Dropbox Business and Windows Information Protection

Windows Information Protection (WIP) is a feature of Windows 10. Pair WIP with your enterprise management software to provide additional control and customization.

Learn more about Microsoft’s Enterprise Data Protection.

How do I use Information Protection with Dropbox Business?

Once a device is configured to use WIP, add Dropbox to the "Allowed" list on your enterprise management software. The Dropbox app then syncs all existing encrypted files to a domain managed by your organization’s WIP settings. All new files added to Dropbox accounts from WIP-enabled machines will be protected by default.

Dropbox syncs WIP-protected files normally, but doesn't sync them if they are in a Dropbox account linked to a domain that doesn't have access to that file.

Can I integrate Information Protection with my personal account?

No, the WIP integration is only available with Dropbox Business accounts.

What platforms is Information Protection available on?

WIP was launched as a Windows 10 feature and is only available on the Windows 10 Dropbox desktop app.

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