Sort files on name, file type, extension, size, or modified date

You can sort your files and folders on by clicking the column headers:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Files.
  3. Then select from the different sort options:
  • To sort alphabetically by file or folder name, click Name.
  • The second and third columns contain a few different options:
    • Members: Sort by how many people your file or folder is shared with
    • Type: Sort by files, documents, folders, shared folders, images, and more
    • Extension: Sort by file extensions like .xslx, .docx, .pdf, .png, .jpg, and more
    • Size: Sort by the size of your files and folders
    • Modified: Sort by the date the file or folder was last changed
  • The fourth column allows you to view your files as a list or as a grid.

You can also choose to sort columns in ascending or descending order.

Note: The second and third column options will not overlap. For example, if you choose Type in the second column, this option will unavailable in the third column.

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