Extended version history—a Dropbox Plus add-on

Extended version history (EVH) is available as a Dropbox Plus subscription add-on.

By default, Dropbox saves all deletion and version history of your files for 30 days. If you purchase EVH, you can recover a deleted file or revert to an older file version at any time within a year of a deletion or edit.

Note: Extended version history is effective from the date purchased and is not retroactive. If you purchase EVH today, your version history begins now and files deleted or versions edited over 30 days ago are not available.

Purchasing extended version history

Note: If you purchase Dropbox Plus in the App Store or Google Play marketplace, EVH is not an available add-on. To include EVH in your Plus subscription, purchase on www.dropbox.com.

Permanent deletions

Permanently deleted files are not recoverable with EVH. Learn how to delete files, and what happens after you delete a file.

Storage quota

Previous versions and deleted files do not count against your storage quota, with or without the EVH add-on.

Shared folders and version history

Removing a shared folder from your Dropbox is not the same as deleting that folder. After you remove a shared folder from your Dropbox, EVH is no longer in effect for the content in that shared folder because the shared folder is no longer linked to your account. If you add the folder again within 30 days of removing a folder from your Dropbox, deletion and version history of files from before the folder was left are recoverable with EVH.

Version history period

Depending on your plan and if you purchased EVH, your version history is available for a length of time, called your "version history period".

If you create a file, and then edit it after your version history period elapses, only this most recent, edited version of the file can be recovered.

  • For example, imagine that you have a file called myfile.docx, and that you have a 30 day version history period. If you created myfile.docx on January 1st, and then edited it on March 1st, only this version from March 1st is available in your account.
  • This is true because your version history period of 30 days elapsed between creation of the original version—January 1st—and the edited version—March 1st.
  • The March 1st version is available until you edit the file again and 30 days have elapsed since March 1st.
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