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What information does Dropbox and Facebook exchange when I link my accounts?

Dropbox has teamed up with Facebook so that you can add files from Dropbox to your Facebook groups or send shared folder invitations to your Facebook friends. The first time through, you'll be asked to allow Dropbox to access some information about your Facebook account.

Information Dropbox receives

With your permission, Dropbox will be able to access the following information about your Facebook account:

  • Your basic info
    Beyond using your name to identify your Facebook account from the Account Settings page, this gives us the ability to auto-fill your friends from our referral and shared folder pages.
  • Your email address
    We use this to identify your account.
  • Your groups and friends' groups
    This gives you the ability to add files from Dropbox to your Facebook groups.

Information Facebook receives

Facebook does not have access to the contents of your Dropbox. When you add a file to a group, Facebook receives only the link to the file, some basic info about the file (such as name and size), and the ability to display a small preview. The file is hosted by Dropbox, and Facebook does not receive any other information about your Dropbox account.

What group members see

When you add a file to a group, members can see your post with the link to the file, but they do not have access to the rest of your Dropbox. Please note, though, that they're free to copy the link and post it elsewhere.