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How can I migrate data from Hackpad to Dropbox Paper?

If you're both a Hackpad team admin and the admin of either a Dropbox Business team or a free team, you can migrate data from Hackpad to Paper.

  • Note: This migration is only available for Hackpad teams with Hackpad workspace domains.
  • Note: To import pads from Hackpad, your Dropbox account must be configured for migration by a member of the Dropbox support team.

To migrate your Hackpad workspace, contact us from the Paper app by clicking the ? icon in the bottom-right corner and selecting Feedback. Be sure to include the following information in your message:

  • Your team's Hackpad workspace domain (for example, "pepoinc.hackpad.com")
  • The names and email addresses of the admins on the Hackpad team

After your account is configured, you can begin the import. You'll receive an email when the import is finished. If it was unsuccessful, please contact us using the Feedback option.

What are redirects and how do I enable them for my team?

Redirects help ensure that people don't accidentally look at an old pad by redirecting pads to their imported versions on Paper. To enable redirects, go to the import page and click the Enable redirects button.