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Dropbox for IT

375% ROI in 6 months. How's that for a sense of security?

Dropbox brings together your teams to help them create, collaborate, and communicate more efficiently—paying for itself while protecting your valuable data.

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Take the manual out of labor

Set your teams up to easily collect complex information, securely send digital contracts, and automate the eSignature process.

Simplify the signing process even further with an easy-to-embed API, and you’ll speed up workflows and expedite approvals.

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Work in one place no matter where teams are working

With a secure platform that's accessible from anywhere, your teams can easily edit contracts and PDFs and store and manage images, videos, and 187 other file types—all within Dropbox.

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See how easy this can be, IT

Stakeholders collaborate on a video file in Dropbox

Collaborate with clients and coworkers without having to work at it

Get everyone on the same page

Bring teams together for real-time reviews of videos, audio, or images. Users can mark up files frame by frame, ensure that everyone understands the edits, and put an end to endless feedback loops.

Get the point across—even if it’s across time zones.

Team members can create quick screen recordings or screenshots to easily share feedback with clients and stakeholders.

Improve the experience for everyone

Improve the client experience by branding documents and large file transfers with logos, fonts, and colors. Improve your experience by seeing what parts of those documents clients are spending the most time on.

Stop jumping from app to app

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Enhance remote collaboration with Zoom instant meetings and video recordings.

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Bring Slack conversations and Dropbox content together to keep teams in sync.

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Microsoft Office

Easily access, edit, and share Office docs online in Dropbox.

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Google Workspace

Create, edit, and share Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from Dropbox.

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Microsoft Teams

Share files directly from Dropbox to Microsoft Teams.

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Make remote work flow seamlessly with Dropbox, Dropbox Sign and AWS.

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Sync and share your Dropbox content securely within Salesforce.

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Connect Dropbox with the other apps you use most.

Take worry off the table

Safeguard confidential information with secure audit trails, automatic document encryption, two-step verification, document tracking, and a host of other robust security measures.

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Easily back up files on every device and access a ready-to-go, always-on dashboard that helps you keep an eye on external content sharing.

Woman with medium skin and gray hair is wearing a security badge on a lanyard around her neck. She stands between two aisles of shelves filled with archival records. There is a glass plane pulled aside with a security badge reader in front of her. She is pulling out a record.

Stay on top of corporate and government regulations by automatically tracking and reporting on any sensitive or confidential information you have in your Dropbox files. You can also count on data validation and transparent audit trails to cut remediation costs and reduce contractual disputes.

People outside of Supreme Court looking at documents and walking along steps

Easily set and manage permissions and run guided security checkups—so the right people have access at the right time, and the wrong people can’t get in.

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You’re in good company

of Fortune 500 companies

have at least one Dropbox team plan.

teams globally

use Dropbox to share work, safeguard content, and grow their business.

connections and counting

created through Dropbox file sharing.

mobile app downloads

with Editors’ Choice Awards from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Here’s what management wants to hear

Dropbox improves productivity for teams, accelerating key workflows and projects while providing a better employee experience.

Boost your bottom line

Teams using Dropbox saw a 375% ROI and payback in under 6 months.

Skip the redos

Dropbox increased collaboration by 10% and saw a 90% reduction in rework.

Get more done

Improved user productivity valued at over $530,000 over three years.

Make small work of big files

Dropbox supports over 189 file types and can handle large files, HD and 4k rich media up to 2 TB without compromising performance.