How do I get free space for using Camera Upload?

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The latest versions of the iOS and Android apps and the Mac and Windows desktop applications include a feature called Camera Upload that automatically saves all the photos and videos you take on your phones, tablets, and cameras to your Dropbox.

To help you get started with the feature, we're giving you 500 MB of free Dropbox space for every 500 MB you upload via Camera Upload, up to a total of 3 GB. All you have to do is let Camera Upload do its thing.

Use Camera Upload from your phone

The first thing you'll need is the latest version of the iOS or Android app. When you first launch the app with a personal account, you'll be asked whether you would like to enable Camera Upload. Each photo and video will be automatically uploaded to your Camera Uploads folder. By default, Camera Upload will only upload over Wi-Fi. You can go into the app's settings to disable or allow Dropbox to upload using your cellular data plan (if applicable).

Use Camera Upload from Windows

To use the Camera Upload from your Windows computer, you'll need the latest version (1.3.4 or higher) of the desktop application. You'll also need to ensure Autoplay is enabled on your computer. Once you plug in your camera or phone to your computer, you'll automatically be prompted to upload photos to your Dropbox folder. Select Import Pictures and Videos using Dropbox and your photos will automatically save to your Dropbox folder's Camera Uploads folder.

Get your free space

All you have to do to get your free space is use our Camera Upload feature:

  • If you've finished importing your photos using the desktop application, you may still have to wait until Dropbox finishes syncing before free space is applied to your account.
  • Every 500 MB you upload via the Camera Upload feature bumps you up another 500 MB.
  • You can bump your Dropbox storage up six times for a total of 3 GB of free space. In other words, to reach your limit you have to upload 2.5 GB through the Camera Upload feature.

The Dropbox space you earn is permanent. You can use it for the life of your account. Enjoy!

Free space is only for Camera Uploads

Simply moving photos to your Photos or Camera Uploads folder does not give you free space. This offer is only eligible for those using the Camera Upload feature as described.

For our advanced users

If you were lucky enough to be included in our Camera Upload early beta testing period (from February 2nd, 2012 to February 23rd, 2012), either through the desktop application or the Android app, you are still capable of earning up to 5 GB instead of the standard 3 GB (but not both). Thank you so much for your help!

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