI. Transparency helps our users have the best experience with our AI-powered products.