What happens if my work account is deleted from a Dropbox Business team?

Leaving your company or organization? If so, your work Dropbox account will be deleted or suspended. You’ll no longer be able to access the account, and syncing will stop between the account and all linked devices. In addition, your Dropbox Business administrator will be able to transfer your work Dropbox’s files to another team member and will have the option to delete your work Dropbox folder from your linked devices.

Can my team admin transfer my work account into a personal account?

Since everything in your work account should be owned by your business, your admin does not have the ability to downgrade your work account to a private Dropbox account, or to transfer files between accounts for you. Instead, your admin can retain all the files in your work Dropbox Business team member account, and transfer these files to someone else on the team.

If you have personal files that you would like to keep in your work account, you should move them to a personal account instead.

What files can be transferred?

Your Dropbox Business administrator will have the ability to transfer files from your work Dropbox to another team member’s account.

The following data and access are transferred:

  • All existing folders and files
  • All deleted files
  • Ownership of shared folders that the former team member owned
  • Membership to shared folders owned by other members of your Dropbox Business team
  • Ownership of Paper docs created by the former team member
  • A copy of the Apps folder containing third-party application data

The following data and access are not transferred:

  • Shared links created by the deleted member (the links will no longer work)
    • Note: Shared links will continue to work if your account has been suspended rather than deleted
  • Previous versions of files
  • Membership to shared folders owned by people outside of your Dropbox Business team. Only copies of these folders are transferred.
  • Access to Paper docs the deleted member didn't own
  • Datastores (a specific type of data that developers of some third-party apps use to store their app data)

What will happen to the files on my linked devices?

When your Dropbox Business administrator deletes your work account from the team, they'll have the option of deleting your entire work Dropbox folder from all linked devices through remote wipe.

What happens to my connected personal Dropbox account?

If you've connected a personal Dropbox to your work Dropbox, your Dropbox Business administrator can't delete or suspend your personal Dropbox account or the files in your personal Dropbox.

Contact your admin if you have specific questions about your team's policies and procedures when someone leaves the Dropbox Business account.

Can I reactivate a work account if I’ve been removed from a Dropbox Business team?

If you've been removed from a Dropbox Business team, your account may have been deleted by the team admin. In limited circumstances, Dropbox support can re-enable the account. However, for security purposes we need the permission of the admin of your previous Dropbox Business team before we can recover your account.

If you already contacted us and then received an automated email in response, and you'd like to reactivate a work account:

  1. Reply to that email
  2. Note that you're encountering this specific situation
  3. List the name of your previous Dropbox Business team
  4. List the email address of your previous team admin

We can then attempt to start the account reactivation process.

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