How do I use Camera Upload?

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With Camera Upload, the photos and videos you take with your camera, phone, or tablet will upload automatically to Dropbox—meaning they'll be safely backed up and viewable anywhere.

Take advantage of Camera Upload in two ways:

  • Upload wirelessly from your phone or tablet using the iOS or Android app.
  • Upload by connecting your camera, phone, or tablet to your computer and using the Mac or Windows desktop app.

Use Camera Upload from your Windows computer

Make sure that Autoplay is enabled on your computer and that you have the latest version (1.3.4 or higher) of the Dropbox app.

  1. Plug in your camera, phone, or tablet to your computer. You'll be prompted to upload photos and videos to your Dropbox folder.
  2. Select Import Pictures and Videos using Dropbox. Your photos will automatically save to your Dropbox folder's Camera Uploads folder.

If you connect an Android phone or tablet to your computer, you'll need to select Connect as a Disk Drive from the status bar. If you connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, the device must be unlocked before Camera Upload can continue.

The Camera Upload feature tries to be smart about importing photos and videos. It will pick up wherever it left off, uploading only photos and videos that it has not uploaded to the Camera Uploads folder before.

Dropbox for Business users:

The Camera Upload feature is only available for personal Dropboxes to help you keep your personal photos separated from work files. However you can connect a personal and a work Dropbox on a single device, making your Camera Uploads folder accessible anywhere, any time.

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