What information can a third-party app access when I link it to my account?

As a Dropbox user, you have the option to connect other apps to your Dropbox account. You're in charge of which ones, and Dropbox will give you visibility into what those apps can access in your account.

When you link an app to Dropbox, the app will request a specific level of access:

  • Access to its own data: data doesn't appear in a folder in Dropbox, but it's part of your storage quota
  • Access to its own folder in Dropbox: The app can access everything in its folder, and know the path to that folder, but it can't access any other files or folders in Dropbox
  • Access to specific types of folders and files anywhere in your Dropbox: The app can access general groups of files, such as photos or documents, or specific kinds of files (see our developer guide to learn what specific file extensions are included)
  • Access to all folders and files in your Dropbox
  • Access to the email address associated with your account

If at any point you wish to disconnect an app from your account, you can do so in the account settings menu.

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