Integrating Dropbox Paper with Dropbox

Paper is a Dropbox product. Each doc and folder created in Paper is stored in Dropbox, and you must have a Dropbox account to access Paper.

Do Paper docs count towards my Dropbox storage quota?

Not currently. For now, Dropbox Paper doesn't place a limit on the number of docs you can create, and includes unlimited version history regardless of the Dropbox plan you are on. However, we may revisit this policy in the future.

Can I access my Paper docs from Dropbox?

You can access Paper by clicking the Paper tab on or by navigating to

If you don't see a link for Paper and you use Dropbox Business, your team admin may have disabled Paper. Contact your admin to discuss access to Paper.

Can I access my Dropbox files in Paper?

While you can’t directly access your Dropbox files in Paper, you can link or embed a file from your Dropbox directly in a doc (for example, an image or media file):

  1. Hover in the margin to the left of your text.
  2. Click the + (plus) icon that appears.
  3. Click the Dropbox icon.
  4. In the pop-up window, select the file you'd like to add to the doc.

Do I need to be signed in to Dropbox to access Paper?

Yes, you must be signed in to Dropbox to access Paper. If you aren’t signed in to Dropbox, you are prompted to sign in when you visit the Paper homepage.

Is Paper included in the Dropbox API?

Paper API v1 allows you to share, archive, delete, or export docs. Third-party partners can build solutions that help Dropbox Business admins oversee employee activity, manage sharing policies, and protect data.

Learn more about the Paper API.

Does Paper have the same levels of security and privacy I get with Dropbox?

Paper has same of security as Dropbox, with a few exceptions for Dropbox Business teams.

Learn more about security at Dropbox.

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