Dropbox for Gmail: getting started

With Dropbox for Gmail, you can share your Dropbox files directly through your Gmail account. The integration is free and available through the Google Chrome webstore.

Enabling the integration adds a Dropbox icon at the bottom of the Gmail compose window. When you click this icon a pop-up window appears, allowing you to select from the contents of your Dropbox. A shared link to any selected file or folder will appear in the body of the email.

While this link looks like an attachment, it's in fact a shared link. This means no slow-down in sending emails, and no space limitations in your inbox.

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How do I enable the Dropbox for Gmail integration?

There are two ways to enable Gmail integration: from the Chrome web store, or when installing the Dropbox desktop app (version 3.8 and higher).

Enable from the Chrome Web Store

Visit the Dropbox for Gmail integration on the Chrome Web Store, and follow the prompts to get started. Alternatively, you can open the Chrome Web Store, search for "Dropbox for Gmail," and click Add to Chrome.

For more information on managing extensions visit Chrome Web Store Help.

Enable when installing the Dropbox desktop application

When you install the Dropbox desktop application, you'll be introduced to Dropbox for Gmail.

Click Enable to use the integration. Or, click Not now.

If enabled, the next time you use Gmail in your Chrome browser you’ll be prompted to learn more about how Dropbox for Gmail works.

How do I use Dropbox for Gmail?

  1. From your Gmail account, click Compose.
  2. Click the Dropbox icon at the bottom of the Compose window.
  3. Select the file you'd like to share from your Dropbox in the pop-up window.
  4. Click Insert link.
  5. You'll then see an attachment link in the body of your email.
    • Note: The file will look like an attachment, but it's in fact a shared link. This saves space in your inbox, and ensures others will always see the latest version of a file.
Dropbox for Gmail button
Dropbox for Gmail insert link

Does Dropbox for Gmail have any limitations with file type or file size?

While there is technically no file size limit, Dropbox does have some bandwidth limitations which are based on your account type.

Since the integration creates a shared link rather than attaching the file itself, there are no file-type limitations.

Is Dropbox for Gmail available on browsers other than Google Chrome? Is it available on all devices?

Currently the Gmail integration is only available through the Google Chrome store. It will work on any computer that has Google Chrome.

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