The new Dropbox website: An overview

To make even better and easier to use, we’re rolling out an updated design. A few things have changed with the redesigned version of

Simpler navigation

The Dropbox website navigation is simplified in the new design. Click Files from your homepage to see Recents, Sharing, File Requests, and Deleted Files. Click Sharing to see the Links tab.

Paper is now located in the navigation that appears on the homepage, instead of under Files, as it was in the old design.

To access Photos, visit Photos has a streamlined navigation, letting you easily see your Timeline and Albums.

To access Events, hover over the file name of a shared folder and click the checkbox to see the Events option. To restore deleted files in the new design of the events page, click the name of the deleted file or files, and then click Restore on the screen that appears.

Help, Privacy, and the other options icon (…) are now in the lower corner of the My Files tab.

new dropbox design

Switch between linked accounts

To switch to your personal account from your business account, click the name of your team at the bottom left of the navigation menu on the homepage. You’ll see the option to choose your personal account. Click your name again to see the option to switch back to your business account.

In the old design, you could change which account was displayed on a page-by-page basis. In the new design, you see one of your accounts displayed on every page until you switch accounts. When you search or view notifications, you’ll only see results for the account you’re currently using, not for both of your accounts.

new dropbox design

Checkboxes let you take action on files or folders

In the old design, you right-clicked to take action on files or folders. To take action on a file or folder in the new version:

Moving your mouse over a file or folder name will also show an ellipsis (…) icon. Click the ellipsis (…) icon for additional options, such as Add comment, Rename, or Delete. Click the white space beside the name of the file or folder to open it.

To take action on all of the files or folders displayed on a page, click the checkbox next to Name at the top of the page.

Note: If you have a different active browser window, the checkboxes won’t appear when you hover over file or folder names. Click the browser window to make it the active window.

See your team members

Dropbox Business users see the name of their team at the bottom of the navigation menu on the homepage. To see a list of members, click your team name and then click Groups and Members.

Use gallery view to browse files

Gallery view is a new way to view thumbnail previews of your files. To use gallery view, click Files, then click the grid icon under the search bar at the top of the screen.

Once in gallery view, click the Sort by… header at the top left to view your files sorted by Name, Newest, Oldest, Kind, Extension, and Size. To select a file, hover over it and click the blue checkmark that appears. You can select a batch of file to do things like move or delete them all at the same time.

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