Why does camera uploads show an error message about “corrupted files”?

There are a lot of reasons that Dropbox might identify a photo or video file as corrupt. This typically has nothing to do with security, and there’s a chance the file will still open normally on your computer or phone.

If you remove the corrupted files, the error message will go away and camera uploads will resume.

How can I tell which files are corrupted?

There may not be an simple way to tell which camera uploads are corrupted. You may have to contact Dropbox support for help. Before you do, we recommend these steps:

  • Find the most recent file that uploaded successfully to your Dropbox account
    • The next photo or video file in your camera roll (or the default place where your photos are kept in your phone or computer) might be the corrupted file
    • Move it elsewhere or delete it from your your camera roll, and then try uploading again
  • Check to see if any of your photos or videos aren’t displaying correctly 
    • Move them elsewhere or delete them from your camera roll, and then try uploading again
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