How much does Dropbox cost?

Dropbox Basic

A Dropbox Basic account is free and includes 2 GB of space. You can download free apps to access Dropbox from your computer and mobile device. You can also earn more space on your Dropbox Basic account.

Dropbox Plus

Dropbox Plus is a paid subscription that includes 1 TB of space and additional features. You can choose to subscribe monthly or annually. We do not offer an option to purchase consecutive monthly or annual subscriptions up front. Pricing depends on your billing country and which subscription plan you choose.

Learn how much Plus costs in your country.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is meant for organizations and groups. Pricing depends on the size of your team and your billing country. We also offer discounts for non-profits and educational institutes.

Speak to our sales team to understand if Dropbox Business is a fit.

Looking for billing support on an existing Plus or Business account?

Contact our support team.

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