Do your best work from wherever you need to be.

At the office. At home. Or around the globe. With Dropbox Business, everything your team needs is in one place. And it’s instantly accessible anywhere you need to work.

Take your workflow to go

Work with your content, tools, and team members right from Dropbox. That way, everything you need is in one place. And it’s easy to access from any device—or location!

Strike up a conversation without missing a beat

Sometimes a face-to-face chat is the fastest way to unlock new ideas. And leading communications tools, like Slack and Zoom, work right from Dropbox. Now you can set up a quick touch-base, or even a virtual conference room, with just a few clicks.

Connect the tools you already use

Send files by email, create new docs, request signatures with HelloSign—right from Dropbox. Spend less time switching between apps and work with the tools you use every day, in one place.

Share ideas in real time

Dropbox Paper is a co-authoring workspace for your entire team. Now you can create, collaborate, and provide feedback in the same doc at the same time.

Teams around the world work together with Dropbox

Preparing for distributed work

Because working remotely has become more common in recent years, people and teams are now adjusting to the realities of a distributed workforce at a new scale. This presents unique challenges. Read about best practices for succeeding in a distributed work environment.

How Dropbox can support distributed work

Whether your team is going remote for the first time or you’re at a fully distributed startup, Dropbox makes it easy for work to happen in virtually any way. Here’s how Dropbox can help you keep things moving and stay connected while working remotely.

Working all over the world with Lonely Planet

It takes a village to publish the world’s most iconic travel guides. That’s why Lonely Planet has a worldwide team of writers, editors, and designers. It’s the ultimate distributed workforce. And it uses Dropbox Business to share stories from 350,000 destinations.