Recover deleted users on a Dropbox Business team

If a Dropbox Business admin has accidentally deleted a team member, they have seven days to restore the user. Restoring a user will reactivate the account with the same files and permissions—the account will be exactly as it was before deletion.


  • Only team admins and user management admins can recover deleted users. Learn more about Dropbox Business tiered admins.
  • We do our best to restore all information related to the account. However, some items cannot always be restored.
  • A team member account can only be restored within seven days of deletion. After seven days, an admin will need to use account transfer to transfer files to a new team member account.

What gets restored with deleted user recovery?

We do our best to restore a deleted account to its previous state. This includes shared folders, files, Paper docs, groups, and all user settings.

However, we cannot guarantee that all content and settings will be restored. Deleted user restoration should be used only as backup measure. If you're unsure, it may be best to use the suspended user function first.

Is there anything that won't be restored?

Restored users will not be added back to exception lists for some features. For example, if a user was in an exception list for enterprise mobility management (EMM), you'll need to re-add them to the exception after restoring their account.

Restore a team member

  1. Sign in to with your admin credentials.
  2. Click Admin Console.
  3. Click Members.
  4. Click the Member type dropdown.
  5. Select Deleted.
  6. Click the gear icon beside the name of the member you want to restore.
    • Note: Not all users can be restored. Scroll to the bottom of this article for more information.
  7. Click Restore user.
  8. Click Restore in the pop-up window.

Instructions for restoring multiple users (with the Dropbox API)

To restore a large number of users at once, use the Dropbox Business API. There are two ways to do this:

What if I'm not seeing the option to restore a team member?

There are a few reasons why an admin may not see the option to restore a team member. These include:

  • The user was deleted more than seven days ago
  • An admin has already used account transfer on the deleted user's account
  • An admin has chosen to permanently delete the user
  • The user was restored by our internal support team
  • The user was invited, but never joined your team
  • The user was deleted by an app that uses the v.1 of the Dropbox API
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