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A password manager that syncs across devices

Dropbox Passwords lets you seamlessly log in to websites and apps by storing your passwords. The Passwords app remembers your usernames and passwords on all your devices—so you don’t have to.

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Create and safely store account login details

Say goodbye to the days of storing passwords in dusty old notebooks, or on sticky notes scattered across your desk. Your accounts and data deserve a modern security solution.

With Dropbox Passwords as your password manager, it’s easy to create and store unique passwords as you sign up for new online accounts. In the event of a data breach, we’ll notify you—enabling you to quickly update or reset passwords.

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Instantly log in to any website or app with autofill

Dropbox Passwords autofills your usernames and passwords for instant access to your favorite websites and apps. With apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, you can automatically log in from anywhere.

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Why use a password manager?

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Create stronger passwords

Passwords containing common words and dates can be cracked in seconds by experienced hackers. Automatically generate complex, strong passwords that are practically-impossible for hackers to break through with current technology.

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Make your passwords unique

Using the same password for everything might make things easier to remember, but it also makes things easy for hackers in the event of a breach. A password manager enables you to use different passwords for each account, without needing to remember them all.

Illustration of a group of people sat in a shared workspace, surrounded by scraps of paper, representing the risk of leaving physical copies of passwords near your desk.

Avoid a physical paper trail

Physical copies of passwords, like hand-written notes, pose a major security risk if they were to fall into the wrong hands. By using a password manager, you no longer need to write passwords down and can avoid exposing yourself to threats.

Secure password management made easy

Protect your passwords and safeguard your account details with a secure, easy-to-use app—built by a trusted leader in cloud solutions.

  • Password breach monitoring—keeps you alerted when your information is at risk.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption—ensures that your passwords are only accessible to you.
Dropbox password manager popup screen saves Amazon account details to Dropbox account

Frequently asked questions

A password manager is an application that securely stores account login details, like usernames and passwords, so users don’t need to remember passwords themselves.

Password managers, like Dropbox Passwords, are also able to generate secure passwords that adhere to the recommended complexity guidelines for maximum protection.

This allows password manager users to avoid exposing themselves to threats through unsecure practices, like using the same password for multiple accounts or writing passwords down.

Yes—password managers use advanced encryption to ensure that account details remain protected. Other methods of storing passwords, which don’t use encryption, leave your passwords potentially accessible to anyone.

Dropbox Passwords uses zero-knowledge encryption to ensure that no one besides yourself, not even Dropbox, can see your passwords.

Passwords is available on Dropbox Basic, Dropbox Plus and Dropbox Professional and in beta on Dropbox Standard and Advanced plans for teams.

Select a plan to get started.

Passwords can store and autofill an unlimited number of different passwords and usernames. You can use Passwords to access sensitive data like credit card statements, streaming services like Netflix, shopping, content like newspapers and magazines, utilities, and even Wi-Fi. Teams can use Passwords for tools like Zoom, Slack, and Gmail, and more. With Passwords, users can stay organized with all their usernames and passwords at their fingertips.

When you log in to Passwords, you can import your existing passwords from Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, then use our browser extensions to autofill your account details. Then, you can create new, strong passwords as you set up accounts, right from your web browser. 

You can also log in to Passwords from mobile apps available for iOS and Android. Dropbox Basic users can store up to 50 logins and payment cards and use Dropbox Passwords on up to 3 devices. Dropbox users on a Plus, Professional, Family, or team plan can store unlimited logins and payment cards and use Dropbox Passwords on unlimited devices.

Once you log in to the Passwords app, it automatically fills in your usernames and passwords so you can access frequently used apps and websites on your mobile device.

Passwords provides enhanced security by allowing you to:

  • Create secure, strong passwords that sync across your devices
  • Lock Passwords automatically after inactivity or whenever your device is locked
  • Unlock the Passwords app with Face ID or Touch ID on your iOS devices or fingerprint scanner on your Android devices
  • Securely share account logins with other Dropbox Passwords users
  • Manage payment card details

You can also protect your entire Dropbox account (including Passwords) with . Additionally, zero-knowledge encryption means that only you can access your passwords.

Note: Team admins can enable or disable Passwords beta for their end users at any time.