Search for Dropbox Paper docs

Search in Paper searches the full-text of your docs. You can search for:

  • The title of a doc
  • The content within a doc
  • The name of a team member to see all docs they created

To access search:

  1. Click the search icon (a magnifying glass) in any doc or the search bar at
  2. Begin typing in the search bar and results are automatically generated.

Hashtags as labels for search

You can make search more powerful by using hashtags in your docs. Hashtags are clickable within a doc and you can use search to find all docs within your company that contain the same hashtag.

For example, type "#dogs" anywhere in your document. Then, to use this hashtag in search, type the hashtag and keyword (in this case "#dogs"). The results show all accessible docs containing that hashtag.

Searching for Paper docs with a URL

You can search your Paper docs directly from the address bar of a web browser. To do so, add your search terms to the end of the following URL:

When you search in the address bar of a web browser, separate your search keywords with a + (plus):
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