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Create a connected workspace for media to bring your teams, content, and tools together.

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A collaborative workspace, built for media

Bring your tools, content, and people together to work how they want on a secure platform.

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Work together from anywhere

Wherever you are—on location, in the studio, on the road—work remotely with teams around the world in real time.

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Simplify content collaboration

Securely and instantly share your content with customers, freelancers, suppliers, and vendors.

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Preview large audio, video, and graphics files

Use Dropbox as a file viewer to preview, comment on and share more than 175 file types.

Deliver your best work

Dropbox Business offers a complete suite of tools and integrations, allowing you and your creative teams to stay in sync and deliver exceptional content time after time.

  • Build planning documents in Dropbox Paper to keep projects on track
  • Make feedback targeted with in-line and time-based commenting
  • Share files through a single link, doing away with version control
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Simplify audio and video feedback and reviews

Time-based commenting for audio and video files keeps everyone’s feedback alongside the content, rather than in messy email threads. Anyone with a Dropbox account can add time-based comments to files shared by Business Advanced, Business Enterprise, and Education.

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Deliver stories more easily

Dropbox Transfer lets you hand off up to 100 GB of files to clients, vendors, and partners in just a few clicks—even if they aren’t on Dropbox.

Explore transferring files

Someone creating a new Dropbox Transfer by adding files changing settings and sending.

Manage and protect your stories with security controls

Prevent leaks by password-protecting your shared links with external partners and press. You can further control access by adding an expiration date to limit availability of the content.

Protect your stories by removing the option to download.

Explore link sharing

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Keep projects moving from the road

Access files from anywhere on your phone or tablet—and even mark files and folders for offline access.

View, comment on, and share files without having to download—including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and PDFs—to speed up reviewing and iterating.

Preview large audio and video files by streaming them to your device.

Learn about the Dropbox mobile app

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The State of Collaboration 2019-20

Media and creative teams need less noisy solutions. Read this global research report to find out how to spot your creative team’s challenges, measure the impact on your business, and fix the broken workplace.

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Businesses across the world of media trust Dropbox

Lonely Planet connects its global content teams with Dropbox

See how the iconic publisher connects its global team of writers, editors, designers, and web developers using Dropbox Business.

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Learn how to thrive

As technology and media continue to evolve at a rapid pace, podcasters, writers, publishers, producers, editors, and filmmakers must look for new ways to maintain their competitive edge.

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Plug into your favorite tools

Easily integrate Dropbox with the tools you love. No more jumping from app to app.

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See what Dropbox Business can do for your team

Dropbox business is built for teams needing powerful storage, sharing, and collaboration tools. For more, compare plans and features.


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