What is Dropbox Plus?

As of March 2, 2017, Dropbox Pro is being renamed "Dropbox Plus." Other than the name change there are no changes to the plan or its pricing.

If you're a Dropbox Pro user, you'll begin to see this name change in March, 2017. And you will only see this name from Dropbox in the future.

Why is Dropbox making this change?

Many Dropbox Pro users first used Dropbox Basic, our free plan. In the past, we've had users express confusion about the Pro plan name when upgrading. For example, some people assumed it was only intended for use at work.

While there are some great additional features on Dropbox Pro, for many users the 1 TB of storage space is the most important feature, and the main reason they choose to upgrade.

We simply updated the name to "Dropbox Plus" to better reflect that this plan offers more storage than Dropbox Basic, plus helpful sharing features.

Note to existing users on the Dropbox Pro plan: The features and price are not changing. Dropbox Plus still offers 1 TB of space, stress-free sharing, remote device wipe, and more.

What is the new plan name?

Dropbox Pro is now called Dropbox Plus.

Will there be any changes to pricing?

No. If you're an existing Dropbox Pro user, the pricing for this plan will not change in any way.

Will there be any changes to the available features?

No. Existing Dropbox Pro users will have the exact same features available once the plan name changes to Dropbox Plus.

We simply updated the name to "Dropbox Plus" to better reflect that this plan offers 1 TB of space, stress-free sharing, remote device wipe, and more.

Does this change anything about my existing billing cycle?

No, nothing will change about your existing billing cycle. The only billing change will be that the name “Dropbox Plus” will be reflected on invoices or receipts.

Are any other plans changing?

No. There are no changes to the Dropbox Basic (free) plan, and there are no changes to any of the Dropbox Business plans.

Does this mean that Dropbox Pro is no longer available?

Dropbox Pro is still available, with the exact same features and the same pricing. We're simply changing the name of this plan to "Dropbox Plus." This means that the available Dropbox plans now are:

I saw the Dropbox Pro product name but can't find where to buy it. What happened to Dropbox Pro?

Dropbox Pro is now Dropbox Plus. The features and pricing are exactly the same, as is the plan itself. The only difference is the name.

If you've seen a reference to Dropbox Pro and you'd like to learn more, or if you'd like to purchase, visit the Dropbox Plus page.

Why is my plan still called Dropbox Pro?

For the vast majority of customers, the name of this plan has changed to Dropbox Plus. However, for a small group of customers who had purchased 2 TB or 5 TB of space, the plan name will remain Dropbox Pro.

And as with all other customers on the Dropbox Pro plan, none of the features or pricing will change.

What is Dropbox Plus?

Dropbox Plus offers sharing controls, safeguards for lost or stolen devices, and 1 TB of space for your photos, videos, docs, and other files. Read on to see a list of the specific features available on Dropbox Plus.

Sharing controls

Dropbox Plus users have more control over what they share, and how.

  • Passwords for shared links—Create an additional layer of security so only people with the unique file password can access your link.
  • Expirations for shared links—Safeguard your sensitive files by setting an expiration date for shared links. When this expiration date passes, the shared link stops working.
  • View-only permissions—Choose whether recipients can edit or just view files in your shared folder.

Safeguards for lost devices

  • Remote wipe—Keep your files safe in Dropbox, and delete them from a lost or stolen device.

More space for your stuff

With Dropbox Plus, you get 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space so you can put more photos, videos, docs, and other files in Dropbox.

Add-on options

Dropbox Plus subscribers can choose to add Extended Version History to their subscription. If you add Extended Version History, you can revert to a previous version or recover a deleted file any time within a year of the change or deletion.

What's the difference between Dropbox Basic and Dropbox Plus?


Dropbox Basic

Dropbox Plus


2 GB

1 TB

Sharing bandwidth

20 GB / day

About 200 GB / day

Referral bonus

500 MB / referral

1 GB / referral

Sharing controls


  • Shared folder permissions
  • Shared link passwords
  • Shared link expiration dates

Remote wipe



Available add-ons


Extended Version History

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