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What’s new at Dropbox

Dropbox is one organized place for your content and all the workflows around it—stay informed about our most recent product and feature updates.

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Dropbox product updates

Free, unlimited password storage in Dropbox Basic

Users on our free Basic plan can now store unlimited passwords and payment cards in Dropbox Passwords and sync across three devices.

Dropbox Passwords makes it easy to autofill passwords—along with credit and debit cards—from web browsers and mobile apps. You can also securely share passwords with family and friends. With zero-knowledge encryption, you can be sure that you—and only you—know your passwords.

User reviewing their passwords with Dropbox Passwords on a laptop and phone
Enjoy enhanced video loading and playback

Working with video on is now easier and more powerful. We’ve added the ability to preview longer video files, sped up video loading, and improved playback controls. Plus, we’ve added transcription and closed captioning for video previews on

Preview of plant repotting video in Dropbox with transcriptions, captions and playback controls
Sign PDFs right from Dropbox

Adding legally binding signatures on your PDFs just got a whole lot easier. We’ve brought the power of Dropbox Sign into our PDF editor so you can sign without switching apps. No more downloading files, signing, and re-uploading—everything happens in one place.

A person inserts their signature into a document with Dropbox Sign

View our timeline of Dropbox updates

Users on our free Basic plan can now store unlimited passwords, improvements to video and audio, and new shortcuts on iOS are all on tap for our latest updates.

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Easier eSignatures, including signatures on PDFs, enhanced protection from ransomware, and improved file search are available in our latest updates.

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Get work done faster with Capture, be more secure with data governance features, and more.

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Basic users can now store files as online-only, all users can make edits to images and PDFs within Dropbox, and more.

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Businesses get enhanced security for content controls, Dropbox Capture users can record for up to 2 hours, and more.

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New and improved security features, send email attachments directly to your Dropbox account, discover how to find content faster, and more.

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Find out how to keep your files safe with Dropbox Backup, and learn more about selling your digital content with Dropbox Shop beta.

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Find out how automations take the busywork out of your work, plus Dropbox Passwords users will now get password breach notifications.

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Find out how to back up content stored on external drives to Dropbox and learn more about our enhancements to camera uploads and Dropbox Passwords.

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Dropbox Sign product updates

Your agreements signed faster, from anywhere

Our mobile app is the fastest way to request signatures from your phone. You can send, sign, and track signature requests from any device.

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Monitor integrations with the new API dashboard

We re-launched the Dropbox Sign API dashboard with major updates to make monitoring and managing your integrations even easier. You’ll now have improved access to API activity and system performance, so you can debug and troubleshoot errors in a flash.

Dropbox Sign API dashboard with graphs showing API requests over time
Build, send, and save contracts directly in HubSpot CRM

Our updated integration with HubSpot lets you easily build sales contracts and send them for signature without leaving HubSpot.

Blue, pink, and yellow form fill boxes in a digital contract that show where contract amount, company name, dates, and signatures should be added

View our timeline of Dropbox Sign updates

Our newest Dropbox Sign enhancements will help your team get the insights they need.

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HelloSign is now Dropbox Sign, and HelloWorks is now Dropbox Forms. With these name changes, users get more value and an all new onboarding experience.

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Now HelloSign users can speed up bulk sends by adding multiple signers to templates.

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Find out how to speed up your sales cycle with HubSpot, plus, get insights on how to sort templates alphabetically, and more.

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HelloSign plans are now available for purchase in local currency throughout the European Union. Read on to find out which currencies are supported.

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Send, sign, and store important documents in one seamless workflow.

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We meet you where you work with the support you need to succeed.

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HelloSign integrates into your favorite storage tools.

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Cutting-edge security that keeps your documents safe.

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