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Use electronic signatures to streamline workflows—all in one place

Create, share, store, and send documents for eSignature in one seamless and secure workflow—directly from your Dropbox account.

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Streamline your work and collaborate seamlessly

Use Dropbox and Dropbox Sign to take a contract from first draft to client signature quickly, easily, and securely. Share files and request signatures directly from your Dropbox account and updates will automatically save in your shared folders. 

Keep your whole team in sync by adding multiple signers to a document stored in Dropbox. No extra software or downloads necessary. By using Dropbox as your file viewer, you can preview a wide variety of video, audio, and text files from any device.

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How to sign a document online

No printer? No problem. With Dropbox Sign, it’s easy to sign a document online. eSignatures let you skip the printing and scanning for hassle-free signing.

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Set up electronic signatures

Just choose a document and add signature fields—now you’re ready to sign using your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

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Sign your document online

Simply type your name or take a photo of your signature—either way, your signature is legally binding. Send the doc back, and you’re all set.

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Securely store your signed files

Automatically save signed documents back into pre-designated folders, keeping them safe and easy to find—on any device.

​​Add eSignatures to Word docs, PDFs, and more

Dropbox integrates with Dropbox Sign to seamlessly send important documents for eSignatures. When you’re ready to add a signature to a PDF or Word doc, just select the file you want and you’ll see an Open menu. Simply click Dropbox Sign and your file will open within the application, allowing you to share your document for signature.

Rest assured: Dropbox Sign is designed with a secure, distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection.

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Request eSignatures on any document, on any device

Dropbox Sign allows you to quickly set up documents, request eSignatures, and save them securely in one seamless workflow.

From sales contracts, to offer letters, to vendor agreements, Dropbox Sign makes it easy to send PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, Google Docs, and more for a legally binding electronic signature. Each one can be signed from a desktop or any mobile device.

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​​Keep your electronically signed documents secure

Dropbox is a one-stop shop for keeping content conveniently in one place. Generate and collaborate on documents for signature, use trusted integrations to eSign, and save your signed docs in Dropbox - all with a Dropbox plan. You can also streamline your signature requests by turning frequently used documents into reusable templates.

Dropbox has an advanced architecture, designed with multi-layered protection and strict encryption. This ensures your legally binding signatures* are kept safe in your account.

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The eco- and cost-friendly workflow solution

With Dropbox Sign, you can quickly collect the information you need with no-code, mobile-friendly forms. Not only do electronic signatures contribute to smoother workflows, but they also lessen your carbon footprint.

Getting an eSignature helps reduce needless paper waste and greenhouse gasses from transporting documents between destinations. And, of course, when you dial back the need to supply paper and postal costs, you save time and money, too.

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Frequently asked questions

There are many benefits to signing documents online using Dropbox. And while you can use Dropbox and eSign tools individually, using them together streamlines your workflow even more. 

Because you already store your important documents in Dropbox, you can send them for an eSignature right from your Dropbox account. You can then save signed copies, and manage all your folders and files in one place. You can also control who has access to specific files, organize documents, track to-dos, and keep your whole team in sync.

On your desktop, open your Dropbox account, then click on a document you’d like to send for eSignature. Click on the Open with dropdown menu, and select Dropbox Sign.

On your iPhone or iPad, just open your Dropbox mobile app. Navigate to a PDF file and tap to open the preview, then tap the edit icon. Finally, tap Add Text or Signature.

Essentially, there is no legal difference*. An electronic signature is just as legally binding as a handwritten signature. The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) was passed into law by Congress in 2000 to ensure the validity and legal effect of contracts that are entered into electronically.

Requesting and gathering signatures is faster electronically. Tools like Dropbox Sign also help you save time and money, by reducing costs associated with transporting documents—benefiting the environment, as well as your workflow.

*eSignature laws vary by jurisdiction and may not be valid everywhere.

It’s easy to enable Dropbox Sign in Dropbox and yes, it is included in all Dropbox plans. 

  • First, open your Dropbox account, then select the document you’d like to send for electronic signature. 
  • Next, click on the More dropdown menu to the right of your file name and choose Send for Signature
  • Then, add drag-and-drop fields, and click Send to take advantage of your free unlimited self-signing and three eSignature requests per month. 

When you send or receive documents for eSignature, they’ll sync back with your Dropbox account.

While you can use Dropbox and eSignature tools individually, using them together streamlines your workflow. Because you already store your important documents in Dropbox, you can send them for eSignature right from your Dropbox account, save signed copies, and manage all your folders and files in one place. You can also control who has access to specific files, organize documents, track to-dos, and keep your whole team in sync.  

Yes, we have several pre-built templates to choose from, including photo release waivers and social media policies. Or, you can also turn your frequently used contracts into templates to speed up your eSignature workflow.

Secure electronic signature solutions

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