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What’s new at Dropbox

Dropbox is one organized place for your content and all the workflows around it—stay informed about our most recent product and feature updates.

Dropbox product updates

Keep your digital life safe with Dropbox Backup

Easily back up videos, personal docs, and more—and quickly recover if things go wrong. Access up-to-date backups on any device with Dropbox Backup.

An illustration of a blue house next to the Dropbox Backup interface that includes a three file icons and a PDF icon and a blue “start backup” button
A webpage for a photographer that includes her profile picture as well as a photo of a red pear on a mirror, a photo of a lilly pad, and a photo of flowers in water, all of which are listed for sale
Sell your digital creations with Dropbox Shop beta

Let Dropbox Shop help you turn your passion into a business with your own online storefront. Sell digital content like art, music, films, and more.

Several pages of purple and yellow charts and graphs that are being edited within Dropbox
Make simple edits to PDFs without leaving Dropbox

PDF editing, rolling out to beta, helps professionals and small business teams make lightweight edits to PDFs without switching between apps.

The Dropbox interface in which a user is clicking on an audio file and saving it as an mp3
Convert audio file formats in seconds

No need to toggle between apps—easily change an .mp3 to a .wav in Dropbox.

Find out how to keep your files safe with Dropbox Backup, and learn more about selling your digital content with Dropbox Shop beta.

An illustration of a blue house next to the Dropbox Backup interface that includes a three file icons and a PDF icon and a blue “start backup” button

Find out how automations take the busywork out of your work, plus Dropbox Passwords users will now get password breach notifications.

The Dropbox automated folder interface showing a dropdown of files to be added to the folder and a checklist of potential actions, including saving the file names with dates, capitalizing all initials, changing separators, and adding the parent folder name to the file name

Find out how to back up content stored on external drives to Dropbox and learn more about our enhancements to camera uploads and Dropbox Passwords.

The Dropbox Passwords interface showing a list of saved passwords to sites including Amazon, Apple, Doordash, and Dropbox

HelloSign product updates

HelloSign templates now available within Dropbox

Streamline eSignature requests by turning your most frequently used documents into templates directly from your Dropbox account.

An illustration of a person signing a document on a tablet
An overlay on a digital document that lists the people who need to sign the document and a button that says “send for signature”
Your agreements signed faster, from anywhere

Our mobile app is the fastest way to request signatures from your phone. You can send, sign, and track signature requests from any device.

A digital document with two form fills highlighted in blue that show where a signature is needed
Send documents for eSignature from Microsoft SharePoint

Incorporate eSignatures directly into your SharePoint workflow so you can collaborate, save, and sign documents all in one place.

An illustration of a person wearing an orange headset, sitting in front of a computer
Live support to help you keep your agreements moving forward

HelloSign offers paid support via phone, email, and live chat. Customers can purchase Level 1 or 2 of paid support to get an expedited response.

Send, sign, and store important documents in one seamless workflow.

An illustration of a hand holding a phone taking a picture of a document

We meet you where you work with the support you need to succeed.

An illustration of two people at a table, one of whom is looking at several paper documents

HelloSign integrates into your favorite storage tools.

An illustration of a person relaxing in front of a computer monitor, with their feet up on the desk

Cutting-edge security that keeps your documents safe.

An illustration of a set of keys