Banned links: shared link or file request not working

If your shared links or file requests stopped working, and you ruled out other causes, they may have been banned because of too much traffic.

  • When your shared links are banned, you can’t share new or existing links
  • When your file requests are banned, people can’t upload files to your file requests

Even if your links or file requests are banned, you still have access to your Dropbox account and all your files.

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Traffic limits

Shared links and file requests are automatically banned if they generate unusually large amounts of traffic.

Dropbox Basic (free) accounts:

  • 20 GB per day: The total amount of traffic that all of your links and file requests combined can generate
  • 100,000 downloads per day: The total number of downloads that all of your links combined can generate

Dropbox Plus, Professional, and Business accounts:

  • About 200 GB per day: The total amount of traffic that all of your links and file requests combined can generate
  • There's no daily limit to the number of downloads that your links can generate

If your account hits this limit, we'll send a message to the email address registered to your account. Your links will be temporarily disabled, and anyone who tries to access them will see an error page instead of your files.

I don't think my links generated that much traffic

Even with a traffic limit of 20 GB or about 200 GB per day, or 100,000 downloads per day, it's entirely possible for links to go over the limit. 

For example: imagine you sent a link to a file to a small number of people. One of the recipients could have sent the link to others, leading to more people viewing the file and using up the allotted traffic. Or one of the recipients could have downloaded the file multiple times; each download is counted separately for tracking purposes. If you publish your link on social media, it may quickly spread to a very large audience with or without your knowledge.

Dropbox Professional and Business users: You may be able to reduce traffic by setting passwords and expirations on your links.

Can I purchase more bandwidth?

Dropbox doesn’t offer a way to buy more bandwidth allowance for your account.

How do I know which links contributed most to the ban? Can you provide traffic data for my links?

We can’t provide details on which of your links contributed most to your account going over the limit, or how much traffic each link generated. Statistics or metrics relating to shared links are not tracked, so we can’t provide information as to why the shared links were banned.


We occasionally receive reports at that a shared link violates our Acceptable Use Policy. If we find a violation, all links and sharing will be banned for that account. If you think your links have been suspended incorrectly for this reason, contact our support team and we'll take a look.

Error 429

If you see an error 429, then the owner of the shared link or file request may have caused too much traffic.

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