Can I merge Dropbox accounts?

Note: This article explains how to merge two or more personal Dropbox accounts. To merge Dropbox Business accounts, contact your team admin. If you're a team admin and need additional support, your can reach us by using the contact info in the Admin console.

You can manually merge two or more personal Dropbox accounts. Merging accounts is useful if you want to transfer all files from one account to another, or combine two accounts that have different files.

  • Note: Merging accounts won't transfer membership to shared folders. It only transfers the folders themselves. If you choose to merge accounts, you may need to rejoin any shared folders you were previously a member of.

How to manually merge Dropbox accounts

We'll be referring to two fictional accounts in these instructions, Account A and Account B.

  • Account A is the account you want to copy files from
  • Account B is the account you want to add those copied files to

Once you know which of your accounts is which, follow the instructions below.

  1. Sync all of the files from Account A to a computer. To do this, sign in to the Dropbox desktop app on that computer and sync all of Account A's files to it.
    • Make sure all of the files from Account A have synced. To do this, verify that Selective Sync isn't enabled.
  2. Once Account A is done syncing, unlink Account A on that computer.
  3. Now sign in to the Dropbox app on that computer with Account B, and choose Install.
    • If you’re merging two personal accounts, the Dropbox folder for Account A will be renamed Dropbox (Old), and Account B will now be named Dropbox.
  4. Locate the Dropbox (Old) folder on your computer (the folder for Account A) and open it.
  5. Locate the Dropbox folder on your computer (the folder for account B) and open it.
  6. Copy or move the files from the Dropbox (Old) folder (Account A) to the new Dropbox folder (Account B).
    • If you receive a message indicating that there is already a file named ".dropbox" in your new Dropbox folder, choose "Don’t copy."
  7. The merge will be completed after you finish copying or moving all the content desired to the Dropbox folder (Account B), and after all of these changes have synced.

If you copy folders or files with the same names from one folder to the other, the recently copied files will now have a (1) appended to their names to indicate that they're different from the existing version. You can change these folder names if you choose to.

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