Accessing Dropbox Paper on a mobile device

Dropbox Paper mobile apps are available on both iOS and Android devices.

What features does the Dropbox Paper mobile app offer?

  • Edit existing Paper docs, and create new ones
  • Push notifications
  • Commenting
  • Offline doc access
  • Quick search
  • Share docs directly from the app

How do I share from the Paper mobile app?

To share a doc from the Paper mobile app:

  1. Open a doc.
  2. Tap the icon.
  3. Tap Share.
    1. To share via email, tap Add collaborators.
    2. Tap Share link to see options for copying a link to your doc.


  • Add collaborators allows you to type the name of any user you want to share the doc with
  • Add collaborators also allows you to modify who has access to the doc
  • You can also find the Add collaborators screen by tapping the circle that displays your initials or picture

Can I edit my docs offline using Paper mobile app?

Yes, you can work offline using Paper mobile apps. You can read, edit and comment without an internet connection. Changes sync with Paper when you come back online. When you work offline, you see a banner on you doc: No internet connection.

Where can I see all my notifications?

All notifications you receive from your Paper mobile app are visible in the Incoming tab.

Does the app support folders?

The Paper mobile apps support folders in view-only mode. You can browse your folders, search your folders by name, and access all folder contents. Use the web version of Paper to edit folder names or contents.

How do I switch between my work and personal account?

Currently, you cannot toggle between Dropbox accounts in the Paper mobile app. However, you can sign out of one account and into another. You can sign out via the Settings tab.

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